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I’m writing this review because reading through TripAdvisor horror stories, my friend and I almost took a detour to leave through Tupisa instead, or worse yet, didn’t go! I’m sure a lot of others have the same experience: it seems like everyone out of Uyuni has drunk drivers and reviews titled “DO NOT GO WITH X COMPANY, the salt flats were amazing though!” Hopefully this makes it easier to find one of the good ones. Anyways! Diony, our guide with Quechua Connection was great! I strongly recommend him as a fun photographer, responsible driver, and knowledgeable guide. We also got to do lots of things other companies don’t do, like biking on the salt flats (a great break for a day in the car), and going gas constant in atm out to see the stars (night running on The Salar was one of the the COOLEST feelings gas meter car I’ve ever had) QC has a good reputation for not-drunk drivers, just one note: all the companies in Uyuni will subcontract if they don’t have a tour group of at least 4. In that case, you will end up pooled into another group without being able to choose the tour provider. We went on the 3 day tour, for reference.

After reading a myriad of horror stories, we chose Quechua Connection on the base of the reviews here. We were not disappointed, Dioni our driver/guide/cook was great – very enthusiastic and knowledgeable, was happy to stop and explain things whenever we asked (he didn’t speak English, but we were 6 so we managed to understand everything). He took some great perspective photos of us, and always made an effort to go where there were no other vehicles. He also inverted the tour on the last morning so when we arrived at the hot spring there were only a few others. He owned the jeep, which maybe explained why he was a careful driver, whilst other jeeps were passing us at twice the speed (he would tut and call them crazy). He shared just one small glass gas works park events of wine with us on the last night, whilst we saw some of the other drivers drinking heavily – one was so drunk he could barely walk. Before doing this tour however there are some things to know. Depending on what you are used to you are going to be roughing it for a few days. Yes, the accommodation is very basic, and yes the toilets are a bit grim. And it’s bloody freezing so ask them rent you a sleeping bag. You will spend a lot time in a jeep on terrible and very dusty roads (take a dust mask), so again it can be a bit endurance test. However, the landscape is truly spectacular arkla gas pay bill, and absolutely worth it. I think Quechua Connection may be a bit more expensive than others, but our main concern was safety and a sober driver – and we felt completely safe with Dioni. Would definitely chose them again.

I recently went on a 3 day tour of the Uyuni salt flats with a group of friends through Quechua Connections. We were apprehensive at first after having heard so many horror stories of drunk drivers/tour guides and other such misadventures. After talking with Jose (Quechua Connections owner/driver/guide) we felt much better and the experience turned out to be amazing. Our driver Miguel took our group in one car and Jose took another group in his car, so we had the help and support of both Jose and Miguel for the whole trip. Due to snow, they warned electricity usage calculator south africa us that the 3rd day to the hot springs and the green lagoon might not be possible, but they were insistent that they would try there best and at least get us out to the red lagoon (Laguna Colorada) and the geysers, which they did. When we encountered drifts of almost a meter deep of snow, they made a very earnest effort to try and get the 4×4’s through. When this proved impossible, another guide offered to walk us up the remaining few hills to see the geysers just on the other side. It was an incredible and unforgettable experience made all the better by the amazing support and enthusiasm of Jose and Miguel. The food was really good, even taking into account the remoteness of where we spent our second night, and the guides were really informative and friendly. This is a family owned and operated a gaseous mixture contains company and it is very obvious that Jose is very passionate about his work. I would recommend Quechua Connections to everybody and anybody hoping to do the Salar for 1, 2, or 3 day tours. Worth every penny ten times over. Thanks Jose and Miguel! -Mario, Laura, Emily and Kristen