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VERY RISKY to rent from Roy’s Carts. When we arrived to pick up our fully prepaid rental, we gave Roy (the owner) our VISA number so he could place a deposit on hold (we had been quoted $300 US, but it turned out to be $495 US). Four days later my husband and I were enjoying my 58th birthday dinner when a text (not a phone call) came in from Roy. He said we had been seen with 5 people on our cart speeding through the village square. As a penalty, he was immediately charging a $600 (pesos) fine to our VISA and if we were found in violation of our contract again, he would fine us a second time and he would retain our entire deposit. What?!? My husband immediately called Roy to explain person to person that it was not us who had been seen. Roy was gaston y daniela immediately angry and yelled (seriously) that my husband was a liar, that we had now lost our entire deposit, AND (I guess as an added penalty because now we’d had the audacity gas in oil car to call him) our cart would be confiscated first thing in the morning (yet another $110 penalty as we had prepaid the entire week’s rental fee)…and then he hung up on my husband. We ended our dinner and went to Roy’s house to straighten this out. When we arrived, the lights were all off – we called him again and the lights came on, but he would not answer the phone or come to the door. Many minutes went by and finally he texted us that we needed to go to a certain restaurant downtown and give our “immediate apology” to his wife. We drove downtown and a very nice woman came right out to greet us. She said she was “so so sorry” we were NOT the people she had seen – she had made a mistake and she readily owned up to it in a gracious manner gasbuddy near me. OK – chalk it up to a very interesting story about my 58th birthday, but we were still quite shaken because we had just spent the last 90 minutes being treated quite unfairly and were contemplating having to shut our VISA down in the middle of our vacation! Fast forward 2 days: On the last day we were to have the cart back at 11:00 – we arrived at 10:00 just so we had plenty of time to finally have the conversation we deserved with Roy. We were greeted by a different man, however, who took us upstairs into Roy’s house and proceeded to do the closing paperwork – a process he had questions about so he hollered back and forth several times with Roy (who was just out of sight listening from the adjoining room). When Roy had not come into the room to face us by the end of the paperwork, we asked to speak to him and were told he was not available. Ultimately, we were denied any opportunity at a conversation – we were hung up on, refused at the door, and then refused any discussion (or apology) at the end of the rental term. It was a very unnecessary stressor during our vacation and we would never rent from Roy again because of his unprofessional business practices eon replacement gas card and, most of all, his personal behavior. Never acceptable in the business world – ever.

We had booked ahead and picked up our two golf carts for a six day rental. No issues all week until we tried to return the golf carts. Roy arrived and began questioning where the head lights were for one of the carts. We had driven only one of the carts at night so we were not sure they were ever there in the first place but Roy’s wife accused us of hitting something and breaking them off. Of course we were upset and stated we used youtube gas pedal lyrics the locking mechanisms they provided us and suggested they should probably attach the lights so they aren’t easily stolen. Apparently Roy took great umbrance with our suggestion and started yelling at us. In total shock, we asked for the cost of the lights and Roy escalated things by threatening to call the police. We were in disbelief what was happening as we went from unhappy customers explaining ourselves to being threatened to put us in jail.

Unsure of what to do as Roy was now p gaskell calling the police and laughing at us saying we were now going to jail, I took my phone out to record his conversation with the police on the phone. I could not understand what he was saying as I don’t speak Spanish so I wanted record of it. I continued to ask for the bill stating we would just pay it as we just wanted to leave now. Roy was swearing and laughing at us as he knew we were now concerned the police would be involved. Roy told us it was in the contract that we were responsible. We were so shocked at Roy’s behaviour. He got off the phone and continued to taunt us for the next hour saying the police were coming. It was unbelievable. We just wanted to pay for the carts and the lights and get out of there but Roy would not provide us with a bill.

Finally, his employee showed up, calmed Roy down and we were then told we would not have to pay for the lights anymore but Roy was keeping our deposit (400$ times two) unless I deleted my recording of him and agreed to not give him a bad review. We told him he could not do that and it was completely illegal. He laughed. He then electricity experiments for high school threatened that we were now in Mexico and would be at the mercy of the police. Completely threatening us. I agreed to delete the video and Roy demanded I handover my phone so his wife could check my deleted videos. This was all such an incredibly bad experience. We can not believe this guy is still in business as I see now he’s had other bad reviews and his responses to the former complaints don’t exactly help the situation.