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We booked Center Parcs to take my brother who is disabled and has learning disabilities. We has a three bed ‘new’ adapted lodge on Beechwood 51.We have previously been to this Center Parcs and had a good time. This time however we felt that standards had slipped. The lodge didn’t feel particularly clean, eg. cutlery has dried food on them from previous guests, pubic hair in the bath and generally it felt unclean. Anyone who has an adult who is disabled and has learning disabilities probably knows it can be difficult to explain why things happen, to get into routines etc. A number of things happened which mean we won’t return to Center Parcs, or at least this one. After a late arrival our first thing was to cook. My brother will not eat out and it is very difficult to cater for him. So 8pm at night trying to make mashed potato, amd peeling potatoes with a broken potato peeler was not the best start. Then pizza, but the oven door kept coming open and it took ages to cook. Finally, a sauna to finish the night off, but the sauna only got lukewarm not hot which is one of the things my brother was looking forward to as he doesn’t have to leave the lodge. Explaining why it didn’t work was difficult and we had managed to assure him he could have a nice jacuzzi bath, but no this didn’t work either! When you have someone who is disabled and has learning disabilities, one perk of the new executive lodge was having some additional facilities in the lodge but they couldn’t be used. I sent a tweet on the Friday evening (it was late on at this point) about the oven, whirlpool bath and sauna and on Saturday mid morning they emailed back and took details of our lodge. On Saturday morning we were interrupted mid morning by someone wanting to do a gas inspection. I realise it may have been mid morning but when you have someone who has no concept of time, asking to come in, turn the water and cooker off is just not possible when you have someone who is challenging and doesn’t respond well to someone they don’t know and who hadn’t showered at this point meant we had to refuse and give a time when they could come back. We then felt obliged to go out and rush our morning routine. When we returned someone had been into the lodge and written that the sauna and bath had been fixed, no mention of the oven. As we had some afternoon activities planned it wasn’t until late Saturday night we tested the sauna which still only of lukewarm and was not fixed. We also discovered a leak in the dishwasher in that it leaked overnight and we ended up with lots of water on the kitchen floor we had to mop up with the bathroom floor towels. We didn’t report this as we ended up leaving early the following day and it was late on the Saturday at this point. Sunday morning was the icing on the cake really. 10am we were woken up by the cleaners. Now I know it’s 10am and they presume you’ll be up but all the curtains were shut and we has been awake until 3am as my brother was not feeling well. As we all got awoken, it set the scene for a bad day as my brother was then insistent he go home having been awoken and disturbed. Normally we have to allow him to wake in his own time to avoid a ‘bad’ start to the day. As anyone in a similar situation knows little things like this can cause huge problems. As we were preparing to leave I get a call from guess services asking if everything was sorted (making reference to the sauna and bath). I noted it wasn’t and they mentioned compensation. I was offered £40 voucher to eat in the restaurant and a free activity of golf etc. I explained that due to my brother we never eat out so this was useless although we were offered some form of activity I could not say what we would or wouldn’t do asy brother can be very difficult to please and generally we have to decide ‘on the day’ what to do otherwise past experience has taught us that we end up cancelling activities when he refuses to do them! I then get a phonecall offering a £30 discount (less than their original offer). They then said £40 of meal vouchers and £30 off activities. I felt obliged to agree to this even though we know we won’t use the meal vouchers. As a weekend which cost us over £500 we are grossly disappointed. I don’t think Center Parcs is disabled friendly or understand the challenges of a weekend away with someone who is disabled, has learning disabilities and can be challenging. The facilities of the lodge we paid extra for, we couldn’t use and that was one of the perks as we don’t have to necessarily leave the lodge. We also felt that due to the disturbances from staff on the Sunday we had to leave the lodge early and they ruined what would have been another night. I initially said we may be prepared to visit a Center Parcs again but this has left a bad taste. Certainly it would never be Whinfell and I think staff need additional training and things like gas safety checks should not be done in the lodge when they are occupied. For over £500 we had two nights in our lodge, with sub standard cleanliness, facilities than didn’t work, woken up at 10am on a Sunday morning and a poor offer of compensation. We are grossly unhappy but don’t feel anything Center Parcs can offer will make our experience right.