Global warming may have ‘devastating’ effects on rice gas pains or contractions


An worldwide research team analyzed rice samples and they discovered that exposing rice to the levels of carbon dioxide that are expected in the second half of this century results in the grain containing less amount of protein, iron, and zinc, as well as lower levels of vitamins B1, B2, B5, and B9.

But the new research-and other studies published before it-discredit those claims. "But how plants respond to that sudden increase in food will impact human health as well, from nutritional deficits, to ethno-pharmacology, to seasonal pollen allergies-in ways that we don’t yet understand", said study co-author Lewis Ziska, research plant physiologist for the Adaptive Cropping Systems Lab of the United States Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Research Service. But seed will loss the quality.

The rice was grown at research sites in China and Japan, where researchers built 55-foot-wide plastic pipes elevated about a foot above the tops of plants within standard rice fields. Plants that share the same photosynthesis pathway as rice and wheat do indeed grow larger and produce greater yields in higher carbon dioxide concentrations by creating more carbohydrates, says Lisa Ainsworth, a biologist at the University of IL at Urbana-Champaign and the U.S. Department of. Both proteins and iron decreased by 10 percent, while zinc levels decreased by 5 percent.

Some studies have noted that higher levels of carbon dioxide spur plant growth through increased photosynthesis. Currently, levels of Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere average about 410 parts per million, up from 350 parts per million in the 1980s, largely from the burning of fossil fuels. And there are myriad other climate-related factors, such as rising temperatures and changes in precipitation patterns-all spurred by greenhouse gas emissions-that may harm agriculture, as well.

The declines in nutrition raise an obvious concern for public health, especially when observed in global staple crops like rice. However, it turns out too much of it can really be damaging. Among the poorest in the world, the grain can make up an overwhelming portion of their diet, Ebi says. Some populations could experience nutrient deficiencies in the future, some studies found.

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