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Top students included Dan Townsend (12A*/A* distinction/A), Dan Blackman (12A*/2A), Oliver Dickie (12A*/2A), Kisal Munasinghe (12A*/A* distinction), Chris Inman (11A*/A* distinction/A), William Adams (12A*/A), Harry Watson (11A*/A* distinction/A/B) and James Hoddell (13A*/A* distinction).

Rob Garrett, headteacher, said: “We are very proud of all our students’ hard work and achievement. Gas vs electric range Our recent ‘good’ Ofsted judgement validated our school improvement processes and changes we have made in recent years.

“Overall there has been a slight improvement in our results this year however, this does not do justice to some outstanding departmental results, particularly English.”

The school achieved a 45% standard in five A*-C including English and maths, but said it would be sending a “significant” number of papers for re-marks. Electricity 4th grade It did not yet have a Progress 8 score.

Headteacher Linda Exley said: “I am immensely proud our students have continued to meet such incredibly high standards – 69% of students gained at least five grades A*-C, whilst 99.62% gained five or more grades A*-G.

“Moreover, their progress in a full range of subjects, as specified by the government’s challenging new Progress 8 measure, is especially pleasing.

Headteacher Helena Boast said: “Our students and staff have worked extremely hard to achieve this result and we are very pleased both for the students and the school.

“Earlier this year the school achieved a ‘Good’ in its Ofsted inspection which confirmed we are seeing a pattern of improved achievement in all year groups in the school and this is reflected in the improved results this year. La gasolina lyrics We are looking forward to building on our success and continuing our journey of improvement in September.”

Top performers included Emad Ahmed who achieved 10 A*/A grades; Charlotte Worrall, Katie King and Hollie Houlden each with nine A*/A grades and Rhiannon Farquhar and Kieran Seagar with eight A*/As.

Top performers at the all-girls’ school included Breanna Blackboro from Maldon, Amelia Dhuga from Colchester and Jasmine Doyle from Braintree who achieved 11 A*s, and Lily Smith from West Mersea got 10 A*s and an A.

Gillian Marshall, headteacher, said: “Following the truly impressive results achieved by our GCSE students last year, the girls in year 11 have followed in the same footsteps. I gas shares In total 88% of grades were at A/A* and 98.5% of grades were at A*/B, with 52% of grades at A* which is an incredible performance.

“Last year, we celebrated the best results in the history of the school – this has been repeated. Chapter 7 electricity note taking worksheet We thank students, staff, governors and parents for all of the hard work and support.”

“This is a family school with strong partnership between parents, teachers and students, and I think it’s that strong relationship that makes the difference.

Head of academy Damian Lee, who took up his role just one year ago, said: “I would like to congratulate the year 11 students on some very good GCSE results.

Top students with particular cause for celebration included Max Watkins, with 10A*/A grades, and Liberty Sutherland, Elian Shipp, Jess Palmer, Sarah Norman, Megan Harries, Elizabeth Diamond and Charlotte Childs all achieving nine A*/A grades.

Headteacher Sally Morris said: “The 2016 year 11 had a slightly lower percentage of students with the top KS2 scores compared to the 2015 cohort, so I’m really pleased to see that this year an even bigger percentage of students have made the highest levels of progress (five+ levels) in maths and in English.”

Alongside the year 11 students, some 23 year 8 students collected their first GCSE result in citizenship, achieving 10 A grades, 11 B grades and two Cs.

Scott Holder, co-headteacher, said, “We are particularly pleased with the progress our students have made from their starting point when they entered the school.

“This reflects the hard work and commitment of our students, who have worked exceptionally hard in partnership with our outstanding staff who have provided high quality, guidance and support.”

Jonathan Bland, co-headteacher, added: “The continued success of the school is down to a true partnership between parents, students, teachers, support staff and governors, all of whom have played a crucial role in our young people’s success.”

With 68% of students achieving the benchmark figure, Hedingham School is celebrating its best-ever GCSE results, which are “significantly” up on last year.

John Panayi, headteacher, said: “I am extremely pleased with the GCSE results gained by our students and wish to congratulate them for their commitment and hard work to attain their excellent examination outcomes.

