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Glastonbury isn’t all mud, hippies and mass sing-alongs. T gastrobar Far from the fun abruptly ending once the headliners leave the Pyramid Stage, Worthy Farm comes alive at night as the DJs keep the party going until sunrise. Gas 101 Back for another raucous extravaganza this summer is immersive spectacular Arcadia, better known as “the Spider” to many festival-goers.

Built in Bristol by Pip Rush and Bert Cole and born at Glastonbury in 2007, Arcadia is the frantically beating heart of Michael Eavis’s annual shebang, where ravers go to storm the dancefloor as DJs spin sets amid dramatic pyrotechnics, awe-inspiring circus acts, cutting-edge technology and all-consuming sensory mayhem.

This year, the Metamorphosis show will return to give fans another otherworldly experimental experience. Gas in stomach Here’s what Pip and Bert had to say about their plans ahead of Arcadia pitching camp on the farm: How did Arcadia first come about – did one of you have a particularly crazy dream?

The initial spark came from a chat between Bert and I at a festival. Year 6 electricity unit We both felt that while there was a great spectrum of incredible music out there, there didn’t seem to be much that creatively engaged the other senses at the main stages, or social design that pushed passed the traditional linearity of thousands of people all facing the same direction. Gas hydrates ppt We wanted to experiment with shaping spaces and making the crowd part of the performance, rather than just observers. Electricity and magnetism study guide answers Your first project together was Afterburner.

Yes, we built it in a cowshed in Dorset with very limited resources. Gas bubbles in colon It was designed as a 360-degree space with layered platforms and three distinct semi-circles within the overall ring. Electricity transformer near house So you had one big community of people all facing each other, then three smaller communities within that at different heights. Ogasco abu dhabi To be honest, we meant it as a social chill-out space, but before we knew it 5,000 people were dancing all around and on top of it. Speedy q gas station From that game-changing moment, we opened up to more and more input from a huge range of people, talents and disciplines and those collaborations became the driving force of our evolution. Electricity and water The next step was to add an aerial performance dimension, and as momentum grew, we began developing a trilogy of more theatrical performance shows, the most recent of which is Metamorphosis, with a third in the pipeline. Gas x dosage pregnancy You recycle industrial materials to make your giant structures. Grade 9 electricity questions Have you always been interested in recycling and the rave scene?

Both of us grew up immersed in festival culture. Gas constant in atm Bert learned engineering skills at a very early age and I developed sculptural experience with my family throughout my youth. Gas prices in texas We both used scrap a lot; it was an accessible resource and there was a real sense of adventure using materials that had a story in another life. Electricity usage by state We loved the idea of transforming things and seeing where a new piece could take you creatively: if you buy everything to fit a pre-planned design that’s fine, but letting a vision be shaped by the materials you find is really exciting. Grade 9 current electricity test We wouldn’t have ended up with a Spider otherwise.

The energy, spirit and community of Arcadia’s dancefloor always draws Glastonbury-goers (Ben Daure) What is it about Arcadia that draws Glastonbury-goers year after year? Pyrotechnics exploding from a gigantic metal spider doesn’t exactly fit with the hippy image many still hold of the festival.

We’d like to think it’s the energy, spirit and community on the dancefloor. Gas near me prices That’s what it’s always been about, both at Glastonbury and for us. Electricity pictures Ultimately, massive spiders and 50ft flames are conduits to harness and amplify those core elements. Gas works park We’ve always seen our arena and our pyrotechnics as a modern interpretation of the primal concept of gathering around a campfire to celebrate. Grade 6 electricity unit ontario The fire’s just got a bit bigger! We’ve also changed the bulk of our flame system to use recycled bio fuels (old chip fat) and obviously the structure is 99 per cent recycled, so I guess we’re all hippies at heart! The community element seems very important to you. Q mart gas station Is that what you think festivals should be about, above big names on a line-up?

Absolutely. Gas in spanish It runs through everything we do and it starts with our crew. Q card gas station We have farmers, scientists, welders, aerialists, engineers, scrap merchants, technicians and sculptors, to name just a few. Gas under 3 dollars By bringing together a crew from all those backgrounds and joining with a DJ or live performers, we hope to create something greater than the sum of its parts, and then a crowd of thousands bring everything to life. I have electricity in my body When all those diverse people unite in celebration, that’s when the magic happens!

Moving to Bristol was key. Electricity lesson plans 8th grade There is such a vibrant circus community there and we worked with some incredible people to hone our own team of performers that we work with throughout the year. Astrid y gaston lima menu english How do you get the festival health and safety teams on board? Have you ever been banned from bringing a cool plan to life?

No we haven’t. Time and again we bring ideas to the health and safety teams that they haven’t come across before, but we work with our own internal specialists in advance to build in multiple fail safes and a bulletproof set of protocols. Gas lighting So when we do go to get something signed off, no matter how ridiculous it might look, we have the concerns covered and they are a real pleasure to work with.

— Arcadia Spectacular (@A_rcadia) June 9, 2016 Immersive experiences are becoming more popular across the arts, from music to theatre. Static electricity bill nye Do you think they are necessary now to keep people interested and excited? It’s arguably harder to shock and surprise nowadays.

I think that it’s less about trying to chase that next big shock, than really thinking about how to engage people on multiple levels. Gas x dosage for dogs It’s certainly true that there is far more emphasis on ‘immersion’ than there was when we started, but I think that’s because holistic experiences have to trigger multiple senses, people’s own imagination and the sense of being part of something that’s bigger than them – a feeling we’re always looking for ourselves. Electricity physics formulas It’s been an honour to ride that wave of evolution and innovation over the last few years and we can’t wait to see where the festival world goes next. Electricity online games The creativity levels are extraordinary and it’s always a pleasure to see new boundaries pushed.