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We booked round trip from Sanur to Lombok with this company on the recommendation of our hotel in Lombok (that we weren’t really impressed with either). The price is on-par with the other fast boat companies (~120 USD pp round electricity notes physics trip). The trip is advertised as 2 hours, but it’s a bit of a milk run and took closer to 3.5 hours going there. The return trip left an hour later than the scheduled time and from a different harbour than they’d advised us that morning. We lost two hours of potential pool/beach/relaxing time with the unnecessarily early departure time and different departure point. I love boats and boat rides in general, but this was pushing my limits. You’re inside the cabin and it’s hot, stinks of gas fumes and everything is damp-wet from the spray. You end up closing the windows to avoid getting electricity 4th grade worksheet soaked from the spray so a number of people were green gilled. Don’t overdo it with your liquid consumption – you will want to avoid the need for bathroom visits on the boat. To top things off my sandals were taken from the bin (everyone has to put their sandals in a big bin for the boat ride). Someone accidentally walked off with mine and left me their (nearly identical) pair. Not a big deal, but just a little more frustration after a not great boat ride. More Show kite electricity generation less

I booked Scoot Cruise direct as we were staying on Gili T and coming back to Sanur for a week. I asked for a discount as there 2015 electricity rates were five of us. All communication via email efficient and direct through their website. We went to the office on the day for the 1pm departure. All luggage tagged and put on boat for us. It was very rocky about half an hour our of Gili T for around an hour. I was surprised that the captain didn’t slow down. Once we hugged the coast it was much better. Crew assisted with one of our passengers who was sick prior to departure. I would definitely allow for three hours for this crossing. We didn’t have anything planned that evening but I see others wanting to get flights etc. on arrival in Sanur transport was provided to hotel (tbh we would have been happy to walk down the beach path to our hotel emitra electricity bill payment). Boat did not ‘dock’ but you had to wade through the sea in Gili T and Sanur. Sanur was pretty deep and our 10 yo was up to her waist just about. We transferred to Gili T by plane and back by Scoot – I was happy to get the boat back direct to Sanur and have the day trip via plane on the way over. I would choose types of electricity pdf Scoot again as they go direct to Sanur and service for us was efficient. Lou darwin

Well…where to start. This was a HUGE mistake! Next time we will definitely pay the little extra and fly from Lombok to Bali. Firstly we were told it was a quick 2 hours from Lombok to Bali with a stop at Gili Islands to pick other passengers up. We left Lombok at 12.45 and arrived in Bali at 5.15! Not 2 hours! It was extremely rough and the p gasol stats boat was creaking. It was to the point that people got whiplash (I know this can’t be controlled because that’s the way the ocean is, but just be warned if you get sea sick electricity quiz ks2 this is NOT for you). The most unpleasant thing about the boat was the fumes! I could hear everyone complaining about them! They were terrible! And because it was so rough we could not open the windows and there is no ventilation or air conditioner! I left feeling high. Im not even going to go into detail about the horrendous urine covered toilet! Anyway that night once we were in Bali we got a phone call at 11.30PM telling us that we had to organise our own way to the port the next morning because they couldn’t pick us up anymore npower electricity supplier number (only reason we went with scoot was because all pickups were included). So anyway we got our own way to Sanur port from Kuta the next morning and when we arrived we were told we actually were not booked in!!! How could we not be booked in when we had the call the night before! We had a big argument and they told us we could not get on the boat because they could not get hold of lombok office to confirm we paid! We were fuming and said we were getting on that boat no matter what! Finally after 25minutes they found our tickets a level physics electricity questions and answers…no apologies at all! They were SO rude! We got back on the boat and the fumes were even worse this time! When we arrived back in Lombok I demanded my money back from the taxi trip and the lady basically through it at me without saying a single word! What ever you do…Do NOT go with Scoot!!!!!!!!!!

Booked a return trip from Sanur, via Nusa Lembongan, to Gili Air. The first leg from Sanur to Lembongan was decent enough, with a driver picking us up from our hotel in Seminyak. After a few days on Lembongan we booked our boat to Gili. On check in we were informed that their big, fast, catamaran was out of action gas efficient cars under 15000. As a result we had to go back to Sanur, drive to Pedang and get the boat to Gili with a different company. This cost us one of our days on Gili but these things can happen. Spent 4 days on Gili and booked in our return trip. We were informed that their big boat is now up and running so all is well again. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The boat arrived an hour late and it wasn’t the electricity use estimator big catamaran, it was the smaller boat we had taken on the 30 minute ride to Lembongan. We boarded the boat and were then informed that they had to return to Lombok due to paperwork problems. This is now around 2pm when we should have left at 12.45pm, plus we are now going in the wrong direction. The sea tends to get more violent in the afternoon gas after eating which made for a very uncomfortable journey in such a small boat. The driver didn`t have a clue where he was going and ended up at the wrong port which delayed our trip even further 4 gas laws. Once the paperwork was completed, we headed off for Gili T to pick up the rest of the passengers. Although this journey was only 30 minutes, it was incredibly uncomfortable due to the big waves and reckless driving of the boat. At this point we have had enough and demanded we get transferred to the other company we got from Padang. It is now 3pm, we haven´t got anywhere, but we manage to secure a transfer to the other company. I can´t stress how dangerous and greedy this company is. We were the only people to leave the boat at Gili T and I have genuine concerns for the safety of the other passengers. It´s a 2.5 hour trip from Gili to Sanur when the sea is calm. The sea had very high swells and their small tgas advisors company profile boat isn`t built for open water. It is putting your life at risk when travelling with this company and I strongly recommend using another boat for your trip.