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Gatrie is an armor knight available in earlygame, leaves in chapter 7, then rejoins in chapter 13 if Astrid talks to him. He has very high base health, strength, and defense, and uses lances (1-2 electricity flow diagram range) so he starts as a powerful bulky tank and is very valuable in earlygame; these bases are good enough for him to keep up upon rejoining too. His growths in these stats are some of the highest in the game too, almost guaranteeing he will stay a strong tank, though Path of Radiance enemies are usually physically weak so his high bulk is often overkill. He also has high constitution so he can shove most unmounted beorc in the game.

However, since his speed base and growth are extremely low, it will be very rare for Gatrie to double. This can be alleviated current electricity examples by equipping the Knight Ward to boost his speed growth to 55%, but it will take a long time for him to grow out of it due to his bad base, and is better off used on the cavaliers. Furthermore, while his skill growth is excellent, his base skill and luck are very low as well, so his accuracy with lances will be unreliable early on. Gatrie also suffers from low mobility due to his class, having 5 move unpromoted and 6 promoted (both 1 lower than other infantry). While this gas house gorillas is less of a problem in earlygame with smaller maps and a less developed team, when maps are bigger through midgame and on, he easily falls behind. This is exacerbated by worse movement penalties of his class. He also gains swords upon promotion, but this is not much of a benefit because of its lack of 1-2 range and gas oil ratio calculator power.

Gatrie does not start with any skills, so the player can equip him with any skills they’d like. Luna can be useful to help Gatrie deal more damage, but he has fewer chances que gases componen el aire to activate it than other Occult users due to his lack of doubling and bad base skill. He will have very high health so Resolve and Wrath can help (keep in mind, due to his likely bad speed, Resolve won’t give as much of a speed boost).

Gatrie has a light affinity, giving defense and accuracy. Marcia benefits from the extra defense and accuracy, and gives a little bit of attack with her own fire affinity; however gas hydrates ppt, she is a flier and keeping her near Gatrie requires limiting her movement severely. Astrid can benefit from extra accuracy and avoid, but she is mounted and is not recommended as a support partner for similar reasons as Marcia. Ilyana has her own light affinity, giving both her and Gatrie +3 defense +15 accuracy at max support, and due to her lower mobility, she is likely Gatrie’s most useful partner.

Gatrie is a lance general available from the start of Ike’s team. He has excellent bases all around electricity dance moms, with excellent bulk, strength, and even workable speed, so he is very valuable in earlygame, especially in early part 3. He can wield both lances and axes (though his lance rank will be higher). This is all complemented by his excellent growths in strength, speed, and defense. He is also very close to capping health, strength, and speed (2 of which start capped with Path of Radiance nyc electricity cost per kwh transfers), so it is easy to fix his weaker stats with BEXP.

However, his class severely limits him long-term. His class cap limits his speed to 23 as a general and 31 as a marshall (this can be alleviated by an early promotion, which is possible due to his high base level). Ultimately, he will have serious doubling issues through late part 3 and on. Furthermore, his class limits his mobility, making it hard for him to keep up with other infantry units and especially mounted units. His class also has more severe electricity kwh cost uk terrain penalties, especially in desert and swamp chapters, so in part 4, he is primarily limited to Ike’s team.

Gatrie starts with no skills. He has high enough constitution to shove almost any unmounted beorc in the game, so one could give him Smite (this is often better used on a laguz though). Resolve is an excellent skill for him due to his high health, which patches monroe la gas prices his speed issues just enough for him to reliably double, and is not very risky due to his high bulk; on the other hand, it may be difficult to bring him to resolve health because of his bulk. This is similarly the case for Wrath. Many other skills depend on the speed stat to activate, which he lacks once he caps it, so they are better used on other units. Shinon’s Provoke skill could be put to better use when put on Gatrie to lure enemies from your weaker units.

Gatrie has a light affinity which gives defense and accuracy. Both are mostly overkill and not that useful on Gatrie. Titania gas news of manipur has another light affinity, and would get a useful +3 defense when paired with Gatrie, but she is a mount so keeping them together requires severely limiting her movement or having her carry Gatrie. Mia and Boyd appreciate the extra defense thitima electricity sound effect and accuracy from Gatrie, and give their own attack and accuracy boost too; however, again, they have higher movement than Gatrie.

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