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If you somehow lose the Mana Herbs from the previous quest, you will have to either run a dungeon that has Herb Patches (Mana Herbs are from Blue Herb patches), buy Mana Herbs from other players, or pick Mana Herbs from someone’s Homestead, Clover Pig, Clover Gnu, or Herb Pig.

You will be doing a Role-Playing, or RP, Dungeon. RP Dungeons/Quests have the player role-play as someone else for the duration of the dungeon. This will not affect the actual player in anyway. See Role-Playing Quests for more information on how this works.

• Obtain the Fomor Medal from the reward chest. It may come out of a party mate’s reward chest instead of your own, so make sure to check theirs if you did not receive it from yours (hold down the Left ALT key for a better view of dropped items).

You will be Role-Playing as Mores. It is a solo dungeon. Mores is an all powerful wizard who is capable of Chain Casting. You can use any type of offensive magic, such as Fireball or Icebolt, and successfully produce five charges as opposed to one. Be aware that despite being a powerful character, careless play can still result in failure.

If you decided to use the Red Wing of the Goddess from the previous quest, be sure to pick up a Wings of a Goddess. If you do not leave the dungeon lobby, you can use the Wings of a Goddess to return to Dunbarton without the destination changing from "Dunbarton" to "Tir Chonaill." It is a solo dungeon.

You will be fighting a creature called a Golem at the Boss Room. It will be accompanied by 6 Metal Skeletons. Ideally, you will want to take out the Skeletons first, and then take out the Golem. See their individual pages for more information on how to combat them.

• Ciar Dungeon is somewhat of a distance from Dunbarton. It is recommended to have a Wings of Goddess in Dunbarton then use the Red Wings of Goddess to Ciar; the normal Wings of Goddess will still be under Dunbarton when you are in the dungeon lobby. This will save traveling time.

• Important Note: For the dungeon to be counted as "completed," the player must exit to the dungeon lobby after obtaining the book using the Dungeon Altar at the end of the Dungeon. Using a Wings of Goddess prior to exiting the dungeon will result in the player having to obtain another pass and complete the dungeon again.

Bug Notice: A duplicate quest, "Find the Magic Powder of Preservation" may be given. This quest cannot be completed or removed, so you’ll have to wait for the bug to be fixed for the removal of the quest. This does not hinder you from progressing through the rest of the G1 questline.

You will be entering an alternate plane of Erinn. In this world, you will be unable to get up with the help of Nao. Furthermore, you will not be able to get up at dungeon statues in this alternative plane. Having friends or people in your party when running the dungeons in this place is highly recommended.

You will be running Albey Dungeon while using a Small Green Gem as a Dungeon Pass. If a player disconnects and drops another Small Green Gem, they will be entering another dungeon instead of entering the same dungeon the initial party was in.

Due to the length of the dungeon, you may want to stock up on items, such as Potions, Bandages, and Phoenix Feathers. You may also want to find someone who is experienced in running this dungeon. Every floor in this dungeon has a miniboss you must defeat in order to proceed.

• In front of the boss room, you will find a Goddess Pass in a treasure chest, which will allow you return to the boss room if you wish to finish the dungeon later. If you use the pass, you will find a treasure chest with a replacement pass upon entering.