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Capping off several months of The Hard Training, a large contingency of GRCers made the trek from Washington, DC to Sacramento over the weekend to run the California International Marathon. electricity history in india With picture-perfect conditions and a light breeze from the northeast, magic was in the air, and many were rewarded with lifetime bests over the 26.2-mile distance. Coach Jerry has the full recap:

"Congratulations to Kieran for qualifying for the 2020 Olympic Trials! Kieran ran 2:18:52 at CIM, which is a PR, and the second fastest time in GRC history. Kieran had a fantastic training cycle, and he had Trials qualification written all over him. Kieran executed the plan on race day, running even pace throughout and picking guys off the second half of the race, despite dealing with some hamstring issues that made the task of qualifying more difficult than it otherwise would have been. This was another great run for Kieran, and I’m really excited for him to have a chance to improve on his fantastic finish at the 2016 Trials. Well done!

Kieran wasn’t the only one of our athletes to run great at CIM. Sam D ran a 7 minute PR(!) of 2:19:52, which puts him third on the GRC all-time list. Sam put in a whole lot of miles this training cycle, and all of that strength paid off in a huge way as he was able to run even pace almost the entire way, and move forward steadily in the second half of the race. Sam proved that he is a legitimate candidate to join Kieran in Atlanta, and with this huge confidence builder and another cycle of solid training under his belt, I very much like his chances to qualify the next time out.

Dickson ran the best race of his long career, with an outstanding PR of 2:28:01. To put into context just how impressive that is, Dickson’s previous PR of 2:29:06 is from 2006, and in the interim he has run many marathons, and logged tens of thousands of miles, but despite his best efforts, he had not been able to improve on that venerable performance until now. Dickson has been in great shape many times during that period, but he brought a different kind of urgency to this training cycle, and his intensity and focus paid off big-time on race day. For Dix to be able to PR after 12 years of trying, at age 37, while working a demanding job with a youngster at home, is a true testament to his dedication to the sport, and I could not be more proud of his great performance.

Evan ran a very strong 2:29:36 in his last race for GRC, as he is off to pursue fame and fortune in Denver. Evan and I have been working together since before I started with GRC, and it’s been my pleasure to see his dedication and intensity over the last 9+ years. He’s been a great teammate and role model for the younger guys, and I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say I’m going to miss him.

We also had excellent performances at CIM from several former GRC superstars. Teal ran a major PR of 2:39:08, and the only bad part is that it’s going to be tough for me to figure out how to take credit for that outstanding performance (but don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll think of something). gas variables pogil extension questions For the men, we had very nice PRs from David McKay in 2:24:30, Balmer in 2:27:41, and that other Sam from Cornell in 2:27:57. For the real old-timers, Patrick Reaves ran an outstanding 2:17:40, and qualified for the Trials for the first time. Mazel tov!"

Down under, Frances Loeb made her 26.2 debut at the Sunshine Coast Marathon in Australia in a runner-up performance of 2:59:31. A sub-3 debut is impressive by any measure, but as Coach Jerry pointed out, "Frances’s home base in Vanuatu is not conducive to running at all, let alone marathon training. Between the extreme heat and humidity, trails that are so overgrown that they are virtually impassable, and a workout loop that is only 200 meters, Frances had her work cut out for her to get in enough training to think about even attempting a marathon, let alone running it competitively." Our analysts agree that this race was a positive sign of a successful spring racing season to come for Frances.

Closer to home, we had a smaller crew tackle the historically humid Annapolis 10-Miler. Jordan led the way in 5th with a 57:24 clocking, and TK finished 10th in 58:57 despite a scary bout with heat-related illness. Tom is already back on the mend, thanks to the doctors that put the IV in Tom Kelly "IV" (joke credit goes to Charlie). Newcomers Chelsea V (64:58) and Caroline (65:36) also competed well.

Up in Vermont, a vacationing trio of Kerry, Hallie, and Greta took time off from picking blueberries and drinking Heady Topper to compete in the Clarence DeMar 5k, running 18:15 for the win, 19:19, and 20:25 respectively. o gastronomo Hallie and Greta’s runs were particularly impressive due to the circumstances surrounding their buildups to this race – Hallie is coming off of a long injury-induced layoff and Greta is fresh off a lengthy stint in the Middle East.

