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Millennials – those born from 1981 to 1996 – are also called the Me Generation. You know what? I don’t believe that! The Millennials I know are generous, hard-working, educated, and talented. They love to experiment with food and entertain. They explore nature and travel the world. gas pains or contractions They care about the earth and are getting back to the basics. Many are devoted parents. Yes, they are hooked on technology but they can also fix anything us Boomers can’t seem to figure out. I love the Millennials in my life – my children, nieces and nephews, and the wonderful young members of my congregation.

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• Add to a collection. Adding to what I already have (Chelsie: Hello blue mason jars and Pyrex!) tells me that you really truly know what interests me and have paid attention to those things when we have talked or when you have visited my home. Christine: Over the course of several years my mom gave me the different pieces of the Willow Tree Nativity so I always looked forward to getting a new part of the set!

• Being surprised by gifts that fill a need. nyc electricity cost Kasia: I love receiving things that I can get by without, but would make things easier, like kitchen accessories or power tools. I also love being surprised by gifts that fill a need I didn’t know I had. Sometimes it’s a very practical gift like a ceiling fan. Look here for 10 Beautiful Homemade Gifts.

• Gifts of experience. This could be anything from a fun afternoon together having lunch or coffee and shopping, to tickets to a play or concert. The memories made are more valuable than any material gift a person could give me. 4 other gases in the atmosphere Explore Groupon to see what great deals are out there. Consider a climbing package, Escape Room, firing range, massage, art class, climbing center, car detailing, painting class, cooking class, etc.

Our niece Chelsie shared: Regifted items– hear me out on this one :). Some of the best gifts I have ever been given are gifts that had meaning to someone else. My Grandma gave me a beautiful ring my Grandpa brought back for her while he was stationed in Thailand. She included a sweet little note with a bit of history about the ring. It is by far the best gift I have ever been given, because of its history and meaning to her. Buffy once gifted me a set of the most perfect yellow kitchen canisters that used to belong to my Great Grandmother. They get the coveted display spot in the dining room with the blue mason jars, and they make me smile every time I walk into my dining room. 1 unit electricity cost in tamilnadu When we got married, Grandpa Brent and Cinda gave us Grandma Sally’s silver tea service. I always remember it sitting in her dining room with all of her teacups. It is so beautiful! None of these gifts cost the gift giver any money, but they have all brought me so much joy and each one has sentimental meaning and value to me. gas leak Chelsie and Mark, two of my favorite Millennials

InstaPots are crazy popular right now and the younger generation loves them. You can never go wrong with a fruit infuser pitcher or bottle. Our daughter Amy uses her electric kettle every day for her herbal tea and cocoa. Cast iron skillets are the pots and pans of choice but if you get one you should get the silicone hot handle mitts, too. If I were a Millennial I’d want a mini KitchenAid in hot pink! The Millennials in my life avoid microwave ovens but love popcorn so an electric oil or air popper might be a great gift. It just might be time to pass on the China Christmas dishes and other entertaining items you never use.

A yearly subscription to their favorite movie or music app would be welcome. If your ME has a favorite TV series gift anything related like a game, t-shirt, mug, etc. I saw Jim and Pam mugs that made me smile. Some other suggestions were anything to use with their IPhone. gastric sleeve scars Love the “What do you Meme” party game and you can order expansion packs. The PhotoStick instantly backs up 60,000 photos!

Our niece Carol: Like any other group of people millennials would like something that means that other person knows them and spent time to look for something that meant something thoughtful. For two or three years in a row, I received a bottle of expensive alcohol and it was something I just don’t like. However, the year after that this same person gave me a necklace he saw at a store that I’m sure was less expensive and it wasn’t even wrapped! But that one meant a great deal more to me than the more expensive bottles of alcohol because it meant that he saw something and thought I would like it regardless of the price tag or pretty wrapping.