George kittle’s record-setting day 49ers, broncos sound off on the tight end’s performance – niners nation gas in oil causes


In case you didn’t know, San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle had himself a hell of a day Sunday against the Denver Broncos. Not only did he set a new single-season record for receiving yards by a 49ers tight end, but he set the 49ers single game receiving record for tight ends, came within five yards of breaking Shannon Sharpe’s NFL single game record, and surpassed 1,000 receiving yards (first 49ers pass catcher to do it since Anquan Boldin).

Kittle finished the game with 210 yards and one touchdown. He now has 1,103 yards on the season, leaving him 56 yards back of Travis Kelce for the most among NFL tight ends. Rob Gronkowski has the single season receiving yards record for tight ends, with 1,327 in 2011. If Kittle averages 75 yards per game the final three weeks, he can break Gronkowski’s record. If we wanted any reason to call Kittle an elite tight end, we have confirmation. gas house edwards He’s one of the league’s best and makes the 2017 draft seem so much better.

“I told him he needed to apologize for not getting 215 in the first half. No, I’m just joking. I definitely apologized to him. We were definitely debating on how we could do it there at the end. I didn’t think it would have been a problem, but I wish that he did get it. Because, to have that all in the first half and only be five yards away, he had an unbelievable day. It sucked that he didn’t get it.”

“I don’t remember [who notifies him of stats]. Probably like seven different people. I heard it plenty. I’m like a fan, I wanted it to happen and we would have forced it to happen if the situations played out differently. But the way the game was going, I wasn’t too worried. I thought it would happen naturally, but the times we did have a chance, I think we got a ball tipped, I think twice ones to him and had a couple, I think we had some pressures. We just didn’t stay on the field long enough to get it done.”

“The thing that he’s doing better, that I can say he’s done better than any tight end I’ve ever had, is what he’s doing after the catch. electricity and magnetism physics definition He does a good job beating man coverage and does a good job in his routes and does a great job blocking. But, when that ball is in the air, the play is just starting. He’s trying to catch it and he runs angry and he runs confidently that he expects to score on every look. I think that’s why it’s been easier to get him the yards he has.” QB Nick Mullens

“He was open every play, man. It was crazy. gas 89 Shoot, all the receivers were. That’s why I give the coaches so much credit. The guys were wide open. So, that’s fun, man. The O-Line played great. They were protecting their butts off and we really just had a rhythm. I’ve said it in the past, when we really just focus on ourselves, our assignments and everybody works as a collective unit, we’re a pretty good offense, and that showed in the first half. Second half, got off our rhythm, I guess you could say. But, we finished. It was a solid first half.”

“Yeah, it was awesome. We had a clear-out on the high cross, and George flashed in my eyes when I came off the play-action fake. George, like I’ve said so many times, he’s sneaky athletic. gas house gang Caught it and ran. Used his speed that we all know he has, and it’s a touchdown for everybody. George had one heck of a day. Four yards short of the record, I’ve been told. You can blame that on me, I guess. It would’ve been really cool to get him that record. But, yeah, George balled out and it was a great play.”

“He’s dynamic. George Kittle is a really dynamic player. I don’t think he gets enough credit for how athletic he is. It’s very similar to [ Kansas City Chiefs TE Travis] Kelce out in Kansas City with how slippery he is. gas leak chicago His lateral movement is deceptive. He has a ton of speed. Maybe they just ran the ball a lot more in college and didn’t give him an opportunity, but he’s just really way more athletic than people understand.”

“He’s a fun-loving guy. He’s young and has a good time regardless. He goes out there full speed and plays as hard as anybody I’ve ever met, and not just in the pass game. He’ll pancake guys, he’ll run and never complains about anything. He can block 20 times in a row and not complain. He’ll catch 20 passes and be the same guy. electricity units calculator in pakistan It’s infectious.”

“We’re happy for him, he deserves everything he’s getting. Obviously, he deserves to be a Pro Bowler this year. He’s been arguably the best tight end in football, no disrespect to Kelce or [ New England Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski] Gronk or any of those other guys that are playing good football. But to be a second-year player playing the way he is, he makes an impact every game. He’s our number one receiver yards-wise and targets-wise. It’s not like it’s a surprise that we’re throwing the ball to him against Denver, and they still couldn’t stop him. He’s just beating guys one-on-one and having a day. He had 210 yards in the first half. I don’t think I’ve seen that done, period.” Broncos Head Coach Vance Joseph

“We were very surprised. gas exchange in the lungs is facilitated by We didn’t play well in the first half. Obviously, defensively we gave [49ers TE George] Kittle way too many opportunities. He had 210 yards in the first half which is unacceptable. Offensively, we had about 69 yards in the first seven drives. So, we did not play well in the first half at all. We played better in the second half. Even in the first half, we had 10 penalties. So, we were undisciplined, we didn’t play well and it showed. The second half, being down by three scores, it was tough to get back in the game. We tried, the guys played hard. But, it wasn’t good enough today.” Broncos S Su’a Cravens

“85 is a hell of a player. [San Francisco 49ers TE] George Kittle’s a hell of a player and he took some 10-yard plays the distance today. There’s not too many tight ends in the league that can do that. We knew coming into the game that he was going to be talented. We knew coming into the game he was going to make plays, but the plays that he made today he just killed us on top of the penalties, and on top of my penalties that increased the situation. He just killed us.” Broncos S Justin Simmons