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My husband, youngest son, his friend and I visited Piperdam today from Stonehaven. We had booked wikipedia electricity generation quad biking for 1030 hrs followed by archery at 1300 hrs. Unfortunately we were running late this morning due to the A90 being closed at Brechin following a road traffic accident and traffic had to be diverted. I telephoned Piperdam informing them of our situation and said we would try to get to them as soon as 1030 as possible. The staff were very accommodating and electricity in costa rica current said not to rush but just to notify us if we were going to be much later than 10-15 minutes beyond 1030 hrs. I telephoned back at 1020 hrs informing them we would be about 1045 and they said not to worry they would still accommodate us. On arrival round about 1045 we were greeted by a very friendly member of staff, who was very understanding as was the young man who had been waiting to commence his activity. After the quad biking activity the four of us were absolutely drenched in mud gas in oil pan and wet and was told by Mark who had accompanied us round the route to go into reception ask for a towel and have a shower in the changing room facilities. We duly did as he suggested and were met with extremely friendly and accommodating staff at the reception who probably had a good laugh looking at our very world j gastrointest surg impact factor muddy and wet clothing and faces!! and gave us towels and pointed us in the right direction of the changing facilities and showers. The staff were extremely accommodating and the quad biking and archery we participated in were excellent with very good tuition and support, especially when a couple of times I got stuck in the mud during the quad biking!! All in all a great experience with excellent friendly staff all round!! Well done Piperdam and thanks.

We’re just back from a mid-week break last week (October schools). We stayed in an Osprey lodge, which was clean (if a bit smelly – I’ve just read electricity formulas physics Karen A’s review, and agree). The lodge itself was not equipped well, it had no sieve, no chopping board even. Consumables? Well, a couple of toilet rolls and one cheapo skinny bar of soap is all you’re getting here. We were advised to buy an electricity card for £5 on arrival, which we did. There previous e electricity bill occupants had left us £5.80 on the meter, and we’d used most of that so charged the meter just as we left (you can get a refund, I’m told, but hey, nice to be nice, eh?). We didn’t scrimp on the electricity, I left a light on each night for the kids to find the toilet, so I was gobsmacked to see Karen A’s comment about the £5 a day bill that her family had. No internet in lodge, or mobile phone reception, yippee as far as I’m concerned, but the rest of the family were NOT impressed. Activities: I wanted to do a bit of fishing, but was told that the boats were coming off the Loch that day so there was no way cast without a boat, that was off. Gutted v lab electricity. However, we did do the following, Quad safari, rated 9/10; Air rifles 7/10; Archery 5/10; Body Zorbing 7/10. We had the same activities leader throughout (KEVIN) who was brilliant with the kids and adults alike – a real asset to Piperdam, but we also met other save electricity pictures activities staff who were very helpful, as were the front of house people. The courtesy computer in the foyer area was TERRIBLE, but don’t think that bringing your own to use the free internet available there will help, service on the wifi was absolutely garbage. The food in the restaurant was excellent, but pricey, and the bar was expensive too. Some of the clientele in the bar offended us with their foul language, which gas smoker recipes was overheard by staff but ignored, luckily my kids know just to ignore this too but they shouldn’t have had to. Pool: basic, but clean. Sauna: good. Steam room: good. Gym: reasonably equipped, if a bit light on weights. The location of the resort was great for biking; there are trails all over the nearby Backmuir Woods, as well as great wee roads, and hidden footpaths all over the area to explore. It is great for geocaching too electricity formulas grade 9. Pricey, a bit smelly, good activities, good restaurant. 3/5 from me. Suggestions for Piperdam: Sort out your wifi. Add some new activities such as electronic clays and maybe even laserquest like they have at Centre Parcs. A pressure washer for bikes please. Get your consumables sorted out, for what you charge you electricity jokes riddles should be able to give us a week’s supply of dish tabs, laundry tabs and toilet roll. Air freshener in lodges. A dish cloth would not go amiss, and for heaven’s sake, a sieve and chopping board please! p.s. If after all I’ve said you’re still coming, bring your own pillows. 🙂

When arrived we were a bit early so had electricity and circuits physics our lunch in the bar, the food was very nice and big platefuls. We got our keys at 4pm went to the lodge Osprey Plus, my in-laws were staying at the lodge next door all the windows seemed open in our lodge but the other one was not. When we we got in there was an awful smell so we reported it and bought some scented candles, that didn’t really help. A man came year 6 electricity assessment and said it was the new furniture that was smelling. Also the cooker was so old the dials were all rubbed out, there was a laminate in the drawer which didn’t make sense, it took us 2 hours to heat lasagne up! The electric showers were awful, next door had a power youtube gas station karaoke shower in en-suite. I suppose having to use electricity cards was to their benefit but not ours, we used £5 a day. Could not get booked for a meal in main Restuarant on the Saturday as was full, so away to shops outside resort to buy food for that night. We got booked for the Sunday night but unfortunately when 3 of the gas x coupon 2014 meals came they were cold, but 2 of the guests had rack of lamb and said it was beautiful, didn’t want to sent ours back as we waited an hour and staff were really busy. Hats of to the staff they work so hard. Last of all not much to do with kids if it’s raining, with a place so big you would think they could have some indoor play area or pool table. I’m afraid what we we paid for it I would not go back.