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The west coast of Michigan is well known for its beaches, activities, scenic views and small beach towns. Most of these towns have their own unique character and features which should match most any preferences. Our trip to Holland Michigan was just what we needed! Holland has a few claims to fame: Tulips and their Dutch windmill, small colleges and a clean look and feel which seems electricity 101 presentation uncommonly nice relative to most communities with an incredible beach. Holland MI. was recently nationally ranked (Gallup) as one of the happiest cities in the country (#2). It is the beach,however, that we really enjoyed. We will remember the 74° F water, low 80 degree weather and rich lake water breeze quickly soaked up by our dried Colorado skin…. Ahhhhh…!! 🙂 You will probably be staying somewhere other than the beach although there are camping facilities fairly close by . We had about a 10-15 minute trip from our hotel to the usual state park entrance. The white a gas has sand is very fine, the beach is very large (50-100+ yards deep) and the facilities were easily accessible as needed. The gentle sloping beach was very easy to traverse allowing little-ones and adults an easy walk to the desired depth. The waves in the deeper parts were great fun @ ~5′ while still pleasant to walk along for the sand-castle types. What struck me the most was the percent of families with smaller children having a great time close the the beach. This is a great family beach 🙂 The Michigan State Parks charge per car was 8$ for a single-day pass or 10$ for a one year resident fee. I’m not sure what the economy will do the prices or facilities, but we consider it a great deal. The pier was very scenic, but having walked more than a few gas constant for air growing up in Michigan, I skipped this one. If you are wanting to walk along the water on sidewalks and such you might pick a different area (or different part of Holland). The tourist center between 8th and 9th can provide plenty of suggestions and materials to find a vacation destination that matches your needs. For us, a few days on the beach at Holland State Park was perfect to relax, unwind, play in the water electricity in indian villages and soak up the rays. If you are looking for Baywatch type action… this is probably not the place for you. For a nice synopsis see: For a good overview see: Good Travels!

Pros – Convenient water faucets located for cleaning / drinking water. – Restrooms were clean. Campsite seemed safe. Firewood was inexpensive. People were nice. – The beach at Lake Michigan, which is a 10 minute walk down the bike path was really great though. There was nobody there at 7 am on Sunday morning which was great electricity trading jobs. But, this is a positive for the beach, which isn’t at all connected to the campground. Cons – The roads are 1 way dirt roads inside the park. Our campsite happened to be on a tight turn and many of the boaters pulling their trailers had a hard time making around the bend. So we had to keep a close eye on our vehicles and tents. – Majority of campers here were using RV’s. There were a ton of kids riding bikes and people walking dogs at all hours. – Our fire pit was about 12 feet from the family next to us which seemed way too tight. (see the photos) – We swam in Lake Macatawa across the electricity physics formulas street and you could see a slight film of gas/oil in the water from boaters. It left a film on our skin which we rinsed off in Lake Michigan. Obviously colder, but felt much cleaner. – Michigan State parks have fluctuating dates with the alcohol ban. There’s apparently a no alcohol rule at this state park year around. We asked the owner of the party store and he made a point to tell us that most campers stop and buy things to drink before heading to the campground. So we assumed it was one of those rules that if you weren’t being gas lighting urban dictionary disruptive, the authorities would be understanding. Not the case. We were sitting around the fire having a few beers and 2 DNR officers walked up and then shined flashlights at us at about 11:45 pm. They made us pour out the remaining beer in the 12 pack and gave us a lecture about being responsible. He told us he has the option of mailing a ticket (up to 500.00 is the standard maximum fine for breaking any DNR laws) to my address since the site was registered in my name. The RV across from us, had a hand full of beer bottles on their picnic table. However, he never said a word to them. It seemed really inconsistent. They also made another set of rounds at 6:30 am the next day inspecting camp sites. I’m an avid Michigan outdoorsman with hiking, hunting and fishing and respect the DNR for doing their job, which isn’t an easy gas gangrene one. This seemed a little over the top though and was pretty surprising.