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I stayed in cabin 22 for three nights in early April, with my dog Duke. We had a great time! Kooser park is on the small side, but it has a pretty stream, a lake, and a couple of trails, in addition gas refrigerator not cooling to the campground and cabins. It’s also very near Laurel Hill Park, and near to Forbes State Forest and a couple of other parks, so there’s lots to do! The cabins at this park are open year-round. Cabins are rustic, which means they don’t have their own bathrooms, but they do have electricity and a sink (the first I’ve seen in a PA state park rustic cabin!). The 9 cabins in this park are all different, so check the reservations website to see how many beds and rooms each one has j gastroenterol hepatol impact factor. Cabin 21 has a main room, with the fireplace, dining table, and kitchen appliances; a sleeping gas density and molar mass loft with two pallets; and a bedroom with a double bed, sofa, and dressing table/desk. The loft is up a pretty steep ladder, so it’s definitely for the young and limber, but you could definitely put a kid to bed on the sofa if you got there and found out they were intimidated by the ladder. The loft mattresses are pretty light, too, so you could easily toss them down on the floor in the gas 76 station main room if you had to. All three areas have overhead lights; the main room and bedroom also have lamps. Outside, there is a roomy porch with a picnic table and view of the stream, and a fire ring with a bench. Kitchen-wise, you get a stove, refrigerator, sink, microwave, and a couple of cupboards. The cabin log records numerous mouse encounters; I heard about the mouse ahead of time and brought plastic bins o goshi to store my food, so I didn’t have any problems, but I did hear him scurrying around in the walls. There are a reasonable number of outlets to plug in your stuff. There is an electric baseboard heater, which you don’t get to control–the info you get when you check in says that it’s set at 60. It kicked on at night when I was there, and did a pretty good job of heating the place. People who stayed in wintertime wrote in the cabin log that they were plenty warm, too. In addition to the baseboard, there’s a woodstove where you can build a fire. If you reserve a cabin for a time e85 gas stations in ohio when nighttime temperatures are below 50, they give you some firewood–it comes in a little locker that you open with your cabin key. Extra wood is $5 for a pretty good-size bundle. Ice is $2, and both are on the honor system, so make sure you have ones wd gaster website and fives. The cabin area is located along a stream, with many of the cabins (including 22) having creek views. Route 31 runs nearby–it’s on the opposite side of the stream, so no danger to kids, but you can hear traffic sometimes. There’s a small swing set in the cabin area electricity balloon experiment, near the showerhouse, and a bigger playground over in the campground. The cabin area and playground are connected by a level, well-marked trail. The restroom/shower building is centrally located, clean, and fully modern, with flush toilets, hot showers, electric lights, and heat. You need to unlock it with your cabin key (the same key works for both the men’s and women’s sides). I appreciated the security for late-night visits, especially since there were not many other guests there at the time, but if you’re a bigger group, it could be a pain keeping grade 9 electricity review track of who has a key. (You get at least 2–it could be the bigger cabins have more.) Activity-wise, we did a little hiking in the park on the first day, on the second day we went to Laurel Hill and hiked there, and on the third day, drove to Mount Davis to see the Highest Point in Pennsylvania. The highest point is not all 3 gas laws that impressive, but there’s a tower to climb and some interesting plaques, and then you can say you’ve done it. If you drive gastritis on just a bit past the picnic area, there’s an overlook that has a better view than the Highest Point. The Moo Echo Dairy, on route 31 close to the park, is worth a stop for ice cream; they also have a good selection of specialty grocery items. If it turns out you forgot something essential, there’s a Giant-Eagle grocery store on 31 between the turnpike and the park (which is where I went when I discovered I left a bag of food at home), and I also saw a Dollar General and a CVS. The area around the turnpike exit has all the usual fast-food places and other highway sprawl, and there are plenty of non-chain restaurants along 31. All 7 gas station in all, it was a nice, relaxing trip, and the prettiest cabin I’ve stayed in yet!