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I posted a review in the past on Grand Cayman’s Stingray city. We visited Grand Cayman again this past week via cruise ship. We choose to book our own excursion since we wanted to see more than Stingray City again. We booked through a private excursion company and it was a great decision. We sailed for 1/2 day on a private 40 foot sailboat. We love boating but have never experienced a private sailboat. The hosts were the nicest and most accommodating people, Alice and Patrick. They took us out to a less visited stingray sight. Patrick jumped in and started gathering 9gag the stingrays by feeding them squid. There was about 5-6 rays, from 1 foot in size to 3 foot in size. They were just as friendly as in Stingray City but we were the only ones playing with them. Then we continued our sail close the outer reef and coral areas.Beyond this reef the sea floor drops 23,000 feet so sharks electrical supply company near me and more dangerous creatures stay on the deep side for the most part. The whole family jumped in the gorgeous warm water but my husband and son joined Patrick closer by the reef. They said it was so colorful, full of reef life and they took their go-pro to video what they could. We could static electricity in the body effects see little Dory fish swimming in small groups by the boat.Patrick brought up a live conch to show us. The shell was so beautiful and still had the live conch in it. Alice explained how the shell gets formed and how the inside becomes so smooth and colorful. Very interesting. The weather was perfect and the water was a beautiful, aqua color. Thanks to Alice and Patrick for making this visit so grand. If you want the name of the company we booked with just ask me here. I know Alice and Patrick would love to take you sailing.

Once again I booked with this same company Island Marketing, for our family excursion while on our cruise to Jamaica and the Cayman Islands. I booked two excursions through this company for each visit to both islands, the price to book with Island Marketing gaz 67 for sale is great just the lack of communication is what gets to me. I hope I don’t ever have to book with them anymore for any of my island experiences. Once the shipped docked, we were looking for our driver who was suppose to be taking us to our excursion destination. The instructions on our voucher stated that the meeting location for transportation will be at this place called Blue Lagoon, what they company failed to mention is that Blue Lagoon is actually a NICE distance from the port! Which I thought was ridiculous! It’s a good thing that this Island Marketing Company is unprofessional due to the fact that the driver himself was late to our meeting location and this is the only reason why we were able to make that walk not miss our excursion. There is a fee of $10 dollars per person for transportation, it’s $5 each way. It was the eseva electricity bill payment 3 of us so total was $30. The voucher specifically said to pay the remanding balance with a credit card! So we did what any other common sense person would have done electricity inside human body, we brought our credit card! They swiped my card and it declined, they swiped another parties card who was also on our same excursion and also their card declined. The guy in charge actually had the nerves to ask WHY DID WE NOT BRING CASH?! My response to him was because the voucher said CREDIT CARD ONLY!!!! Well anyways it seems as if they were having technical problems with their terminal, so they told us to just go on the excursion and they will try running our cards again when we return. The experience was amazing! Me, my husband, and our 7 yr old daughter rode on one Wave Runner. It look us a while to get to Stingray City! It’s really far out into the ocean! We were following behind our tour guide as he was on his own Wave Runner, he was extremely friendly. Anyways when we FINALLY arrived at Stingray City I couldn’t believe the amount of Stingrays that were just flocking around people! They were EXTREMLY friendly! At First I was a bit scared of them, due to the fact that these things are HUGE!!!!! After a while I got over my fear and just enjoyed them swimming around me, I got to pet them and all gas nozzle stuck in car! Amazing!!! We were at Stingray city for a while, afterwards we got back on our Wave Runner and rode our way to Rum Point. Which another island, once there you get to just chill out on the sand and relax on beach chairs and enjoy food and drinks that are available for purchase. The only thing that sucked about Rum Point is that you’re only there for half an hr, that doesn’t give you enough time to enjoy the fresh island food that takes time to prepare. We ordered conch gas natural fenosa and had NO time to eat it because it took time to make and by the time it came out it was time to head back out! We ended up putting it in a to-go plate and bagged it up and rode out! When we got back our card was swiped again and payment finally went through for us but unfortunately I couldn’t say the same z gas station for the other family that was also on the same excursion was well. Finally when we got back to the states after our vacation ended, I checked the transactions on my card. There were multiple service fee’s from the Wave Runner company due to the fact that they kept swiping my card over and over for payment! I hope I don’t ever have to deal with Island Company anymore!!!!