Somewhere in France, Emily de la Bruyere had a heck of a weekend at the French Outdoor Championships, which take place around two weeks after the USATF Championships. It’s worth noting that Bastille Day is around two weeks after the Fourth of July, and I doubt that the interval of time between these two national championships is a coincidence.

On Friday, Emily ran a club record in the 5000m with a 4th place finish in 16:15.39. While that performance alone would be enough to call the weekend a success, Emily also had the gumption to try her hand at the 3k steeple on Saturday night. Her 10:15.02 performance for 4th was a little ways off of her PR, but taken in total, that’s a darn impressive 24-hour stretch of running.

"Emily ran a truly courageous race in the semi-final of the steeple. Emily was in the lead pack, which included Courtney Frerichs, until 800 to go. At that point Frerichs dropped the hammer, and Emily got separated, but she was still in position to qualify for the final on time with 200 to go. Then the last water jump happened. Emily got too close to the barrier, and ended up taking a nasty spill, resulting in her being completely submerged. She got up quickly, but at that point she was totally out of gas, and barely made it over the final barrier. gasbuddy trip Emily crossed the line in 10:16.39 with her head held high. As Emily put it, if you’re going to fail, you might as well fail spectacularly, and she’s none the worse for wear. I was extremely proud of Emily’s race–she lined up with the best athletes in the country, and was not afraid to get after it. She put herself in a position to succeed, and gave it everything she had, which all I can ever ask for. gas city indiana zip code Emily’s season is not over, as she’s got the French championship in 2 weeks, and she’ll be back, better than ever."

Emily d surely had the track performance of the weekend with her 9:59.33 3k steeple out at the Portland (Oregon) Track Classic. The odds were stacked against Emily, who had reportedly last jumped over a steeple barrier at the 2017 USATF Nationals, but sometimes a lack of expectations is the key ingredient to a long-awaited PR. It’s likely that Emily’s club record time will qualify her for this year’s national championship, so maybe I’m right about track season actually just getting started…

On the East Coast, Daniel Trettel just missed out on the club record in the 800m with a 1:53.89 at the newly-established DMV Meet of Champions. Judging from this photo of his finish, it looks like Daniel had an innate sense that he should have run .04 seconds faster. A little further north, Liz raced a mile at the New Jersey International Meet in a strong time of 5:03.12.

In the local road race world, seven brave souls faced the inevitable heat and humidity of the Lawyers Have Heart 10k on Saturday. Maura L fared best in the conditions with a 6th place finish in 35:31, and solid efforts were also logged by Taylor (37:02), Kerry (38:38), Emily (39:41), and Rebekah (40:01). On the men’s side, Paul finished 13th in 32:15 and Zak also finished the race, despite some mid-race uncertainty about his prospects to do so.

On Saturday at various venues, our speed-inclined trackies logged impressive performances on the oval. At Princeton, Alex won her heat in the 800m, Liz ran a solid tune-up in the 1500m, and Trettel put forth an encouraging performance after a few injury-laden weeks of training. Further to the south, Mark and Ryan #PanhandleCrew Speir competed well in the 5k at Widener and Georgia Tech respectively.

"Working as a consular officer in Kabul probably isn’t the worst possible job on the planet for marathon training–scientists at the research station on the South Pole and refugee resettlement officials in Myanmar likely have it slightly worse–but it’s way up there on the list. gas knife The air quality in Kabul is so bad that it’s impossible to run outside most days, and even on those rare days when the air is borderline tolerable, the only place available to run is comparable to a prison yard. And Kabul is located at over 6,000 feet of elevation, making workouts on the treadmill extremely difficult. Add to that very long and stressful work days and sleepless nights due to occasional artillery fire into the compound, and it all adds up to Greta having to deal with an exceedingly difficult training environment. Despite all of these impediments, Greta worked very, very hard to be ready to compete in Zurich, and I was extremely proud of her preparation. While the race didn’t go the way she hoped, she gave it her absolute best effort, and that’s all I can ever ask for. Greta’s next assignment is in Bern, Switzerland, which is an excellent place to train, and I’m fully confident that she will run a well-deserved PR within the next year."