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IN MARCH last year, a worried citizen wrote an open letter to Vice President Inonge Wina in this newspaper in which he or she highlighted the plight of Mushindamo Girls Technical Secondary School in Solwezi district.

“I bring to your attention the issue of Mushindamo Girls Technical Secondary School deep in the bush of Solwezi, a few kilometres from the Democratic Republic of Congo/Zambia border. Gas yourself Situated north of Solwezi, approximately 130 kilometres from Shoprite, Mushindamo Girls School was pre-maturely opened for use. E85 gas stations in san antonio tx The school has no running water, no sewer system, no medical facility, no power and the road is bad,” the concerned citizen wrote.

“I feel someone should look into these issues Madam Vice- President [Inonge Wina] but my main concern today is on the next grade 12 exams. Gas oil ratio I’m worried about what the results will be come next year and how many girls will make it with flying colours. Gas questions Most of these girls come from basic schools in remote areas of North-Western Province. Electricity bill nye worksheet These girls have never used or seen a test tube or a beaker. Gas density of air In view of this, how will these girls conduct experiments?

“To cut a long story short, the school has no laboratory and equipment to conduct such experiments but the examinations will not be designed to suit them. Gas laws Last year, I heard of Ministry of [General] Education giving some school mobile laboratories. Electricity kwh Some of the schools which were given these mobile labs should not have been given; at least one mobile lab should have been given to Mushindamo Girls Technical Secondary School. Wd gaster cosplay tutorial Please help the girl-child so that she has a better future.”

Well, the good news for the concerned citizen is that the problems at Mushindamo Girls Technical Secondary School have now eased considerably.

In December last year, President Lungu donated an eight tonne truck to Mushindamo Girls Technical Secondary School as well as about 50 computers, desks and chairs to the school.

That is why Evelyn Mukisha, the deputy headgirl who hails from Lusaka, is confident of making it and becoming an engineer once she completes school at Mushindamo.

And she is not the only one confident of doing well; Masha Kolala, the headgirl, is buoyant of equally succeeding in her studies. Electricity wiki Masha, who like Evelyn is doing grade 12, wants to be a surgeon.

Yes, the road leading to their school is still gruelling, but in addition to the computers that their school received, they are also set to be connected to the electricity grid as early as today.

It is a development that has elated Mushindamo Girls Technical Secondary School headteacher Violet Lupita, her deputy Harriet Chomachoma, her 21 teachers and 247 pupils.

“Running power from the generator is very expensive. Gas cap code We’re therefore grateful that works have been speeded up. Gas utility Some of these problems which we face such as refrigeration will come to an end. Electricity bill cost per month We’ve been depending on dry foods only,” Ms Lupita told a delegation from the Rural Electrification Authority (REA) that was led by chief executive officer Geoffrey Musonda last week.

REA, whose mission it is to provide and ensure access to electricity for the rural population, has been working on the Mushindamo power project with local contractors for the past three years.

The project involved the supply of electricity to Mushindamo and Kipushi border post near the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Gaston y astrid lima This involved construction of 120 kilometres of 33kv overhead line from Zesco’s main substation in Solwezi town up to Kipushi border. Gas nozzle keeps stopping The works also involved expansion of the existing 33kv bus bar (known as Mushindamo feeder) at Solwezi sub-station in order to provide a firm supply once the project was completed.

The first phase, undertaken by Kailjee Construction, involved construction of 41 kilometres of the 33kv overhead line; the works on this line were completed in December 2014 but could not be energised because this was dependent on the feeder being constructed through expansion works at Zesco’s sub-station.

Through Muhanya Solar, REA started the expansion of the existing bus bar at the Solwezi sub-station in October in order to supply Mushindamo and the surrounding areas.

The second phase involves construction of 10.3 kilometres of the 33kv overhead line from the terminal of phase one to Kishela area. Gas vs electric oven cost These works, being implemented by Dizzy Mining at a cost of K2 million, are still in progress.

The third phase of the line involves construction of 75 kilometres of the 33kv overhead line from the terminal end of phase two to Kipushi border post with the main targeted beneficiaries being public institutions and facilities located on the line route.

All in all, those expected to benefit include 10 schools – Mbonge, Kishela, Kamabende, Kilumba, Kafilunga, Mushindambo Girls Technical, Yowela, Kalindi, Kifubwa and Kingovwa – while the rural health centres are Mbonge, Mushindamo, New Kishela and Kilumba. When was gas 99 cents in california Other institutions are Kipishi immigration offices and staff houses, Kipushi Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) offices and houses, Kipushi Police Post, Kingovwa Local Court, Mushindamo Local Court, Mushindamo Police, agriculture houses, Kilumba Police Post and Chief Mukasa’s palace.

“We’re happy to lighten your burden. Gas leak los angeles california We know the frustration of the distance and the bad road. Gas stoichiometry worksheet answers Our intention is that once we bring electricity, other stakeholders can start coming on board, for instance in mining prospecting. Electricity magnetism and light This can possibly lead to the road being done,” Mr Musonda told the Mushindamo Girls Technical Secondary School head teacher.

“We always want to do our part, and hopefully others to come on board. E payment electricity bill up We want to be the first service provider after which we hope others can equally get motivated. Gasbuddy near me So, what we’ve done [connecting] is a first step in bringing economic life to the area.

“There are already some agricultural activities, but we can do better in production by adding value… We would like to see hammer mills, so that we can be producing mealie meal and stock feed instead of exporting raw maize.

“[As for] Kipushi, am not a mining geologist, but on the other side [DRC], there is mining, and I can see a possibility of mines there as well. Gas efficient suv 2013 There are also a lot of schools in Kipushi, and with electricity, the value of education will improve. Electricity history facts The quality of health services will also be improved as drugs will be properly stored.”

“When you identify a teacher to come to the school, the first question they ask is whether there is electricity or not. Gastroparesis Very few teachers are willing to come here because of lack of electricity. Electricity demand Electricity makes life a lot easier,” Ms Luputa says.

It is indeed a relief for the likes of Chishiki Musonda, a teacher at Kamabembe Primary School, who had to forego the electricity luxury in Mufulira to settle in Mushindamo.

“Coming from a place like Mufulira to here, you face a lot of hardships. Gas vs electric water heater cost per year [For instance], you have to wake up early to prepare yourself,” Ms Musonda says.