Goose network scout centers sharing idéas, activities, and information about environment, nature and culture year 6 electricity assessment


Burg Rieneck: There is a big renovation of the castle going on, which give a lot of other kinds of troubles. gas variables pogil worksheet answer key They want the renovation done before summer next year when the castle (as a Scout centre) is celebrating their 60 thyear anniversary. In September the new staff member (for a year) have started. Their mid-century camps are a big success with lots of different guests.

Naesbycentret: They did 5 weeks of camps instead of 6 due to the challenge to get sufficient staff. During summer they managed to get some new staff. They build new toilet buildings and a shed for the blacksmith. They want to build a new house and hope to finish that in 2020. electricity in india travel In their shop they introduced a new system with an Ipad so that works more quickly and reducing chance of mistakes.

Being active also means that when the network reaches out by e-mail there will be a response. It isn’t a problem for example that a centre can’t come to a meeting or seminar, but a message that a centre can’t come would be very nice to the one who organise the meeting. For this meeting Papa Goose made several phone calls to centers whom didn’t response to the e-mails.

We also agreed that we want to give centres a warning when the meeting thinks they are not an active member. There will be a new status introduced to the Goose Network. Next to the status of candidate and member there will be a review status. The network can decide in their annual meetings if a centre should be put on a review status. The status gives a warning to the centre that if they want to be a member of Goose they should be more active in het network.

Several people mentioned that they really hopes that this will finish all the talks about being an active member or not, because the network should be about sharing ideas and exchange information and not talk about being active or not. It is the choice of every centre of itself to be a member, and with that choice are also some responsibilities.

To try to get as many centers to participate the meeting wants to try a new schedule. gas 78 facebook On a Friday the assignments will be send out to all the participants/centers and the closing time will be on Monday. Also the request to the organising centre to give a couple of weeks prior to the ICD how many staff members and participants should participate at least.

2019: Houens Odde. gas in dogs causes The funding for the Erasmus+ was turned down because of a shortage of three points. In Denmark the application was send during a period where a lot of other projects (by others) also applied so they had to raise the amount of point you needed to receive any funding. They applied again for funding but the expectation to get funding in that round Is very low.

It took a lot of time to get the information of every individual center. We have seen that a lot of centers shared a lot of posts. There were a few centers who didn’t share all the posts. A few centers experienced it was a lot of information combined with their own information and some centers decided not to share the COTW that week (but later) or only post their own post that week.

GPDR– how are centers dealing with GPDR? Is the center compliant with the new regulations, how did he centre introduce the new rules and how do you stay compliant complying. Almost all NSO’s already made guidelines for local scout organisations to implement the GDPR into their systems. electricity definition Some NSO’s are waiting for government for more specific regulations and guidelines. The best advice is to contact your NSO for advice. Make sure you have made a list with all the data you keep, why you keep it, how you store it, and update your privacy policy (for example:

Volunteers from outside EU.Regulations for volunteers outside Europe are more than volunteers within Europe. Always be careful with volunteers and try to gain as much information as possible. You can consult your local government for additional regulations. maharashtra electricity e bill payment Sources you can look into Facebook and other social media or consult the NSO of the volunteer. Make very solid arrangements with the volunteer.

• The proposal was discussed and it was decided that Easter was the best time for the seminar since, only one center would be able to participate in the summerperiod. 7 centers said they expected to participate even though there would be no funding. gas laws worksheet answers and work The normal participant’s number is around 16 and that is estimated approximately 7 centers, so it was decided that there were no reason to not just continue the planning of next seminar even without funding.

• In the future it needs to be considered that funding needs to be started before the meeting in the fall before the seminar, so it was decided to find the persons for the planning team in 2019, so they could look in to funding. When we get some more experiences with funding it can be decided if it should be a strategy for all future seminars.

But was discussed that there is already a page at the Goose website, and centers decided at the last Managers Meeting to update their own page with the information. It was decided that there should be a heading at the individual Centers page for Exchange opportunities, where the center can describe: when it is good to come to the center?, what is offered?, if you offer EVS? As part of the standard template.

• It has been hard for Drave to run the project since they have had a hard time getting information/pictures from the centers. 5 centers has given input. It was discussed and decided that the centers are still interested in the project and want to give it another try. But it was also decided that there should be a deadline and it will just be the centers that have given information, instead of waiting for everyone.

• It was discussed if you have to participate in the Managers Meeting every year, which was agreed was the most optimal since this is where we share/network. But what then if you are not able to participate because of other arrangements, finance ect. The network do not wish to exclude people based on that if it might just be one year. But it was then expressed it would be very important to answer the Mama/Papa Goose when this person writes and asks if the your Center intends to be active the next year and it would be good to add what has happened at your center, and what has caused that you are not able to participate in the Managers Meeting.

• Maiken points out that in the mission statement it is written that we aim at 16-20 centers in the network, with the new candidate centers we are above 20 if they become full members. gas pump icon It was decided to keep it light and makes sure everyone is active. And it is also pointed out that it is important to think about that every center should be able to host the activities within the Network. Discussion of what does the number 20 means – is it okay to be more centers or?