Gochargers are bringing electric scooters to a city near you

Last year at CES, Gogoro explained to onlookers how battery swapping could eliminate the challenges of EV adoption. 4 gas giants Since launching in Taipei in August, the electric scooter maker and energy company has sold over 4,000 EV scooters and built over 125 battery swapping charging stations in the region. Eur j gastroenterology hepatology impact factor Now Gogoro will be making its way to Amsterdam this summer, and hit the U.S. Gas you up market in late 2016.

But at this year’s convention, Gogoro unveiled two developments that will scale up adoption and even introduce sustainable transport into other smaller, progressive communities. Electricity in india travel The GoCharger can be used at home or in businesses, and the OPEN Initiative lets people nominate themselves or their communities to adopt the technology, even if GoStations aren’t yet available.

PSFK was able to speak with Jason Gordon, Gogoro’s VP of Communications, to learn more about the new GoCharger and how the OPEN Initiative will get consumers involved in the rollout process.

Last year when we announced Gogoro, we remained focused and committed on megacities, but we didn’t expect or anticipate the interest that would be beyond megacities—from people that live in cities of 100,000 or 200,000, or live on islands. Electricity and magnetism worksheets high school We couldn’t be silent anymore, we couldn’t ignore those people.

The GoCharger isn’t really meant just as a home charger. Hp gas online booking mobile number It enables us to scale and go into a market without having to deploy as many GoStations as we have in Taiwan. Gas prices going up in nj We could go into a market and maybe only deploy 10 GoStations, but also place 100 GoChargers at coffeeshops, restaurants, and stores, and then people could also buy chargers for their home.

We are giving power to the people to voice where the next market is going to be. Electricity for kids You can have an impact on where we go and so I think it’s important that people understand that gogoro.com/open is the place to go to be able to express that interest.

There are certain cities in the United States where it makes sense for Gogoro to be in: San Francisco, parts of New York, Portland or Seattle. 4 gas laws But there are some cities that may have progressive communities that want Gogoro that we would never even not consider or be in touch with. Gas zone edenvale The Gogoro Open Initiative enables us to hear from businesses and consumers that want Gogoro deployed in their market. Gas 76 We’ve had a good response, and we’ll use that data to plot out our path beyond megacities.

And also, I think potentially college campuses. Electricity quizlet Students, millennials and younger, they understand the challenges and they want to be a part of making a difference. 1 electricity unit is equal to how many kwh And so battery-swapping products like Gogoro can enable them to do that inexpensively. Electricity 220 volts wiring It’s not the cost of a Tesla, but it’s something that’s attainable.

Research shows that EVs can be beneficial for many types of cities, and the GoCharger will help reach those markets. J gastroenterology impact factor But in terms of megacities and Gogoro’s energy infrastructure, what does this strategy look like moving forward?

When you look at the reason why we do focus so much on megacities, it’s for multiple reasons and not just for scooters. 7 gas station We don’t consider ourselves a fundamentally scooter company, we consider ourselves more of a battery/energy company. Gas dryer vs electric dryer So we chose scooters because we’re passionate about them, but we saw the opportunity specifically in megacities. Gsa 2016 catalog When you look at the stress being put on the energy infrastructures of cities, they’re just not equipped or prepared to handle that, and if you look at the UN and other predictions, cities are supposed to continue to grow. Gas in dogs That was the main reason why we wanted to start with megacities.

We can put GoStations all around a city, and that can actually be kind of a mobile or portable energy storage for cities. Gas out game rules And that was one of the reasons even Amsterdam came to us and said they understand our strategy, that “we don’t just want to do scooters.” We see putting GoStations in Amsterdam that can be charged at night, and then we can give a fully loaded GoStation with power to the network if we’re not giving out energy to scooters. Gas x strips instructions Cities like Amsterdam, that are very progressive, see the vision and understand the need for that kind of thing.

There are many companies, as well as other types of products, that have energy needs that aren’t being met right now. La gasolina reggaeton explosion And what the OPEN Initiative and the GoCharger enable us to do, is connect with the community of people that we would have otherwise have not been able to connect with.

This was the message that Horace, our CEO, delivered when he spoke at COP21. Electricity production in india You need the government, the public sector, the private sector and the consumer sector to work together. Wd gaster x reader Government needs to work with the private sector whether to provide locations, whether to provide introductions, but companies really need to take the lead in making the change. Electricity word search ks2 We need to work with the public sector, but also we can’t forget about the consumer. Electricity labs for middle school We need to give consumers solutions that enable them to be part of that change and be able to vote on it.

It’s empowering that we, the consumers, have a voice in shaping our sustainable future. Gas x coupon 2015 What role does Gogoro play in leading this change, and how important is it to involve consumers in Gogoro’s future?

A month ago, we were in Paris for the Climate Summit, and there was a lot of talk about solutions for the future. 3 gases that cause acid rain But we actually have something now, and are able to contribute now. Gas after eating meat Obviously multiple companies need to come to the mix and bring different solutions for different functions, but for transportation and cities and for energy, Gogoro is available now in terms of technology and business.

And I think we’ve been able to prove this year that consumers want to be part of a movement that takes people off fossil fuels, and are happy to embrace battery swapping. Electricity facts ks2 And it’s more than just about getting from point A to point B, it’s about being part of something. Year 6 electricity assessment But to do that successfully, you have to deliver a product that is as good or better than the alternative.