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July 2014: Oversold show for gas constant mmhg Journey, Tower of Power and Steve Miller. I followed Yelp advice, and took the shuttle bus. Left the outlet mall parking lot, as LiveNation advised us to do, at 5pm for a 6.45 show time. Spent FOUR HOURS in traffic going six miles. Bus behind us ran out of gas. Got there for Journey, but food was sold out, line was 45 mins for food/beer, and the staff out of control. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. After pestering LiveNation for a week, quoting their customer guarantee back to them, and being told no, go screw yourself several times by e mail, they refunded my money. Great. But save yourself the trouble and NEVER GO HERE electricity transmission costs. I said below this attraction takes more than 3 hours, because you will never get here in less than 3 hours. Auburn WA is a PIT. Think venue for multiple Cops episodes, and you’ll get the picture. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. As one person on Yelp said, if Tupac, Michael Jackson and Elvis all managed to reincarnate themselves for one show, and one show only, at White River, and I had front row seats, I still would never go back here.

White River gets some great Music, there is both assigned seating and lawn seating. On a nice summer day it’s a great way to see a concert. The cons are that getting into and leaving the gas upper back pain venue is crazy. It’s on an old two lane country road and you park in a field (unless you pay premium gas monkey bar and grill parking fee ahead of time, which I think is around $28, which we will do next time). Took us two hours to get out of the parking lot. Also, the sound system on some of the bands were good and some bad. But you can sit just about anywhere and see and they have big screens they use once it gets dark enough to see them. Food – you can nyc electricity consumption only bring in one clear plastic bottle that has not been open (no alcohol, but there are spirits and beer inside) and a clear zip lock bag of food. A bottle of diet coke cost me $5.50 and they take the lid, which sucks because there is really no place to set you drink but on the ground and if it gets knocked over your out of luck. A plus point they have nice bathrooms in the venue and porta potties out in the parking lot. We will probably gas exchange in the lungs takes place in the go again, but be better prepared for the before and after times.

Went to see Tower of Power, The Steve Miller Band, and Journey. The shows were terrific. The venue, well, some parts shined, some need some serious work. Parking – This is your first impression. We had purchased the VIP parking and followed instructions for parking. But, the parking staff is more interested in chatting with themselves or pretty concert goers than directing traffic. We ended up at a frustrated parking director who had to make a hole for us and put gasco abu dhabi location us and 4 other cars in the right lot. Gate – The gate staff were fast and efficient, really no complaints. They were even friendly. Food – This is where they completely lost it. One of the most disorganized experiences on the planet. Not enough food, charge card swipers that don’t work, signs that say they enforce a wrist band policy for alcohol purchases, but they don’t, just show your ID. Order a burger and fries and wait 30 minutes, then you have to spot when food becomes available and yell for the runner to grab it for you. Over priced: 2 double cheese burgers electricity history facts, a drink, and 2 fries over $50. The same meal, done better, done faster at Disneyland is $32. (Seriously, they need to take a trip to one of the Disney, Universal, or Six Flag venues to see how they do food service.) Seating – We were in the 204 section. The first two acts were great, but sound was way too high for the third. Leaving – This is not the venue’s fault electricity units calculator in pakistan, too much, but why King County directs traffic exiting the arena the way they do is beyond me. The traffic flow did not justify it, in fact, it introduced enough of a problem that jammed things worse than allowing a straight flow.