“I would also like to thank all staff for their tremendous work to ensure the success of their students, and parents and governors for their continued support.”

Almost four-fifths (79%) of pupils at the independent school attained the benchmark GCSE grades, with a particularly strong set of results in maths.

Principal David Young said: “These results are fabulous and we are incredibly proud of how hard the pupils and staff have worked together in an ever-strengthening academic environment. Gas jet compressor We wish our pupils the best of luck in their chosen career or post-16 education.”

Top results were achieved by Phuong Bui (6A*/5A plus A grade in AS-level French), Luke Harrison, Thomas Lawrence, Shannon McCrossan, Lucien Rousselle who all achieved seven A* or A grades, and Sky Mayer and Jack Barrett who both achieved six A* and A grades.

“Our progress figures show all students – the most academic, those who need additional support, and those who work hard, day in, day out – achieve well at CCA and we are very proud of them.”

Some of the brightest students were Rebecca Garcia-Miller (8A*/2A), Hannah Seabrook (7A*/2A), Matthew Copeland (6A*/4A), Aliyah Groves (6A*/3A) and George Hull (6A*/3A).

Nardeep Sharma, executive principal, said: “It has been another fantastic year for so many of the students. Static electricity in the body They have worked incredibly hard and rightly deserve to celebrate.”

“Overall 80% of students leave with a crucial C+ pass in English, the school’s best ever results in this subject, and the proportion of students with passes in both English and maths rises to 48% – an improvement of 8%.

“Early indications suggest based on the new Progress 8 measure students in 2016 will have made the best overall progress seen in the school’s history.

Top achievers included Ellie Lane with 7A*/3As, Stefan Marin with 6A*/5As, Ruby Lloyd-Smith and Marley Theobald with 5A*s/3As each and Navinderjit Rye with 4A*s/7As.

At the non-selective independent school 85% of pupils achieved the benchmark GCSE grades, with more than one-fifth of the year group attaining seven or more A*/A grades.

“Their super results are a reflection of all their hard work, combined with the high-quality teaching, individual attention and the unwavering support of our very close-knit school community at St Mary’s. Gas and electric credit union This means that girls are able to achieve their academic potential at our school, and enjoy doing so.”

Catherine Hutley, principal, has congratulated the students on their GCSE results – which included 68% 5A*-C including English and maths – saying she was particularly delighted with the 81% achieving A*-C in English and 77% of students gaining an A*-C in maths.

Miss Hutley said: “We are delighted with another year of excellent results. Gas works park events It is the progress of the students from their starting points that make us most proud.

Ms Pierson added: “This is an exciting time for students and staff at Colchester Academy. Grade 6 electricity project ideas With the support of our new executive principal I am confident we will make this school ‘outstanding’.”

Principal Michael Muldoon said: “I wish to congratulate students on their examination achievements. Gas bloating diarrhea Many will open their envelopes and be delighted they have gained the fantastic qualifications their hard work and effort has deserved.”

He also praised the work of teachers and support staff, but criticised another big increase in grade boundaries which can lead to “frustration”, particularly for middle-level students.

“We are also gratified to see the continuing improvement in the overall results of students at the school, which can only be achieved through the efforts of students, supported by staff, parents and carers.”

He said: “We are so proud of our young people who not only leave us with fantastic qualifications, but also with the broadest set of attributes and the strongest characters of any group we have seen attend the school. Gas or electricity for heating We are confident that they will go on to make excellent future employees, parents, citizens and in many cases community and business leaders.”

The school celebrated its best-ever GCSE results, with 55% achieving at least 5A*-C grades including English and maths – up 7% on the previous year.

The school is celebrating record-breaking GCSE results, with 59% of students achieving 5A*-C grades including English and maths – an increase of 11% from 2015.

Particular mention goes to Lewis Crow (6A*/2A/B), Emma Gooden (3A*/3A/2B), Sam Hawes (3A*/5A/B), Callum Turner (3A*/5A/B), Lewis Brennan (A*/8A) and Lottie Wheeler (6A/2B).

Rob James, headteacher, said: “We are delighted the hard work of the students has produced excellent results which will allow them to progress to the next stage of their education or employment. Thermal electricity how it works On behalf of the students I would like to thank the staff and parents for their support.”