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When a work is protected by copyright, the holder of the copyright is given a set of exclusive rights over the work, including the right to copy, distribute, perform, and adapt the work. These rights are subject to a number of exceptions, including Fair Use and exemptions for gas finder rochester ny classroom teaching. Unless your use of a work meets the electricity prices per kwh 2013 requirements of one of these exceptions, copyright law requires you to get permission from the copyright holder before using their work. If I want to use a work for educational purposes, isn’t that Fair Use?

Possibly, but not necessarily. Fair Use allows limited use of copyrighted works without requiring permission from the copyright holder for a number of educational purposes — commentary, criticism, research, teaching, or scholarship. However, it is important to remember that an educational purpose alone does not mean that your use will be protected as Fair Use. Copyright law sets forth a number of fact-specific criteria that must be evaluated to determine whether grade 9 electricity worksheets a use is Fair. Please refer to the Fair Use section of this guide for more information. Do I need permission to show a movie gas efficient suv 2015 in class?

No, you do not need permission from the copyright holder to show a copyrighted movie in a face-to-face ( i.e., not online) class at NYU. This is because copyright law provides for a specific exemption that allows performances or displays of works during face-to-face teaching activities at nonprofit educational institutions, whether in the classroom or in a similar place devoted to instruction. This exemption applies not just to movies, but to any copyrighted work. This exemption does not extend to situations 1 unit electricity cost in bangalore where you have reason to believe that the copy of the work was not lawfully made, e.g. an illegally copied DVD. What about to make copies gas laws worksheet with answers of course readings for my students?

First, before making copies, you should check whether course readings can be made available through direct links to a licensed library resource — if the material you wish to distribute has already been licensed by the library, you will not need to worry about getting permission. If you are creating a coursepack — whether print or electronic — you will need gas you up to use NYU Bookstores Coursepack Service, which will obtain the necessary copyright clearances.

Creating copies of course readings in situations other than Coursepacks ( e.g., supplemental or newly-published articles that you wish to make available during the course of the semester) may qualify as Fair Use. The NYU Statement of Policy on Photocopying Copyrighted Materials, part of the NYU Faculty Handbook gas or electricity for heating, has guidance on applying Fair Use when making copies for classroom use. Do I need permission to post materials on NYU Classes?

You do not need permission to post materials on NYU Classes if (1) the material is in the public domain, (2) the owner has already given v gashi kenga e zagrebit permission through an open license, such as Creative Commons, (3) NYU Libraries has a license to link to the material, or (4) you perform a Fair Use evaluation and determine that Fair Use applies. Please see the Do You Need Permission? section of this page for more information on these categories.

You 10 gases and their uses should make a habit of getting permission in writing whenever possible. Although under the law copyright permission does not have to be written, having a record of the grant of permission offers you greater protection should questions or disputes arise in the future. Depending on how you plan to use the work, you may need documentary evidence to show others that you have the permission of the copyright holder. For example, many publishers will require written proof of permission in order to include copyrighted works in your own publication electricity out in one room.