Great big house – review of forestsidehouse, ballycastle, northern ireland – tripadvisor electricity jeopardy powerpoint


Spacious house which 850 gas block , in the connecting ground floor rooms accommodated up to 22 people as local Irish family visited the international family staying there! Rooms and beds were generally comfortable .. Some double beds upstairs were less comfortable. Bedrooms were smart, minimalist..some without bedside tables or space for niknaks. Upstairs ensuite and bathroom would have benefitted from shelves or storage space as so many were sharing the bathrooms .mirror in ensuite was across the room from try sink so bit of a pain for shavers! We were told on arrival that the previous group had left a mess, broken the cooker and taken the instructions with them …we got a verbal explanation of the cooker and heating system but it was in the midst of chaotic arrival so not completely clear. ( in these days when manuals can be printed from the Internet it would have been reasonable to have a new set printed) We had deliberately sourced a house with a large well equipped electricity cost per watt kitchen and dishwasher ( reviews and listings had mentioned a George Formby grill, gas and charcoal BBQ and everything you could need ( which we presumed included a mixer) when we opened the la gasolina daddy yankee mp3 dishwasher to load it was full of smelly brown water. We tried running it empty twice and checked the filters ourselves before ringing for help ..maintenance guy did come and clean it further but the next day it had back filled with water again and when I asked for a replacement, repair or money back the owner was rude enough to suggest it was fine before we arrived and the only refund he offered was if we left early ! He eventually offered not to charge us for the gas , which was £2/day… An insulting sum since physics electricity and magnetism study guide we had all try extra effort of doing dishes and the cost of heating all the extra water. We did discover the BBQ was filthy and there were mucky oven grays in the oven when we arrived…my husband cleaned the BBQ and owner came and took the oven trays for cleaning and sorted some other minor maintenance issues quickly and politely. We never got the grill to heat up properly… Owner sent a whatsapp picture of the instructions but knobs were not the same as the front of oven and we tried all options… Again, disappointing. I’d like to add a couple of corrections for those thinking of using this house for a wheelchair user…don’t! There are awkward steps up from the car park and from grass r gas constant at the other two doors which would be impossible with a wheelchair, downstairs rooms are too small to negotiate and th entrance tot eh downstairs toilet is too sharp from the narrow corridor. Living room does not seat 12!!! 7 comfy seats and would be a struggle to add in 5 upright dining rooms seats comfortably. Positives: initial prompt response to issues raised Negatives: inaction regarding the dishwasher , high cost of rental implied perfection and no niggles.. It wasn’t quite worth what we paid so disappointing

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. I would like to reply electricity research centre on some incorrect and electricity transmission and distribution costs inaccuracies to allow other guests a more accurate account of your stay. The cooker was not broken. It was a brand new cooker only 2 weeks old, before your arrival we had 3 sets of guests, who all used the cooker and both grills without any issues. The house information and cooker instructions were emailed to you a week before your stay as requested. We have not had any other guest since your stay mention any problems with the grill or oven. My family and I have personally used it problem free. From your picture you provided it was clear you were not using the correct settings and this was explained at the time. We keep our listing up to date and do not advertise a George foreman, mixer or a gas bbq anywhere on our sites so I apologise you assumed differently but we recommend reading our house amenities when booking to avoid disappointment. The dishwasher was checked to be in full working order on your arrival and was gas bloating pregnancy signed off by your group on our inventory. We sent a maintenance man within the j gastroenterol hepatol hour on an emergency call out fee, who pulled chicken bones from the machines filter which had caused the blockage. The second time you contacted us we sent a different maintenance man to you who then pulled a load of baked beans from the filter which had caused another blockage further down the filter system. So please forgive us for being reluctant to replace the dishwasher with a new one as it was clear it was also going to become blocked by your group. It was our goodwill that we did not charge you for a new dishwasher that then had to be fully replaced on your electricity 1 unit how many watts departure. I feel extremely disappointed that you can comment on wheelchair use when none of your group had a pushchair or wheelchair user with them. Our house regularly has wheelchair users who return year after year- their reviews can be found online. Two members of my own family are wheelchair users-one with a hoist. We have a wheelchair ramp and we move furniture around to make it best suitable for them-none of which you would have envisaged duke electric orlando because you are not a wheelchair user. I noticed you failed to mention the goodwill of our house manager Claire who arrived early to wait on your Tesco delivery and check it in for you, nor your early check in that we facilitated and extra cleaners we took on to allow this to happen. I would like to thank you for your constructive feedback about the ensuite mirror and lack of shelves and we are looking to have these fitted. Kind regards