Georgia college students place fifth globally at sap competition _ georgia college news and events

Georgia College students came in fifth place in the world, no. 1 in the Southeast and no. 1 in the state of Georgia in the SAP ERPsim competition at the Association for Information Systems Student Chapter Leadership Conference held at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. Not only did they compete well, but they held their own against schools that had competed before, bigger schools with more resources and students and programs that have been using SAP for years.

Team members were Aubree Doernberg (Association for Information Systems (AIS) vice president, senior.), Jack Fraser (junior.), Hayden Helms (AIS president, junior), and Mark Yancey (AIS treasurer, senior). Dr. Kevin Lee Elder (AIS faculty advisor and coach) and Tyler Chini (Asst. coach, senior) drove the team up and back to the competition at Indiana University.

In this competition, teams of four undergraduates from around the world used the SAP software to run a business in a simulated marketplace against other businesses run by other teams. The students from Georgia College have been introduced to the SAP system in their Introduction to ERP class in the fall of 2015, the first year that SAP has been taught as a formal part of the management information systems (MIS) degree at Georgia College. The SAP software is made available to the students through a technology fee grant used to pay the annual hosting fee in order to have access to the software.

The simulation run in the competition was one the team had never played before, but the students did play a simulation in their class in the fall and they are currently in a 1-credit hour course, taught by Elder, this spring where they had played a few rounds of similar simulations. Elder is the faculty advisor for the AIS club and is an SAP certified instructor. In the simulation used in the contest, the students managed a dairy business. They purchased dairy products like milk, yogurt, etc., distributed it using logistical analytics from their main warehouse to three distributed warehouses in simulated Germany and sold it to customers through their distribution channels. SAP is a German software company thus all the simulations require the teams to learn the geography and population distribution in Germany in order to compete efficiently. This global aspect to the learning with SAP is vital for the students. The teams are measured on net income to determine the rankings, thus optimization of your company is the goal.

For the first year of the revised undergraduate MIS program using SAP, the first time attending the Student Chapter Leadership Conference and the first ever competition the team exceeded expectations. Villanova wasn’t the only team to beat Oklahoma on Saturday (at the March Madness Basketball Final Four) so did Georgia College. These are the list of finalists in the competition who finished behind the Bobcats:

University of Oklahoma

University of Georgia

Georgia State University

Clemson University

University of Arkansas

University of Illinois at Springfield

Temple University

Fordham University

Nova Southeastern University

Carnegie Mellon University In Qatar

Prince Sultan University Saudi Arabia

Number one in Georgia (thoroughly beating UGA in ninth and Georgia State in 15th), No. 1 in the Southeast and fifth in the world. This is a pretty outstanding accomplishment in their first ever competition to bring National Distinction to Georgia College. The students were able to see that their degree competes quite well with students from bigger and more prominently named schools. GC is a sometimes hidden gem in the University System of Georgia, and MIS programs from around the world know their name now.

The funding for the trip was made possible through the grants and travel budgets from the J. Whitney Bunting College of Business IT Advisory Board, the Department of Information Systems and Computer Science and the Student Government Association. The team thanks all these groups for making this wonderful experience possible.