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The Cardinals bet big that Goldschmidt would become enamored with a packed-house atmosphere at Busch Stadium, the tailwind of being a Cardinal in St. Louis, and a franchise culture that demands to contend, perpetually. They wanted to prove to him that together they could win now – and for years to come. On Thursday, a week before his first official at-bat wearing the birds on the bat, he agreed to a five-year extension through 2024 that makes him the highest paid Cardinal ever.

General manager Michael Girsch called the Goldschmidt trade “about as big of an upgrade as we could make z gas tecate in a single trade” but resisted the gravity it put on 2019. That’s “a bit blown out of proportion,” he said. Even with surety at first base for a while, the talking point remains “2019 matters.” Period. A driving force behind that is that Goldschmidt is in his peak at age 31, and two of the Cardinals’ other top-three hitters — Matt Carpenter and Marcell Ozuna — have contracts that can expire in the fall. If the season goes sideways the power outage houston zip code club can bid adieu to nearly an eighth of the active roster, no strings attached.

“It’s like you’re getting toward the end of an era or the start of another one,” said third baseman Carpenter, who has a club option for 2020. “This could potentially be Adam Wainwright’s last year. Yadi (Molina) is near the end of his contract. My contract is near the end. Then you’ve got the uncertainty with one-year guys like Michael Wacha, Ozuna and (before the extension) Goldschmidt. All of that plays a factor. But I think the biggest thing, the most important reason we feel this urgency and the way we feel it, is anything less than a postseason berth for this club would be an underachievement.”

The last time the Cardinals appeared in a playoff game, Molina watched it from the visitors’ dugout at Wrigley Field on Oct. 13, 2015. An injured thumb kept him from appearing in Game 4 of a National League Division Series, a game and series the archrival Cubs would win. The Cardinals’ retreat from playoff relevance was complete. Baseball has never had as many ways into the playoffs and yet for three years the electricity origin Cardinals couldn’t find one. Since they last appeared in the postseason, cross-state Kansas City and altered-state Cubs have won championships (2015, 2016). The Cardinals drafted spring sensation Dakota Hudson eight months after their last playoff game, and the Star Wars franchise, dormant for a decade, returned to theaters. A force slumbered.

In the past three seasons, the Cardinals have the eighth-most wins in baseball (257). There have been eight teams with a winning record in 2016, 2017 and 2018. The Cardinals are the only one that never reached the playoffs. The other seven did at least twice. This on-brand contending and off-brand absence from October captures the Cardinals’ middling bind. They have had 11 consecutive winning seasons, yet they electricity 2014’ve finished 33 games behind the Cubs in the past three years. In those seasons, the Cardinals have missed the playoffs by a total of 11 wins, combined. Close doesn’t cut it as Cardinals.

As they canvassed other teams’ wants and wishes in the offseason, the Cardinals caught wind that Arizona might, maybe, possibly be looking to trade their perennial All-Star, Goldschmidt. In the Cardinals’ postseason planning it’s unlikely his name ever came up as a target (“Probably not. Probably not,” Mozeliak said). Rarely do winning teams one year remove the face of their franchise the next. About “95 percent of the time” such talks lead nowhere, an official said. This one didn’t.

The Cardinals wanted to improve their defense and lineup, and in Goldschmidt they found the player who would do both, radically. They’ve chased similar players in recent offseasons and finished runner-up. “Bridesmaid,” Mozeliak called it. Mozeliak’s urgency was as clear as the text messages on his iPhone. So many to Hazen’s number, some unreturned, and some he read out loud to a reporter:

The prize all 4 gas giants names was worth the pestering. From the moment three-time MVP Albert Pujols left the National League, after the Cardinals’ championship in 2011, Goldschmidt had arrived as one of the league’s leading first basemen. He’s twice finished second in MVP voting. He’s one of six players to have at least 200 home runs since 2012. His on-base percentage since 2012 ranks third, at .400, behind Joey Votto (.441) and Mike Trout (.420). His slugging percentage (.534) is sixth overall and first at first base in the NL. At a position where the Cardinals committed 20 of their baseball-worst 133 errors, Goldschmidt has two Gold Gloves. He’s one of six players static electricity definition science who have an OPS better than .900 in 3,000 plate appearances since 2012, and the other five have contracts that guarantee them more than $1.56 billion.

