Gorgeous sunsets, charming, quiet, waterfront, close to town – old town o gascon


We had a great week here in August! I am originally from Maine so understand what a Maine camp static electricity bill nye full episode is all about. If anything, I think we were all pleasantly surprised that it was better then we were expecting. Tiffany the lady that keeps things running and checks you in and out was super! We had great repore from hello till goodbye. The pictures dont show this camps comfortable living area as well as it could. I have much better pictures. The sunsets here were beautiful, the hammock was lovely, and indeed there were lots of loons hanging about. We enjoyed the firepit at night! The cabin had everything one needs to get through a week. We had our entire extended family over for a barbacue and it worked beautifully as we all ate outside. I even had equipment there to baķe a cheesecake. Grassy area in the front with a picnic table. A dock to walk out on. A canoe. Theres not a sandy beach but a nice walk in slope. We went kayaking, made smores in the fire and had coffee overlooking the lake in the morning. The only downsides were that the upstairs is a bit awkward. The stairs are a bit steep and the bedrooms although both very nice and comfortable have no doors so not much privacy with tgask two grown children with us but we managed. There is a day bed on the cute sun porch where one son slept and a pull out couch as well. The shower was nice with good water pressure. As this is a shallow lake there was alot of grassy weeds until you get out a ways but we just took our rafts out past that to swim. Cabin was located in a nice little cove and close drive into town. I chose Pushaw as wanted to be close to family.The neighbors on both sides were nice. Joe on the one side gave us some wood and let us borrow his air compressor to blow up our rafts. The other neighbors left us to ourselves but waved and were friendly. All in all we had a great week here. If you like simple and rustic but still want to prepare nice gasset y ortega filosofia meals and have a glass of wine ( or two), this will fit your needs. If you want a house on a lake with all the modern conveniences such as a dishwasher maybe not but we had everything we needed to have a great week. Thanks Tiffany for everything! If you want some of my pictures to use please let me know!

The first impression when you pull up is the siding rotting off the front a gas is a form of matter that. Once inside you realize that the rotting wood is also structural as everything leans towards the middle, due to what I guess to be termite damage. The floor and stairs flex enough to make you wonder whether this place will stay standing in a storm. The yard is a collection of holes and old tree stumps making it impossible to walk around without tripping. Our 8 year old son got his leg stuck in a gap between the rear of the house and the stairs (we had to pick up and move the stairs to fix the safety issue)

Amenities wise, there are none other than wifi and a tv. In the kitchen, the pans and everything else are greasy and dirty (the silverware drawer is covered is sticky goo) with no room to put hardly any food. The fridge was set at max cool, but barely kept food cold. Same with the freezer, so don’t buy any ice cream because it just melts gas and water llc. No dishwasher, no disposal. The water heater sits in front of the door to the bathroom. Interior design? Sure, if you consider painted wafer board and cardboard stapled up as a wall design. The torn couch cushion was covered with a dirty sheet. When you sit in one of the 3 table chairs you bottom out. The beds are old, uncomfortable, and creak with every move. The blankets electricity in the body causes smell like old blankets. AC? No. We bought 3 box fans to try to cool the place off, so don’t expect to sleep in comfort unless you enjoy sweating to sleep. They sell this place as quaint like grandma’s place, but it is just old, dingy, and worn out. A broken sewer pipe out front emitted sewer gas which depending on the wind you could smell. We were also warned that the septic tank alarm could go off but to just call and they would come pump it. Gee, thanks. The grill gas ran out the 2nd time we grilled and they told that we were responsible to go out to buy a tank of propane. (Buy a spare tank cheapskate! Even if all guests electricity youtube grilled out everyday for the season you probably won’t go through $100 of propane) They did specifically mention how they generously provided 2 rolls of TP. We stayed at another place down the road last year (and another at Thxgiving) and couldn’t believe the contrast between how nice that place was kept and how bad this place is. We left a day early because the place made us miserable. Neighbor Joe was the highlight. Offered us firewood, very nice to our kids. There are much nicer options on Pushaw by people who take pride in their properties

Mark, it’s strange that when you arrived, you loved the place! It wasn’t until you were confronted about the condition in which you left my property, that you became enraged and decided to write the scathing review. You had an unauthorized dog, extra guests, and left several b games car broken items in your path (including the strings on my guitar… really?). There were residue and burn marks left in my canoe from launching fireworks, copious amounts of garbage that was never put out for collection, rotting and spilled food on sideboard, and in refrigerator. All the potted flowers we just bought before your arrival were completely dead (Tiffany had asked you to water them so she wouldn’t have to come by to bother you). Neighbors complained and shared photos of their ash covered boats from fireworks released in way too close proximity to their property. Sparklers were left all over the grounds, including in the flower pots with the dead flowers, the toys were left outside and all electricity kwh usage calculator over… I could keep going… You left Friday August 5th in the morning, but wouldn’t answer Tiffany’s calls until the following day so she had very little time to do A LOT of work to get the cabin ready for the next guests. She had to bring in help to get it all done in time. The cleaning fee I charge didn’t begin to cover the cost of cleaning, and no tip was even left for Tiffany and all her efforts tropico 5 electricity.

I post photos of my cabin and frankly people love it. I love it. It’s charming, cozy, in a beautiful spot, and well cared for by Tiffany. Your commentary is rude, insulting and beyond exaggeration. My cottage is quaint, comfy, and well decorated. It is clean, with fresh linens, towels, and nice new furniture, pots pans, new refrigerator and stove, as well as new small appliances. As far as the other property you referred to, that you stayed at last year; they had a similar experience with you, and frankly they were sorry that they didn’t have a chance to warn us.