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We scored when it came to finding a hotel in Chicago that was close to Wrigley field, within walking distance of restaurants and bars and a short hop to downtown Chicago. The hotel is an old structure with immense charm and character. The surrounding neighborhood bodes the same architecture and character. The hotel is near the water, but has a cozy neighborhood feel. The staff pays attention to detail and is inspired to assist all guests with any needs. They suggested Fahlstrom’s seafood and it was an excellent choice. Amazing food, but that will have to go into another review. The rooms were small, but had the feel of a European visit. Cozy and quaint would be the best two words to describe the rooms. Each room has a fully stocked mini bar (honor), an HD flat screen TV with plenty of channel choices and an adequate bathroom. A large drug store is two blocks away, a grocery store is 3 or so blocks away and the stadium is about 8 blocks away. Everything was so close and very easy to find. It is also a very safe area, so you can feel comfortable in walking at night. They offer a light continental breakfast, coffee 24 hours a day and fresh cookies at 4pm each day, all served in a very unique breakfast area. It is decorated with baseball memorabilia and rustic decor. Overall, our stay was excellent and we plan to stay at this hotel on our next trip to Wrigley.

This is a charming hotel, in a vintage building. Do not expect luxury bathrooms, or magnificent views. If you can live without a few amenities it is a great place, run by genuinely kind and caring people. This was not our first stay, which should say a lot about the place, we keep coming back. First, it is very convenient to our son’s apartment, which doesn’t matter to you, dear reader, but is the main reason we stay. Second is convenience to public transportation. The Majestic is a two minute walk to the 146 Express bus into the City, which puts you on the Magnificent Mile in under 20, and inside the loop in another 10, for $2.50 (each way). It is a three minute walk to Addison where you can pick up the 152 Addison bus to Wrigley in under 10 minutes, and the only way you can get let out right at the gate within hours of game time. It is a 6 minute walk to the 36 North and Southbound along Broadway, which offers excellent restaurants, pubs, clubs, bars, grocery stores, all types of shopping, and Stan’s Donuts is but three stops South for the fix you didn’t know you needed. (Be aware the Aldine stop is gone). We stayed in a new to us room this time and were delighted. As always, a very comfy bed, with nice linens, and a lovely abundance of pillows. Fluffy towels and plenty of them. The shampoo, conditioner, and body wash are in generous bottles mounted in the shower which I appreciate over the ridiculous tiny bottles of same at other venues. I do wish for a portable bottle of lotion on occasion, but it is my fault for failing to remember to pack one, because there is a generous bottle of lotion mounted in the bathroom as well, alongside hand-washing soap which I so prefer to the tiny soap. I am not super soap obsessed, just grateful for small things that reduce plastic waste. The room itself was clean, had pleasant decor, and a small but comfortable loveseat. The bathroom was comfortable for one at a time, or two, if you have no secrets. I appreciated the vintage pink tiles and the fact the new tile work had attempted to embrace the charm. So, now to the bits you really read reviews for…what did we not like. The breakfast was a challenge. They used to (read for at least the last three years) have boiled eggs on the breakfast buffet, this is important to me because I have to take a medication with protein the morning, and I am allergic to dairy. The offerings are currently bagels, bread, waffles, pastry, cereal with milk, but no milk alternative, yogurt, butter, cream cheese, peanut butter, syrup, and one or more kinds of fruit. It is a satisfactory "continental" breakfast if you believe in that little bit of fiction. I miss the eggs. The water pressure in the shower is merely OK, but it is similar to what my son has in his vintage building around the corner, so it might just be a city issue. The TOASTER, OMG the stupid freaking toaster. Every morning resetting it to toast a single slice of bread, and do not bother trying to use more than two slots. My engineer husband suggested (on day one of a five night stay) a simple fix to correct the overload issue of the toaster, fridge, and microwave all being on the same cheap power strip, but it went unheeded. Sitting in the lounge watching people struggle and then hearing the ridiculous stories ONE member of the staff told daily became comical. She insisted to one gentleman that it was an issue with running the micro and the toaster at the same time. No one had been using the micro and the poor guy could not make her understand that, she just kept insisting that was the problem, he gave up and threw away his food and left. My advice is go to Yolk for breakfast, or Wildberry if you can stand the wait (both do call ahead seating and can be accessed from that super handy 146 bus). I am ending this overly long review on the brightest spot, Daniel. He is a world-class hotelier, he understand that you are away from home and he wants you to feel at home at the Majestic. He has been a delight, and a joy at each of our visits, and this time he was also a hero. I came back to the hotel early one evening with what turned out to be food poisoning, and he was kind, gracious, helpful, prompt, and genuinely compassionate. I owe him many thanks, and will certainly proffer them on our next visit to the marvelous Majestic Hotel.