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In addition to underwriting the ICO we are undertaking, Monkey has agreed to provide provisional loan funding in order for Golden Fleece to build a fully-fledged showroom with state-of-the-art mining equipment. This provisional funding is in the form of a 1-year loan repayable in Golden Fleece tokens as interest at a standard market rate of interest.

Given the increased counter amount and the completed sale of the first 2 tiers of Golden Fleece options, we will now open the wallet that will accept all Tier-1 and Tier-2 tokens for swapping out. electricity physics definition While GFO are an ongoing asset and are Green Ticked by Waves, if you wish to swap out your GFO for Golden Fleece Ethereum-based tokens please send them to the following waves address:

We will close all submissions for Tier 1 & Tier 2 options submissions on Tuesday, September 12, 2017 at 11.59pm UCT. electricity videos for students Therefore, in order to avoid missing out on the Tier 1 & Tier 2 GFO token swap please make sure the GFO you wish to swap are sent to us well in advance of this date/time. Tokens will be swapped after the ICO closes at the end of the month, and you wil be notified when here at the Golden Fleece website.

It has truly been a fantastic ICO experience so far and we are simply overwhelmed with the global press coverage, the huge display of confidence and the massive encouragement we have been receiving from our local community and those further afield, not to mention the support of the Monkey Community to which we are emboldened to call a part of the Golden Fleece secret ICO weapon!

Given the latest news, we expect an extremely brisk sale in GFO. electricity pictures information However, we have been advised by Monkey senior management and Cryptopia exchange management that many COEVAL holders, in which GFO is denominated, are stuck for a temporary period at Cryptopia due to on-site wallet maintenance. Therefore, after consulting with Monkey, we have collectively decided to re-sell 50% of remaining GFO as Bitcoin pairs and 50% of remaining GFO as COE pairs until the situation is resolved. This should not affect the pricing of GFO which we are assiduously watching.

GFL is building mining datacenter in Free Industrial Zone [tax free] in Georgia using green energy generated from hydropower plants. gas jet The mining facilities are being developed based on funds raised through crowdfunding and GFL token sales. Total target investment volume is set to be USD 40,000,000 for 20 MW electricity capacity for the mining datacenter.

GFL allocates 30 percent of its mining profit for buy back of its tokens and 10 percent from its colocation (third party miners hosting) service. gas natural inc Buy back budget is set in BTC and will be filled up on every last Friday of a month starting from February 2018. GFL tokens will be repurchased in every first week of following month. Repurchased tokens will be destroyed and will not get back to circulation.

Electricity consumption of the GFL mining datacenter will reach 20MW in five stages: first two stages when the electricity consumption reaches 5MW will be implemented in year 1 and mainly will be used GFL HDMUs; 10MW datacenter will be added in two stages in year 2, and finally in year three one more datacenter to be added with 5MW capacity.