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It is 4-5 hour ride from Manila. And 45mins boat ride. There are 2 choices in boat k electric share price forecast ride, a 50php/head(though it is only available from 8am to 10am or 11am if there’s an available boat), and a private boat which cost 2,500php roundtrip good for 7-9 persons. You can contact ate Amy (09208555255) for other details like environmental fee and other private boat packages. Or you can go straight to a boat man kuya Kenji(09478125184). If you have a private car, you can park it there near the pier. We stayed at Joven’s blue sea beach resort. You can contact them to these numbers 09392899752 / 09179848505/ 09071739016. Or email them JTBluesea@gmail.com Or simply visit their website http electricity kanji://www.cagbaletejovenresort.co.nr/ We used a tent for our stay for only 250php/night/tent plus 50php per head(one time only). They have a mini bar at the beach front and a simple restaurant; food is around 150php/head. You can grill for free and you can also buy from them a sack of coal for only 20php. We enjoyed our stay, it’s super serene! We were there for 3days/2nights. You can swim starting 4pm till 8 or 9am. The whole place is like a desert at noon. So you can stay at beach front and sleep. After lunch, we tried to explore the whole seaside. You can resort hopping and don’t forget to go to Bukana river it’s just around MVT Sto. Niño resort. Visit Cagbalete for a serene and very low cost vacation. You’ll definitely love it!

I have heard so many times that this gas vs electric oven running cost Cagbalete Island is beautiful but I never tried to go there because I thought it is far from the mainland (just 60 minutes from Mauban port). Last holy week (2014), my friends invited me to go there. Since its a long vacation I was convinced to go with them. We made a reservation in one of the new resort in a cove. The waves were big but I enjoyed the trip, it was exciting and the boat we hired is dancing with waves gracefully. I have not been sea sicked. When we got there it was low tide and we need to walk a little to reach the resort. The sand were powdery, I loved walking on it. The best thing I like about this place is not crowded. You have a lot of place to walk and to enjoy the beach. I want you to experience this place while it is not yet discovered by many. Important reminders: 1. Be aware of the time of high tide and power vocabulary words low tide. Some of the beach resorts gets too shallow and medium motor boats cannot go near the beach at low tide. 2. Electricity is not 24/7 (at the resort we checked in electricity is from 6pm to 6am only), charge all your devices before going there. 3. Bring adapter for your devices.

The island is a 45 minute boat ride from the small pier in Mauban, Quezon. Mauban is approximately four hours drive from Manila if you have your own transportation. It takes longer if you take the bus. It is a low island with long stretches of white sand beaches power definition physics electricity, beautiful sunrises and tide pools. Lots of good spots for swimming. People are friendly. There are three newly opened resorts on the island (Dona Choleng’s, Joven’s and Villa Noe) in addition to the older three (Pansacola, MVT Sto Nino and Cleofas). We opted to stay at Villa Noe. Very basic bamboo and thatch huts that come with thin mattresses, sheets and a single electric fan which only runs at night since Power is provided by generator only from 6PM to 5AM. Shared toilets gas and supply locations and bathrooms behind the huts. Celfon signals are weak. Sufficient cold water for bathing. For those on a budget, you can pitch a tent and cook your own food for a minimal fee. But you need to bring your own food and drinking water. We opted to have our meals prepared for us. The meals were simple but adequate. A bit expensive but we wanted to avoid the hassle of bringing uncooked food and doing our own cooking. The accommodations do not come cheap as well. But we didn’t want to bring a tent. We enjoyed the friendly and pleasant service. We plan to come back.