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First, it is important to grasp that this is an entirely natural cyclical development and has nothing to do with the activities of humanity. Mankind can neither cause, hasten, hinder, or reverse these warming/cooling cycles. Changes in CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere always FOLLOWS changes in temperature, and not PRECEDES it. Logically, this means that this cannot be a cause and effect relationship. Presently the Arctic snow and ice is expanding at a record rate, not melting as claimed by Global Warming advocates. If humanity would suddenly vanish, that departure would have absolutely no effect, one way or the other, about the coming changes in weather and climate.

The GSM is the result of many different complicated, and interacting, factors. The Milkovich astronomical theory goes into great detail about cycles of long, medium, and short duration. Sometimes these cycles reinforce each other; others tend to moderate or even cancel each other out. Our star, the Sun, has its own internal cycles of activity. There are many complex variables in the equation concerning climate, and each needs to be studied and understood.

Some scientists predict that the GSM will occur for the next three solar cycles, or about thirty three years. That is based on the historical record for previous cycles lasting about eleven years each. This is based on the length of anticipated Solar Cycles 25, 26, and 27. However this length of time is not inflexible; it can and often varies cycle to cycle. Some scientists forecast a more dire outlook, suggesting a return of conditions during Maunder Minimum when there were simply no solar cycles. The Sun basically just "went to sleep." During this long period, sunspots were a rarity. The Earth started going backwards to Ice Age conditions. Fortunately for mankind, the Sun restarted and the planet warmed up.

So, expect conditions of the Little Ice Age to return. The winter of 2017/2018 was just the first one! Each succeeding year should be worse. This cannot be overemphasized; you must plan on a colder climate for the rest of your life. And do not think that the GSM only applies to the winter season. It adversely affects the growing season and food production. The total number of growing days, the daily temperatures, rain patterns, sunlight are all changed. Medieval Europa recorded torrential rains, muddy fields, and failed crops. Harvest yields were way down; some types of plants were hit especially hard. Famines were common. Grains like wheat were very weather vulnerable. The Dutch replaced growing grains with root vegetables, which could better tolerate the cloudy, wetter, and often overcast days.

So, it would seem that America’s highly developed and specialized agribusiness is destined for a catastrophic failure. The main crops are wheat, corn, and soybeans and they are largely weather dependent-ask any farmer. These grains in turn are mostly used for animal feed; that is the meat supply. One of the initial consequences of the GSM will be drastic price rises for food. Meat and baked goods will become luxuries. Fruits and nuts are very susceptible to Spring frosts and can be totally wiped out.

As an individual, the smartest course of action would be to try to raise, harvest, and preserve as much food as you can. There many innovative approaches to greenhouses being developed, which would act as a "buffer" against adverse weather. Field grown crops might well be a waste of time and effort.

The solar minimum is not a one year trend, this 11 year cycle started in 2015. CO2 has nothing to do with solar cycles. When the solar maximum cycle is underway, the earth warms up, when a solar minimum happens the earth cools down. This has nothing whatsoever to do with man made global warming.

you are right in saying that CO2 has nothing to do with solar cycles, and I never said that it did. the extra CO2 does have an effect on the earth’s temp and climate. if we didn’t have a greenhouse effect humans wouldn’t be on this planet. I do take exception with your assertion that global warming has no effect, it does have an effect, the extra CO2 added to the atmosphere from human activity will moderate a cooling trend, but it will not counteract it. sunspot activity alone doesn’t govern the earth’s climate, other factors such as axial tilt, and orbital variations have a greater effect than the sun’s periodic energy cycles. all of these variables determine the planet’s climate, and they each contribute to a greater or lesser degree.