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Glaucoma is a number of eye disorders that gang up on the optic nerve and cause gradual damage over time, resulting in a slow loss of vision. In primary open-angle glaucoma, the most common glaucoma, the only noticeable symptom is gradual vision loss. Glaucoma is caused by increased pressure on the optic nerve from a buildup of the fluid that flows in and out of the eye, but drains too slowly. Other causes of glaucoma are from iris pigment granule buildup, or even the iris itself can bulge and cause drainage fluid retention.

Symptoms of glaucoma usually occur in both eyes, most notably gradual loss of peripheral vision, sometimes with sudden onset; but other symptoms that can be attributed to glaucoma are eye pain, halos around lights, nausea that accompanies severe eye pain. The goal of glaucoma treatment is to reduce the pressure in the eye to halt the progression of nerve damage.

On this page are a number of user submitted home remedies for glaucoma. Many medical professionals will recommend a form of glaucoma surgery, but that is invasive and could take a number of procedures. Some of our suggested remedies for glaucoma include glycerin, fennel seeds, frankincense, omega 3, and a number of dietary and exercise strategies. Let us know what you try from Earth Clinic to treat glaucoma. Have a remedy not yet listed here? Please don’t hesitate to share your story with us!

After several years of trying every alternative treatment I could find, I finally have had success in lowering the intra-occular pressure with diet, exercise and frankincense. I used supplements for years without noticeable difference in pressure, but once I started following Dr. Benjamin Lane’s diet and exercise recommendations and using Frankincense, improvement was substantial. I cannot tell you for sure which of the three helped the most but I had used the exercise and diet for three months before receiving good news, and the frankincense for just a few weeks. You can find info on Dr. Lane’s diet with a google search (or start with and instructions for using food grade (therapeutic) frankincense at

Re the diet: I did not add any supplements to the ones I have been taking for years which include D, Co-q10, C, O-3, E and a special eye formula that includes G. Biloba I walk for 45 minutes EVERY DAY. I eat organic meats and mostly raw vegetables and fruits. I eat NO processed foods–flour, sugar, pasta, etc. I drink no caffeine and no alcohol.

So for now I can’t tell the gauze strength but maybe I could post some pics of what I use whenever able. From my experience Magnets are almost without bad side effects but there is a warning to not use opposing magnets as the current repels itself and you get no healing.

Generally speaking, the stronger the Magnet the less time need application. I use that 4" speaker magnet as I posted earlier for my eyes and the large speaker Magnet also for only a few minutes on my painful & infected joints. Both do require a soft cloth or clothing as the metal can be uncomfortable.

As for chronic or long-term use I use Serenity 2000 pads and/or belt. I am currently lying on a Magnetic Bed Pad and a Magnetic Belt on my pillow directly over my spine. I use these all the hours in bed and rotate from my left & right side & shoulder to cover those areas and during waking like now cover my back & bottom.

Let me tell you a story of Magnet healing for eyes. A few yrs ago I had a litter of kittens and gave one to the neighbor behind me. Unfortunately I was having a difficult time ridding them of fleas and the new owner (come to find out) used both shampoo & flea collar which resulted in a severe chemical burn resulting in almost blindness. That owner was unable to continue the responsibility of the kitty and I took him back and was determined to do something for his eyes. Well, in the meantime he sired kittens and those damaged eyes were present in three of those kitties (all blind) one of which died and the others put down at the local shelter. Well this broke my heart and I had since learned about Magnets and using them on myself. I applied the 4" speaker Magnet for a few minutes daily with astonishing results and the kitty has since healthy offspring with no damaged eyes.

I had been taking Mastic Gum for a month, which was helping my eye pressure issues to a good degree, after reading two studies. The first study linked H. Pylori bacteria with glaucoma. The second study noted a dramatic reduction in H. Pylori when mastic gum was taken as a supplement. It holds true that mastic gum is indeed very helpful for eye pressure in my experience.

I then read on earthclinic, and subsequently on a couple of other places on the web, about success using Frankincense oil. So, I purchased the best quality Frankincense essential oil that I could find. Specifically, oil from the Boswellia Sacra species. I believe that it is steam distilled, which works fine. Every day thereafter, I followed the recommended procedure of dropping 2-3 drops of oil in my hand, rubbing my palms together to distribute the oil, and then cupping my hands over my open eyes with as air-tight a seal as possible and allowing the evaporating oil to mingle with my exposed open eyes. One of the tricks of this procedure is to not cup your hands over your eyes right away, but to allow at least one minute to pass in-between the time that you drop the oil on your hands and the time that you expose your eyes to it. Frankincense oil has volatile oxidative oils (recognizable by the citrusy top-note of the oil) that will irritate your eyes, but which largely evaporate within a minute or so of being exposed to air. Waiting at least 60 seconds to cup your eyes assures that most of these oils evaporate and that your eyes won’t be so irritated. Generally, I also count to 60 when cupping my oiled hands over my eyes, which seems to be enough. If any significant irritation starts, which may or may not happen at about the minute mark, I stop. Usually, irritation just means that you didn’t wait quite long enough for the volatile oils to evaporate. It’s not really a problem, as the irritation is both gradual and mild if it happens at all.

The frankincense is very powerful, assuming a good grade of oil, and its effects will last all day. I generally perform the frankincense procedure either in the moring or the afternoon, but have also found it helpful when any type of inflammation or eye pressure is felt. The combination of mastic gum and frankincense is even more powerful. The only problem is the cost of good frankincense oil and mastic gum. Neither are cheap. A one month supply of both is currently running me about $65. You will probably need around 10 ml of oil per month.