Gorgeous 4-bedroom island retreat with isla… – vrbo electricity usage by state


Owner’s Response: I’m glad you enjoyed your stay. I regret we did not have a flashlight for you during the power outage. The flashlights we had in the kitchen must have been moved/removed by previous guests, and our staff did not notice this. I’m sorry for your inconvenience. We already have an emergency medical kit at the house, but will make sure to provide extra flashlights and bottled water going forward.

We rarely get less than a 5-star review, and I know from your phone communication that you held us responsible for the power outage. However, as I explained, this was a general power outage on the west side of the island. Someone had driven into a power box that was above ground (all the power cables are below ground) and this knocked out power to nearly 800 houses on the island for about 7 hours. There was even a story in the local news about the cause of the power outage. Note this was the first power outage we’d experienced on the island in our 3.5 years of ownership, so future guests need not be overly concerned about this issue.

First, it was a good fit for our unusual needs. We were on San Juan Island for our son’s wedding & entertained two groups, one 40 & one 50, for dinner. The home owner assured me there would be room; he was right. The most charming part of this house, is the deck, facing the lovely water view, with long tables & ample room to serve everyone. It was grand.

The kitchen is well-equipped. There is a large refrigerator, a great cooktop, & wall ovens– microwave, convection, & warming. The convection oven was large enough to cook 6 chocolate tortes; & then to cook 50 baked potatoes, kept warm until serving in the warming oven. When cooking for a crowd, one needs to bring one’s own large pots; but that is to be expected.

As for the road, describing it as unpaved doesn’t give the picture. It is true your car will make it. It is also true, in my view, giving someone a glass of wine & then expecting them to drive it would be malpractice. The sharp turns, paved or not, make the whole thing downright treacherous. I am not a wimp about roads, raised at the end of a long unpaved ranch road & now living near the mountains where I drive routinely. This is different. We called a shuttle company to provide service to & from both of our dinners; lucky to retain those services despite our very last minute call.

Now the house: the main luxury is the view. There are many steps, so it would be a problem for anyone with disabilities. I do not think it is accurate to say that the house sleeps 12 in the ordinary sense unless many are children & no one needs any privacy. There is one very luxurious master suite. There is a twin bed in that suite; but unless the people using it are not desirous of having privacy, it is not very useful. Also be warned that the homeowners keep the closet doors locked & the armoire full so that, if one comes with long dresses to wear to each night’s events as we did, there is no place to hang them (we draped them across the twin bed). Then there are two other quite small bedrooms– one with a queen bed & one with a double bed. The house is oddly configured– one can only get to the double bed room by going through the bathroom or outside. There is a basement large open room, only accessible by going outside & down steps. There are 4 twin beds there, which could sleep any number of people, using it sort of as a dormitory.

Owner’s Response: I’m glad the house worked for you and your wedding was a success. Re: the road, it is indeed curvy but in the 3 years now of renting, no one has had an accident, thankfully. The speed limit on Mt. Dallas Rod is 15 miles per hour, and if you observe that limit, you should be safe. That said, let’s be honest: Judging from the 5 large black garden garbage bags you left chock full of just empty alcohol bottles (plus other bags of garbage), it was more than a glass of wine you were concerned with. Yes, it goes without saying that drinking and driving is irresponsible as well as illegal. Since you must have known you would be serving so much alcohol, I would have hoped that you would have planned in advance to get a shuttle, observe the law, and not let your friends and family drink and drive. Clearly, we do not allow our guests to break the law or endanger themselves or our neighbors.

Along those lines, in part thanks to your stay, because of damage to the house, kitchenware, and the large amount of garbage left by parties like yours, we no longer allow weddings or any large party with alcohol at our house. This is now a published house rule. To anyone considering renting our house, please note that going forward we will only host gatherings of friends and families without the big party element.

The above could sleep 12 in beds given the right mix of couples and singles. In addition there are two large couches that we have used for sleeping. One is in an office with semi-private space and the other is in the living room, which is open.