Grade 12 examinations council of zambia gas zone


If there is a Time-Table clash as mentioned in (b) above, one of the papers may be transferred to the other period on the same day, provided that the security of the examination is maintained. The Head of school /Centre will be required to write to the Director, Examinations Council of Zambia, to inform the Council which paper is to be transferred.

(7) French Oral 3016/3, and the Practical Examinations in Food and Nutrition 6065/2 and Home Management 6075/2 will be conducted between 13 th NOVEMBER and 30 th NOVEMBER, 2018. electricity towers in japan French Oral 3016/3 will be conducted by visiting examiners. gas stoichiometry practice Musical Arts Education 3 6020/3, Physical Education 2 6080/2 and Computer Studies 7010/2 will be conducted within the dates shown on the page for additional information to the Time -table

• Write your name, centre number, and candidate examination number in the spaces at the top of the Answer Booklet. In addition, write the subject name, subject code number and paper number in the spaces provided on the Answer Booklet. The above information must also be written on any loose papers e.g. maps , graph papers ,etc. clear figures in the right-hand top corner of every sheet of writing paper, etc, which you use, and your name and the name of the subject as well as your number of the first sheet of each set of papers. gas 66 If you are using Answer Booklets, you need only write this information on the cover and on any loose maps, squared papers, etc.

• Candidates are warned that the use of pale blue ball-point pens contributes to illegibility and that if their work cannot be read, they automatically penalize themselves. hp gas kushaiguda phone number B or HB pencils must be used for answering multiple choice tests and soft erasers should be used. Pencils or ball-point pens in other colours may be used for diagrams only.

• The use of map stencils in all Geography papers is forbidden. Bring mathematical, drawing and dissecting instruments for subjects for which they will be needed. nyc electricity consumption Candidates are warned that the use of electronic calculators in the examination room is limited strictly to non-programmable calculators. Pocket computers and any other supplementary material must in no circumstances be taken into the Examination Room.

• As soon as notice is given to stop writing, fasten any loose papers to the left-hand corner of the Answer Booklet (this is normally the order in which you answered the questions); see that they all have your examination number written upon them, fasten them together at the left-hand top corner and hand them unfolded to the Supervisor. (If more than one Booklet is used, tie them together) Do not tie your Answer Booklets together so tightly that the pages tear apart when they are turned over.

• A candidate who arrives late will be required to give a satisfactory reason to the Supervisor. Except in exceptional circumstances, a question paper will not be given to any candidate who is more than half an hour late. electricity out Absolute punctuality is essential for certain papers (e.g. Listening Comprehension). Candidates are not allowed to leave the Examination Room half an hour before the end of the period allotted to the paper except by special permission of the Supervisor.

• The Head of school/Centre shall announce a caution to the candidates at an assembly that examinations were about to start and candidates should not involve themselves in examination malpractices such as smuggling of unauthorized materials including exercise books, notes, text books, cellular phones, etc. in the examination room or somebody else writing an examination on behalf of a candidate.

• Where a teacher or some other person writes an examination on behalf of a candidate, the results of such a candidate will be cancelled or nullified in all subjects. The teacher will face criminal prosecution as well as disciplinary action. Any other person who may not be a Ministry of Education official will be reported to the police for criminal prosecution.