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Thank for taking the time to post your comments. We always welcome and encourage comments of any kind so that we can respond better to group requirements. It’s disappointing that you have not contacted us directly so that we may better understand your points as they simply do not make sense regarding school visits.. In over 7 years of school visits to the museum we have physics c electricity and magnetism only had positive comments before from the many thousands of children and teachers who have been here. We have had thousands of thank you letters for the stimulating and enjoyable time they had here. Schools usually spend between 3 or 4 hours with us, depending on their travel time, and grade 9 electricity unit during the visit we give detailed lessons covering rationing, evacuees and life in general for children their age during the war years. Schools get a guided tour of our 1940s Street from a member of staff dressed as an Air Raid Warden pointing out the many and numerous original artefacts on display, yet you make no mention of this in your comments. Children are welcome to dress up in modern 1940s style clothes and uniforms and teachers can take photos of this – again no mention of this. Our 15 minute newsreel presentation takes you on a timeline from 1939 to 1946 giving a concise la gas prices 2016 and entertaining look at the whole of the war years on the Home Front yet no mention of this in your comments. Feedback on the standard of the presentations and the educational content provided is consistently highly complimentary over 7 years so I am at a complete loss to understand your comment “If you know little or nothing about the 1940s you’ll be none the wiser”! To answer your comments specifically: 1. some WWII respirators had filters made from asbestos so it is recommended that that original ones are not handled. Our display case has a full set of the many different gas masks and respirators in use on full show and a (very popular) quiz that children complete takes them save electricity images to this display. You make no mention of this. The modern day respirators provided are safe to handle and wear, giving visitors a first hand experience of wearing a gas mask and many have said this is one of the highlights of their visit – yes, respirators from the 1990s as you say. Also if over 10,000 visitors a year were to handle an original artefact then it would not survive long! 2. The numerous original artefacts on display range from a rare 1939 Hoover vacuum cleaner to a baby’s gas mask and cot, 1940s radios, school desks, push chairs and many many other items which k electric jobs 2015 you dismissed as ‘disappointing’, something I just cannot explain – what did you expect from seeing so many original 1940s items? 3. The tens of thousands of visitors who have visited us have found in particular the large ‘then and now’ photographs of Swansea in our gallery very informative and interesting and greatly increase their knowledge of the effects of the Blitz on the area. 4. Unfortunately we are not able to afford a WWII WIllys Jeep at £15,000 or more but do have two authentic replica kit cars from the 1970s that are made from moulds taken from original jeeps. Children and visitors are able in the drier weather to sit in these and have their photos taken and we have had hundreds of favourable comments about these few old vehicles of questionable vintage. 5. we do have original deactivated weapons but do not allow gas x strips review children to handle these unless in small groups of 5 or less due to the weight and size of the rifles in particular. For the last few years from Sep to Dec, Jan to March we have been fully booked with school visits every weekday electricity receiver definition. Schools return year on year, some travelling 2 hours each way to get here. We have opened a new exhibit in our street scene each year. In the last few months we have been greatly affected by disruption, dirt and debris as a new road is built around us. Visitors from all over the world have been here, only yesterday from New Zealand, and their comments have always been very positive. As a small private museum we receive NO funding from any source yet we pride ourselves on giving the visitor of all ages a real hands-on experience electricity projects for grade 7 with the opportunity to handle some of the exhibits and try on clothes and uniforms and sit in the vehicles, something that most museums simply do not allow. Our staff are well trained and, we’re repeatedly told, give very good talks and tours, all of this makes your comments all the more difficult to understand. I do so wish you had given us the common courtesy of discussing your points with us before such a negative and I feel very misleading post about school visits.

1940s Swansea Bay is a small linear museum that guides you from a replica bunker, through several rooms of donated material from the era and concludes in a replica of a street scene. Outside there are also some well preserved vehicles of the day and all in all adequately paints a picture of what Swansea was like during the Second World War, Although its heart’s in the right place, the most noticeable thing that lets the museum down is the sanitary issues throughout. I’m not sure what the staff do in the hours when the museum’s closed electricity for refrigeration heating and air conditioning answer key, but I can assure you it isn’t cleaning. Not only are there thick piles of dust in every room, the carpets are dirty and soiled and half the ceilings we noticed had severe water damage and electricity laws physics mould growing. Asthma sufferers beware. I understand that the museum is run on donations of 1940s items, and maintained with the money that visitors pay – but there is no excuse for the extremely poor sanitary conditions. The museum looked like it hadn’t been cleaned in months.

Thank you for taking the time to leave your comments, all feedback is appreciated. It’s disappointing that you didn’t speak to one of our staff on the day of your visit as I’m sure they would have electricity and magnetism worksheets high school explained that we do take cleanliness and hygiene very seriously. I wonder if you noticed that we are temporarily surrounded on 3 sides by a very large building site. Between Sept and December a multi-million pound road is being built around us. The dirt and dust raised by this has been phenomenal and despite our best efforts this has got the better of us at times, especially when very large school groups visit every weekday bringing the dust and dirt in. You say that “The museum looked like it hadn’t been cleaned in months” and I think that this is a little unfair given the very obvious building works involving moving much gas density of air earth and dirt. For the last 10 weeks we only had to open a door or window to be engulfed in thick choking dust! We have also seen one of the wettest few months on record, and our old building has leaked in a couple of places but this is being remedied. The good news is that the road is due to be finish soon and I can assure you that we will then be having a major refurbishment. In the meantime we thank all our visitors for their patience and understanding.