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First and foremost, Goben appears to have a friend at the Pantagraph. The ‘Photos: Goben administration significant’ article was published to the pantagraph within minutes after he sent out an internal e-mail to HCC staff. I am also puzzled as to why the article written here is not titled Opinion or Editorial, since it appears to have been written by Goben himself.

What grade 6 electricity quiz’s more troubling is that less than 30 minutes ago there were 12 comments on this post, several of which have been removed. Maggiemoo and Northside each had insightful and accurate views of Goben, but he must have seen these and called his buddy at the Pantagraph to have them removed. Nothing in them was abusive, inaccurate, slander or libel… just facts that hurt Goben’s ego. I know, I know, is that even possible?

For those who wonder he is being bashed in the comments, you probably gas 0095 download do not work for the institution which he has been destroying for the past three years. $40,000 professional development trips to visit his pals in Texas so he can look like a big shot, completely unnecessary changes in leadership positions, and the final straw being electricity number the attempted firing of Athletic Director Nate Metzger. How is Heartland’s baseball program doing these days, any current or former players make it to the MLB? Spoiler alert, several.

Goodbye Allen Goben. He should do very well in a on-line academic setting, where he does not need to personally interact with academic professionals. His tenure here at Heartland has been catastrophic from the first week. The now ex-president spent more time telling us about his great victories in Kentucky, Texas, and Iowa. With no regard to the costs, he required faculty to take a ‘road trip’ to his former employers under the guise of a leadership development program – a complete waste of our time and the taxpayers money. Spending thousands of dollars to have a Larry Gatlin come to campus on the Labor Day weekend 101 gas station when there was NO ONE around, is a good example of his wasteful spending. Designating his own personal parking space as close to the front entrance is another. Wasting THOUSANDS of dollars and man-hours to implement SHAREPOINT is another – SharePoint has been around electricity rate per kwh philippines for a decade, and Dr. Goben required the entire campus to adopt it – no legitimate reason, simply because he thought it would be good. Dr. Goben has required dozens of faculty and staff to attend his ‘Leadership Institute’ during which he simply tells everyone how smart he is. He wanted to implement HIS version of a learning styles assessment for all students – something he took from a variety of sources, and something that simply isn’t logical or necessary. Thank goodness the College can now return to Normal under the patience and guidance of our financial VP – Rob will be a great interim president. Dr. Goben electricity vocabulary words meets the clinical definition of a narcissistic personality disorder. His work with a college that is completely on-line will suit him well – he has extreme difficulty working directly with faculty and administration, unless they are willing to say nothing, and will not discuss ANY of his decisions. He reduced the VP staff of this college from five down to three – easier to control only three. He decimated the five academic divisions, by reducing them down electricity symbols ks3 to three – easier to control only three. We have lost a LOT of good people in the last few years – most of whom simply walked away from the chaos and found new academic opportunities. THANK YOU to the HCC Board for accepting his resignation – in a few years, we will once again become a shining example of an outstanding academic institution.