Gorgeousview keywest! 42ft houseboat sleep up to 6 saltlifegeaways – historic seaport electricity youtube billy elliot


This is the largest of our fleet! 1 of 6 rentals at Saltlifegetaways! This 42ft Gibson Sport is gorgeous inside and out featuring a huge observation deck with a rear swim platform perfect for snorkeling, kayaking and or fishing! This boat is fully equipped and ready for fun! You will love this Boat and adventure! The boat is moored in the best electricity and magnetism physics part of the harbor in Key West. We shuttle you back and forth by boat! Fun!!

Fully equipped and Modern! Inside the main cabin 6’2 head room and it is big and roomy! Perfect for a romantic couples night and or up to 6 guest. There is a queen birth sleeps 2 (front of boat) double aft cabin sleeps 2 (back of boat) and double fold down sleeps 2 (in living room) There is a large Bathroom with Head (toilet) sink electricity voltage in germany and freshwater shower. There is also a rear swim platform . The cockpit and upper deck is perfect for lounging and watching the sunset and the front deck is large and roomy for stargazing and sunbathing!

You will have access to all the living areas,upper cockpit front and back upper and lower deck for sunbathing and rear swim platform of the boat, You will be able to swim and snorkel and enjoy the sunrise and or sunset from the best view of the harbor. The boat is moored in the harbor and guest cannot access the helm, engine compartment or private owners storage.

We will always be a phone call or text away for gas stoichiometry practice any questions. The boat will be entirely yours while you stay unless you need us! There will always be someone to contact if needed 24/7. We can also book all your fishing and electricity billy elliot broadway water-sports on the island We have the best prices and know all the best activities and companies to use just let us know what your interested in doing and we will make it happen!

Our home dock where we check you in and bring you back and forth to your yacht is located at the Historic Schooner Wharf. All the best restaurants are right here: Dante’s Pool Bar, Half Shell Raw Bar, Turtle Crawls, The Brewery, and many more! Once you are here, you electricity and circuits class 6 questions are also in walking distance to all the main attractions! Duval street and Mallory Square are only 1-3 blocks away. You can walk, rent bikes, scooters or golf carts if you like. We provide transportation back and forth to the boat once daily between 10am and 10pm. Extra rides in and out are only 10.00 per person each way. After hour rides are available at an additional cost also but must be scheduled in advance. Tips are encouraged for the crew member that takes care of you! THIS IS THE BEST LOCATION TO STAY IN KEY WEST GUARANTEED! The key to staying here, is to relax, have fun and be flexible! No hurries or worry’s!

#7 Please NEVER put paper products of any kind in the toilet!!The head (Bathroom) has a coast guard approved holding tank and is pumped out weekly which is the standard by law, pump out service is provided by the county and cannot be done by individual owners, sometimes there can be back fume in the head (bathroom) this is standard on all boats and yachts wd gaster theme.

Disclaimer: We go over and beyond to take care of our guests. This is the Salt Life so there is costs in all we do from check in, to clean up to maintenance, if you miss your ride in and out, no refunds, if your ride is late due to weather, mechanical issue of any kind no refunds. If something breaks or malfunctions,no refunds! If it rains no refunds! If you get sick no refunds! If you get too drunk no refunds! If you do not follow instructions on power and water use, no refunds. If you can’t afford to park your car or to pay for additional rides in and out electricity and circuits ppt do not book this boat. If you run out of water or power,no refunds.There are no refunds in part or full for anything whatsoever!By booking this boat and once we except your reservation you are acknowledging you have read and except these terms and conditions in full! This is a true adventure and awesome experience! Some have tried to manipulate this booking site and us to stay free and take advantage of the system.If you are that type of person do not book this boat! There are plenty of 300 to 400 t gastrobar el tenedor per night cheap, 2 star hotels on the island you can stay at. These boats are our homes and we don’t want or need the head aches or drama! If you are picky and expect a plush hotel do not book this boat! This is the best deal in key West! We appreciate those who understand and recognize what we have and are offering! The best value in the keys! View more

All pics and description of boat 100% accurate! #1 rule on all boats is no toilet paper or other objects allowed in head! #2 there is no fuel stored on this electricity billy elliot boat and diesel fuel has never been used! Any tank for generator is on the bow and is used for power! Also the flooring in the bathroom, kitchen and v-birth are brand new 2 weeks old to be exact! The boat is moored in the best spot in the anchorage! This is just another case of someone wanting to try to get something for nothing! We stand behind our boats and have electricity projects for 4th graders already pulled 3 of our other boats from renting to people like this… almost noone follows instructions.. renters always clog the heads by putting stuff in them… burn out water pumps and leave the systems on and cause damage to every boat we have….. then when we keep deposits to cover some of the costs and they write b.s. reviews like this…. We are considering not renting to just anyone on sites like this in the future… Most have no consideration of the costs involved, responsibility and or liability to offer something special such as this adventure… sorry to say but the bad apples are spoiling it for all the rest… Take your review and inability to follow instructions gas in oil mower somewhere else next time, We have had enough electricity cost per kwh by country! In pirate days they would make you walk the plank! Aaaaarg!

My husband and I and our 2 adult sons rented this vessel from the owner for 6 nights Dec.23 – 29, 2018. We checked aboard the evening of the 23rd and checked out the morning of the 24th, after only 1 night. We own a boat as does our younger son, and my oldest son is a Surface Warfare Officer in the US Navy. We have lived on the coast and have been around boats our whole lives. I tell you this to establish our credibility regarding the depth of this review.

2. There was no radio or secondary communication provided to us. Communication was by cell phone only. His description PROMISES 24/7 contact with someone for any issues that might arise. We had problems with the generator the 1st night and attempted to contact the owner as well as call him and the Captain on a transportation issue to get to the marina the next day. Our calls went to voicemail and texts ignored until the following morning electricity wiki almost 9 hours later. This was more than an inconvenience. Had there been an emergency requiring immediate assistance, our hp gas online registration calls would have gone unanswered.

The safety issues were our top priority for making the decision to leave after only 1 night. But the blatant misrepresentation of a modern boat as the owner advertises certainly needs to be addressed. For example, only 1 appliance could be used at a time due to an inadequate generator, a non-working oven and stove was replaced with a propane fueled campers stove, NO HOT WATER, refrigerator covered in rust, and a head that would not take marine grade toilet paper…meaning one had to wipe and throw in a bag!