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Haha, the Herp lab is a good working place— it is down in the basement, very quiet with few distractions. My bosses thought this would be the best place for me to work and meet great people, and they were right! During my job interview, I did not tell the hiring committee about my fear of snakes, well, I also did not realize my snake phobia was really bad until they assigned me to work in the Herp Lab. People down here are very supportive in helping me overcome my fear. My officemate, Bree Putman, hid her cute stuffed snake toys, and took down her snake posters to help me gradually transition in this “snake friendly” environment. My snake phobia has definitely gotten better, although it is still a work in progress!

I did my undergraduate at China Agriculture University with a major in grassland science. gas 4 weeks pregnant Honestly, I did not put too much thought into selecting my school or deciding my major. electricity formulas grade 9 Back in China, the college entrance exam is very competitive, and the priority of most students is to get high scores rather than figuring out their personal interests and career goals. The general approach to selecting school there is to go to the highest ranked school possible. My dad, just like millions of Chinese parents, helped me choose a college and a major. The only decision I made during this process is to go to Beijing for college. So, there you go, my dad chose the best agricultural school in China for me. Why agriculture? My dad loves farming, gardening, and nature, and he thought at the time that agriculture would be the foundation of China’s economy for another twenty years. Well, I guess he really underestimated the progress and development of the technology industry in China. Hahaha.

But it all worked out. I am glad I went to Beijing for college, it exposed me to all sorts of information and cool stuff. monroe la gas prices During that time, I met some of my best friends, and hung out with a group of international students while being introduced to a whole lot of new cultures, particularly American pop-culture, such as, skateboarding, hip-hop, rock, punk, and indie movies. It was awesome. I think that’s the turning point where I decided to come to America, to experience what America is all about.

During undergraduate and graduate schools, I was so stressed out. electricity facts history I worried about not getting the highest scores in the class, thought my dissertation projects were not meaningful enough, got frustrated with my advisors because they hadn’t reviewed the proposal I sent to them months ago, or felt guilty for not working during the weekends. It is very common for young students to feel that they have to get everything perfectly right, otherwise their future will be in jeopardy. I know that feeling too well. youtube gas monkey I think it is really important during the school years to learn how to manage stress and to not sweat the small stuff. I am not suggesting to care less here, but simply to remind ourselves that some of those problems that seemed so big and detrimental at the moment are not actually that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things. It is silly to think my dissertation proposal approval, delayed a month, would actually ruin my life or change my career path. Learning how to relax is just as important as getting that “A” for your organic chemistry class.

I am working as a GIS analyst for the Biodiversity Analysis in Los Angeles (BAILA) Initiative. BAILA is a collaboration between the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County and the Nature Conservancy. The main duty of my position is to conduct a spatially explicit biodiversity assessment of the Greater Los Angeles Area. The goal of this assessment is to provide useful information to guide conservation practices and urban planning. Specifically, I developed an urban habitat classification to understand how the urban environment shapes and transforms the biodiversity within it.

I genuinely think this job is really cool! As the world’s urban population and urban areas continue to grow, understanding and protecting biodiversity where large numbers of people live is not only of global conservation relevance, but can also provide large numbers of people with greater chances for regular contact with, and appreciation for, biodiversity. Particularly in L.A. as it is the second largest city in the States and is in one of world’s 36 biodiversity hotspots. electricity multiple choice questions grade 9 It is important to make L.A. enjoyable for people to live in, but also welcoming for nature and wildlife to thrive. I am glad I am part of this larger effort.

International students coming to the States do not really know what to expect from the school system in the States. I think this is something generally felt by all students entering graduate school. gasset y ortega filosofia We don’t know how much we can ask from our advisors, what is considered a reasonable request, or if are we allowed to talk to the Dean or Department Head. I think it would be great if schools would discuss with students about what they can expect from their department, advisor, and even the university. Helping students understand how to navigate the system better is something I think the whole graduate school system could do. That would be great.

I really appreciate the diversity of people, culture, food, art, and nature here. I am a newcomer to L.A. so I am always in the process of finding my next favorite places. In general, as a Chinese person who grew up in the Korean Autonomous Region of China, I love going to San Gabriel, Monterey Park, and the Koreatown areas for dining. In those areas, you can always find some really authentic Chinese and Korean food. What is cool about those neighborhoods is not that they sell and serve good ethnic foods, but that these are communities who have kept their original cultures and customs.