Good food—-horrible service – review of big boy restaurants, ionia, mi – tripadvisor gas variables pogil answers


My husband & I just got back from Big Boy & omg the service was horrible!!!! Let me tell you the were dead only 2 other tables occupied. Our "waitress" greeted us at the door & seated us in her section, ok, good. She was nice, she never gave us her name so I don’t know who she was. I’ll let you know she was young, with long dark hair. We only ordered a pop, ice tea, salad bar, & the strawberry wrap, not a hard order at all. Now my husband went & got his salad & soup, sat down & ate. NEVER DID our waitress come over to check on us. 15 minutes go by & I still don’t have my WRAP. Now more people have come in ordered their food got their food & im still waiting for my wrap. So my husband goes up to see what’s going on since our waitress is MIA, "oh we’re sorry sir, their making it right now." Ok no problem. Then the waitress finally brings my wrap, she did notice my ice tea was empty & brought me another on…the she went MIA again. We had to ask for our bill, even though we wanted dessert we decided it would be better just to leave. Needless to say it had been a long time since we had been there & I know we won’t be back again. Side note…the food was hot & good…the waitress not so much.

Last weekend my wife and I were heading to Grand Rapids for an event. While driving there we seen a sign for Big Boy on the freeway so we pulled off and drove to Big boys. My wife got the chicken strip dinner and I got the salad and soup bar. We arrived at 1:30pm on Saturday. After telling the waitress what we wanted I got up to see the selections at the buffet table and seen no soups available. They still had breakfast at the 1:30pm… lol. They did have salad though so I made myself a plate of that and started eating. When the waitress came back to serve my wife her lunch the chicken tenders were small and dinky very cheap. I think we counted about 7-10 fries on her plate too. The price for her cheap chicken tender meal was definitely not worth what she received on the plate. When asking our server if she can have a few more fries added to her plate she said “sorry, that’s the portion size” 7-10 fries is your portion size? Really? Come on now. If that’s the portion size then Big Biy needs to lower there price on that entree because it anything it should’ve been $4-$5. I also politely asked my waitress when soups would be ready and she told me they are currently serving breakfast and soups will be out later today… ummm ok. Why didn’t she tell me this before I ordered? She did mention to me the soups they had and said she’s welcome to get me any of the options they have. I asked her to get me the broccoli soup. Soup was luke-warm but I felt bad complaining again so i just said forget it and just started eating it… when she came back asking how everything was I asked for a bowl of the veg soup… long and behold that soup too wasn’t warm. It was cold. I again, didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to be “that pain in the butt” customer. After just 2 bowls of soup “which shouldn’t be that hard for the cooks to screw up” I called the quits and just gave up “still hungry.” We paid our bill and walked out. We will not return to Big Boy Restaurants.

I was dying for food on a recent trek up to Grand Rapids and decided (against my better instincts) to follow the sign to a Big Boy. As I drove down the state road wondering if this was a mistake (corn fields, hardware "stores", homes with peeling paint), I suddenly saw a Walmart. Okay, can’t be that much farther – and it wasn’t. The Big Boy statue looked almost original. About the same size as me (5’5"). The folks inside all knew each other (even if they don’t like each other they all go to the same church probably and are super civil). Grandpas with grand-daughters, families, and all the wait staff knew them. Not crowded at 2pm (duh), but I was served like it was Sunday morning. Delicious hot coffee, a REAL BLT!!!! As in BACON that was cooked perfectly and probably local. Tomatoes in season, probably local. Lots of mayo (not the teeny tiny dot that you get anywhere else). Crisp lettuce that wasn’t soaked in water. Sourdough bread. Hot fries. Chased it down with a mini chocolate milk shake (also real thank you very much). Mae served it all up perfectly and checked on me like a million times. In a blind taste test their original BLT beats anything in NYC. Head off road y’all and tell Mae I sent you! p.s. she has no idea who I am or probably what TripAdvisor is 😉