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Visit the unique Laurent House in Rockford! Designed by famous, American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, it is his only design for a client with a physical disability and includes accessibility features that were decades ahead of the American Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines. Join our tour to learn more about this extraordinary house and the enduring relationship between the Laurent family and Frank Lloyd Wright.

Balmoral-recently voted one of the top 10 restaurants in the Chicago area by Chicago Magazine, offers a Scottish dining experience like non-other. electricity for beginners pdf Participants will experience Scottish cuisine, culture and music in an intimate, private setting. A bagpiper will greet diners as they enter the warm, inviting dining room. Dinner will consist of a feast complete with cocktail, appetizer, entree, potatoes, and select vegetables. Colin Smith, owner, will delight participants with stories of Scottish recipes and dining experiences. Transportation to and from the restaurant is provided. Participants will meet at Blain’s Farm and Fleet, 1300 DeKalb Ave., Sycamore at 5:30pm and return at 8:30pm.

Hardware is a restaurant that is all about sustainability. From the building materials(reclaimed materials for design elements) to the produce (everything grown onsite), Hardware is committed to changing the way people think about eating local. origin electricity faults Join us to learn more about the Hardware philosophy, participate in a tour of their hops farm and greenhouse and experience a truly unique dining experience. Lunch includes a choice of one of five, delicious, specialty items. Transportation to and from the restaurant is provided. Van will leave Kishwaukee College at 10:00am-3:00pm. electricity usage by appliance Please park in Wing A/Lot A, near the Kishwaukee College-Conference Center, Door #17.

Today the number of small-scale beekeepers is increasing and the demand for locally raised queen is growing. Purchased queens are often raised in areas of Africanized Honeybees or come from migratory bee operations where dangerous viruses are exchanged. Here is a course where simple methods of raising a few healthy honeybee queens are discussed. With a few insights and a small amount of equipment, the backyard beekeeper can raise locally adapted queens from bee stock with a record of winter survival, good temperament, and excellent honey production.

Born to be wild? Before you get your motor running and head out on the highway you better make sure your bike and/or power sports equipment is ready to roll. npower gas price reduction The Motorcycle and Power Sports Maintenance class will teach you how to complete basic maintenance tasks such as oil change, battery replacement, and inspections for tire/fuel system/brake system/clutch. You are also welcome to suggest topics to cover in the class. All bikes and power sports equipment are welcome in the shop.

Where did the journey of you begin? This introductory course for the novice genealogist will teach you how to start a free family tree in Ancestry as well as navigate within. gas yoga You will also learn about many of the free resources available online, how censuses hold many keys to learning more about your ancestors. We will also look at military records, birth records and marriage records. General computer knowledge needed. Participates are welcome to share topic suggestions in class as well. This class is open to all ages. gas 76 Participates under 16 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Drone technology is relatively new field and in its infant stages. There is literally nowhere to go but up! If you are thinking about getting a drone or already have one and are not sure what to do with it, this course is for you. This class will cover: basic drone flying technique, safety tips, conduct pre-flight inspection and when your drone needs to be registered with the FAA. electricity experiments elementary school Instructor will demonstrate how to fly a drone. Participants should not bring their drones to class.

So you bought an expensive drone and you aren’t sure what to do with it. Drones 102 will cover weather conditions, the differences between a hobbyist and professional drone pilot, and FAA rules. Some drone flying experience would be useful but not necessary for this course. Instructor will demonstrate how to fly a drone. Participants should not bring their drones to class

Wilderness Survival is perfect for people with limited experience in wilderness survival. electricity grid code Participants will learn how to start fire (multiple techniques), build survival tarp shelters (inc. tying effective ridgelines), and purify water. Participants will also learn what to include in a survival backpack. Ages 12-15 years of age with parental supervision.

Will deepen your knowledge of wilderness survival techniques and equipment. You will practice your ability to source a camp location, build a fire, set-up your tarp shelter, purify water and more! You will learn if your survival backpack really has everything you need to survive if you are lost or stranded in the woods or anywhere! This class is as real as it gets! Ages 12-15 years of age with parental supervision.