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I took my cousin as a little treat for her birthday – wasn’t too sure what to expect, but was really impressed with the entertainment, food and staff! I had chosen to pre-book food, and the selections sounded really tasty, my cousin had the Morrocan chicken, with rice, salad electricity physics test and sweet potato fries and said it was lovely! There were four main dishes, all smelled gorgeous, but I was a little stuck as I cannot eat chilli, so the head chef, Mark, provided a delicious alternative with no fuss – big thanks to him! The pitchers of cocktails represent good value, ours was there ready for us when we got to our table, which was welcoming…The show was really funny (I suppose this will depend on your sense of humour, but we were giggling away happily throughout) and the venue was full, but not at all crowded, so a lovely atmosphere – the décor might be a little, erm, ‘basic’, but nonetheless, it is clean and comfortable, and probably helps g gas lol that it isn’t in the least ostentatious…Overall: a bloody good night out!!!

Hello there, Thanks for taking the time to review your visit. And thanks for the kind words. Looks like we got a lot right but can see where we can improve in your eyes. We’re definitely working on ways to make bar service quicker. To address some of the other points…if you like intimate comedy rooms and know you like certain types of comedians we would recommend trying a comedy tour show electricity usage in the us in our Studio Room. The capacity is very similar to the OJS. We programme touring comedy shows into this second auditoium at Glee Club Birmingham throughout the year – turn left at the top of the stairs instead of right. Lots of big names have played the space, some using it to preview new material but it’s also a great way for gas unlimited houston us to present exciting comedians doing their own show before they progress to bigger spaces. We have some of these shows on sale at the moment if you pop to the website and go to the ‘Find Shows Book’ button and then filter by ‘Birmingham’ and ‘Comedy Tour Shows’. Look out for any show labelled ‘Studio Room’. Reading up or watching video clips on the acts is a great tip, looks like you already do this. It’s a bit like going to see a film or theatre v gas station shows in many ways – a bit of research prior to visiting or booking can really help. We work hard to book great acts and blend a mixture of styles together but from time to time this comes down to personal taste. If you enjoyed 3 out of the 4 comedians, well, we consider 75% a pretty good strike rate. It’s also important that if The Glee Clubs are to be a representative experience of the top of comedy circuit we have the challenge gas x reviews ratings of finding space in our line-ups for comedians who tread a different line. Had we not done this our audiences would never had the opportunity to enjoy Frankie Boyle, Reginald D Hunter, Jimmy Carr, even Milton Jones, Alan Carr, Dylan Moran and many more comedians who are considered to be ‘different’. We hope you’ll find the Studio Room to your liking and please let us know if we can help recommending any shows for you. Once again thanks for reviewing.