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When I asked for… I booked the Whale Watching and 3D2N South Iceland tour with Extreme Iceland around end of Nov 2016. Whale Watching was cancelled Ice Caving was cancelled Northern Lights Aurora Bonus Tour was cancelled The company said the cancellations are due to poor weather conditions Though electricity merit badge pamphlet it’s stated in their itinerary that if we do not catch the auroras during our 3D2N, they will arrange for a bonus aurora hunt tour gas efficient cars 2015. Well, the bonus tour will never happen. They’ll keep telling you Forecast is bad today, Forecast is bad today. The same response happened for my other relatives who traveled 1 week after me and booked with Extreme Iceland as well. Though their tour guide Ingo tried his best though to keep us entertained and he would look out for auroras at our country hotel. But he said he’s limited to X number of hours of driving per day as per the company policy. The tour bus provided is super cramped and uncomfortable even for an Asian. Also to mention, the bus WARNING light was gas efficient cars turned on throughout the whole trip and the bus broke down on the 2nd day in the morning during the south iceland tour. Thankfully Ingo managed to get it jumpstart. Extreme Iceland said oh the bus break down is normal, because it’s cold. But our buses are serviced regularly… Right… even so, the warning light shouldn’t be turned on all the q gastrobar leblon time! When I asked for my tour refunds for the cancelled activities, Extreme Iceland didn’t reply for several days. However when I mentioned that I’d contact the tourism board if they didn’t respond by the weekend, they replied within a few hours. Overall, I find Extreme Iceland to be really unprofessional and dishonest with their operations. Seriously.. Avoid Extreme Iceland! More Show less

This tour was perfect. It included basically everything my girlfriend and I wanted to see outside of Reykjavik during our trip to Iceland. We saw waterfalls, mountains and black sand beaches. We hiked glaciers and gasbuddy va went into ice caves. We stayed out in the freezing cold for three hours to see the green and purple Northern Lights dance in the sky despite just a level 2 (out of 9) aurora activity forecast. What really took this tour from a beautiful sight-seeing z gas el salvador precios minibus ride to one of the best weeks of my life was our tour guide, Thor. We spent a lot of time in the bus during the trip and he made it enjoyable. He told us plenty of Icelandic legends about trolls and elves, explained Iceland’s history and geography and answered questions about a ton of different topics. Everyone was genuinely sad when he dropped us off for dinner on the last night of the tour. To see so many things in three days, there were some time limits on how long we could spend at each place. Since it’s winter and Iceland only had about 6 hours of sunlight, we had to be in and out gas dryer vs electric dryer of each location in about an hour-hour and a half. It was never really a problem, but it’s good to know ahead of time that you will have to follow a schedule.

We booked the 2 day tour to Glacier Lagoon with ice caving and while I was concerned that I was being extravagant with the high price tag, I must say it was worth every penny! Our driver, Odinn, was fantastic! It is a long drive to the east side of the island and he was constantly describing gas x strips walmart the island, history, sites, culture and answering our questions. We were picked up around 9 AM on Saturday and saw the sites along the South coast on the way with stops at all the thermal electricity how it works waterfalls and beaches along the way. The bus was very fancy (although those blue LEDs were pretty bright) and we had wifi the whole way. Food is not included the first day, so you should take snacks and water to save a little cash. We arrived at our guest house after dark and had our choice of dinners (lamb or chicken about $50 US with 2 glasses of wine). We stayed at Guesthouse Gerdi which was clean with twin beds and a nice bedroom, but electricity cost by state unfortunately a really bad smell as they were doing some repairs on the sewage system. Everything else was really nice though. Odinn kept us informed of the Northern Lights and while eating we made several mad dashes outside and finally saw them!! It was too bad that this area had several guesthouses near each other along with several homes with too much outside light making viewing difficult, but no matter, WE SAW THEM! This was our only sighting for the week! the next morning was the ice electricity lyrics cave tour, which was spectacular! This was followed by the Glacier lagoon and Black diamond beach…also amazing! the several hour trip home was followed with more waterfalls and beautiful landscapes! I LOVED THIS TOUR!! We also booked to Golden Circle COMPLETE tour which included a stop at the Geothermal Power Plant, Dairy farm (amazing ice cream) and Kerid crater in addition to the other Golden Circle sites. Our driver Christian (sp) was also very informative and made gas nozzle icon this a very nice tour despite the pretty miserable weather. I highly recommend these tours. Booking was easy, communication was swift and thorough and the guides were great!