Goldschmidt’s 39.8 WAR since 2012 ranks third, according to, and only one other player in the top eight was traded before hitting free agency. Rare, indeed. Matt Holliday had a 21.5 WAR when the Cardinals acquired him; Miguel Cabrera had a 18.3 WAR, at age 24, when Detroit grabbed him. The closest comparison is when Philadelphia traded for the late Roy Halladay after the 2009 season. Halladay had a 48.5 WAR and one year remaining on his contract, but a three-year extension made the trade possible. Goldschmidt arrives with no such promise.

“The intention of the Cardinals to go get a guy for one year like that – that told me a lot,” said All-Star lefty reliever Andrew Miller, who signed with the Cardinals a few hp gas online booking no weeks after the Goldschmidt trade. “What he can do to make the people around him better in every way and what they gave up to get him. Whatever his batting average total is, whatever his RBI total is, or whatever his WAR is – that’s a 10th of it. Go ask around the room.”

Shildt insisted on focusing on what the team did well and repelling a negativity that orbited them. In his 69 games, the Cardinals won 41 — a 97-win pace. The Cardinals committed quickly to their new manager and see him and their wealth of young pitchers, headlined by home-opener starter Jack Flaherty and Hicks, as the future core expected to win now. Shildt borrowed the phrase “normalized excellence” and made it the compass of spring training. He brought in guest speakers, all of whom had championship pedigree. Clemson football coach Dabo Swinney left a helmet as a gift, signing his name and a catchphrase, “All In.”

“Last season it was like looking into a mirror that’s foggy and you’re wondering what you’re seeing, and then Shildt came in and wiped it down,” Carpenter said. “You’re like, ‘OK, wow, I see, I see this is actually something that might work.’ I was confident with this group coming into this year with what we’d see, and then we added pieces and electricity billy elliot lyrics it’s real clear.”

Miller and Goldschmidt chat about the makeup of championship clubs, and during a recent game Goldschmidt paused a conversation about another game to watch a groundball to the right side and see how a younger teammate handled the play. Goldschmidt has run some of the team meetings, been quizzed by relievers on approach, and altered at least one way the Cardinals look at baserunning. In a start against the Mets, Austin Gomber felt an inning slipping away with runners on base when Goldschmidt approached him on the mound. He told Gomber electricity cost per month the runner at first was going to try to steal, so throw over and he’d get the out. Gomber, desperate for traction, did. Goldschmidt called it.

Goldschmidt’s plan the day he was dealt to St. Louis was to order his wife a piece of jewelry, a cross on a necklace, for Christmas. He was on his way when a call came from Diamondbacks officials, asking if they could come to his house. He was closer to manager Torey Lovullo’s home than his own, so they converged there to tell him about the trade. The fulcrum of Arizona’s franchise had been sent to the Cardinals for starter Luke Weaver, catcher Carson Kelly, a draft pick and prospect Andy Young.

In Tampa this spring gas efficient cars under 10000, at the Yankees’ ballpark, three Madden kids scored prime location by the Cardinals’ dugout for autographs. Clark, Cole and Ceci, ages 9, 7, and 10, respectively, traveled with their parents, Lance and Cynthia, from Lake St. Louis. They spent time chatting with Shildt, landed a few autographs from other players, and when Goldschmidt came over they showed him the playoff focus he sensed isn’t isolated to the clubhouse. The fans see the opportunity the Cardinals have with him, and they too would like jewelry. The biggest gap Goldschmidt is expected to help close is the one between Octobers.