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"Our concern is that serious and complex issues are being presented in a simplistic and inherently misleading way. gas pressure definition chemistry The complexities of gene editing have been turned into a series of cartoons, and the absence of any information on the risks is a major error. It appears they are trying to create a patina of simplicity which is misleading for the general public." …more

FSANZ must require all gene-edited foods to be analysed using "omics" technology to look at gene expression, metabolites, and the protein profile. This will determine any changes to gene functions and new proteins. Long-term studies on animals and humans must be carried out to determine if there are any toxic or allergenic effects. “Regulation of the 2nd generation GMOs is essential in order to protect people and the environment, especially since scientific evidence shows unforeseen risks" …more

"It is now enshrined in law that all councils are able to place precautionary and prohibitive GMO policies in their plans. We endorse the call by GE Free Northland asking Federated Farmers to withdraw their outstanding appeals against Whangarei District Council and Far North District Council the Auckland Unitary Plan, and the Hastings District Plan on the GMO plan changes” …more

On 5 July, the US Department of Agriculture received an astounding 280,000 individual comments, as well as 500 organisations representing millions of people around the world, all opposing this deregulation. gas pain relief Only 3 comments were submitted in favour. Such overwhelming opposition sends a clear message to USDA that GE eucalyptus trees must be rejected …more

It is absurd for central government to be absolving itself of its duty of care to demonstrate the safety of GMO’s, yet simultaneously forbidding regional government to apply policies and measures that protect communities and regional economic development for the long term. power energy definition Nick Smith is effectively setting up a system that will enable destruction of the environment and sabotage the interests of people and communities …more

The passing of Percy Tipene is a great loss for Aotearoa (New Zealand) as well as for his family and friends. Mr. gas dryer vs electric dryer cost savings Tipene was visionary who taught by example and led the way in raising awareness of tikanga (indigenous lore), rongoa Maori (medicine) and the whenua (land). As a founding member of Te Waka Kai Ora his quiet dedication to mahinga kai (safe food production) led to the formation of Hua Parakore.

He was highly concerned about the damage to the integrity of animals and plants from genetic engineering. He saw GMOs as an affront to tikanga Maori – disrupting the mauri, whanaungatanga and whakapapa now, and for future generations. He voiced his support for councils enacting precautionary principles on GMOs to protect the environment and communities including conventional and organic agriculture.

"AgResearch’s failure to submit the required annual report by the 31 August 2015, is a blatant refusal to follow the mandated safety conditions that ensure oversight, transparency and accountability. The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has also failed in its responsibility to ensure the reporting requirements on GE animal experiments have been met" …more

UK scientists who are themselves genetic engineers, have published a review of researchinto GMOs and warned against believing claims made for their benefits and safety.The warning comes just days after it was revealed that biotechnology company Syngenta had deliberately hidden the death of animals that had been fed one of its GE products. …more

"The latest application is a frightening example of the chemical industry collaborating on the use of a toxic cocktail of herbicides to poison the food chain. industrial electricity prices by state Food derived from such products will inevitably receive approval, as every previous application has, making a mockery of the regulatory process. The deal with companies like Dow Agrichemicals, Bayer Crop Science, and Monsanto is a good as done." said Jon Carapiet …more

Incompetent running of a long-term GE trial which has the potential to pollute the soil, kill insects and cause damage to the surrounding Kaingaroa forest, demands a halt to GE trials in the open environment. The national interest must not be undermined by the commercial partners and government agencies with biotech interests choosing where to funnel public money for science and innovation …more

Gilles-Eric Seralini is a Professor of molecular biology at the University of CAEN. He has written over 100 scientific articles and conference papers for International specialist symposiums on food safety. Seralini has been the most published in the world in scientific peer reviewed papers on pesticides and their use in association with GMO’s on health of animals and humans…

"The Minister referred to the FSANZ final report which is littered with flaws and misleading commentary" said Claire Bleakley, president of GE free NZ…The report cannot justify any assumption that this food is safe. The product needs to be sent back for comprehensive long term studies looking into the effects of its chemical residues and metabolites on animals and humans" …more

about the TPP agreement is to remain secret for four years, but there are strong signals that the agreement will lead to a loss of sovereignty over issues that directly affect every New Zealander. "New Zealand must not compromise the economic advantage of being World class and maintaining the gold standard for the least toxic, lest contaminated, and most ethical food production systems" said Jon Carapiet more…

The adverse effects showing up in the animal testing of GE foods directly implicate the type of maize and soya being sold in New Zealand,"says Claire Bleakley, president of GE Free Nz. "These foods were approved safe without any rigorous or published safety tests…They should not be on sale given the organ damage confirmed by this meta study" more….

The Ministry of Health must immediately recall and review the potentially life threatening Gardasil vaccine as six New Zealand batches have tested positive for the synthetic recombinant Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) DNA [1] [2]. gas 4 less redding ca This finding is highly concerning as the Health Authorities were told that all viral DNA had been removed from the vaccine through purification. more…

The New Zealand government is planning to become the first in the world to legalise the inheritable genetic modification of human beings within the next 6 months. They claim they are doing this because "There is potential for therapies that use germ-line genetic modification to rectify inherited genetic conditions such as Huntington’s Disease." The legislation is called Human Assisted Reproduction Technology (HART) Bill