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We arranged for a shore diving package with Toucan Dive while staying at the Plaza Beach resort. We also completed two boat dives. Nice enough facility with plenty of space to store most dive gear. Good thing it was not very busy at the resort as I suspect space would have become a premium. For shore diving they provide wheelbarrows to transport gear from the dive shop to the three entry locations on the resort. All three entry locations are stocked with air cylinders. If you dive with Nitrox they you first analyze a cylinder and mark it at the fill station area then place it in a designated spot for the entry point. The shop staff will make v gashi 2013 sure the cylinders reach the right location. When finished diving just leave empty cylinders at the entry locations. When we checked in with the shop on the first day there appeared to be a shortage of staff. There was only one person available when we walked in and she was occupied. A second person came in from the back but he could not take payment or provide the required orientation. When another diver came in after us to check in they had to wait even longer. Perhaps it was just the staffing level during the week, but if a large enough group comes in it seems that they would be overwhelmed. One of the entry points at the resort was blocked off and gas in babies how to get rid of it not accessible during the first day. We asked at the shop about this and the person we spoke to knew nothing about it or if it was temporary. The following day there was a crew constructing a small edge wall around the entry point. They had half of the area blocked so water entry was possible. On our last day of diving the crew had essentially blocked off the whole of the entry area. Again, nobody at the dive shop seemed to know about the construction or how long it would electricity and magnetism lecture notes take. It would have been a simple step to post a sign at the dive shop or in the gear locker/fill area advising divers that the entry area was closed.

Our first interaction on Saturday at check-in was positive. But that quickly changed through the week. We were also traveling with a friend who was 62 years old and weighs 97 lbs. Every other dive outfit we have dove with over the year the captain and mate will help electricity freedom system you get back on the boat. That wasn’t the case with staff aboard the Green Flash. The customer service indeed lacked. This was the first time I had experienced service like this while on a dive boat. On Wednesday morning as I was getting on the boat, I saw they had loaded a spear and zookeeper on the boat for lionfish hunting. At Check in I had informed the shop manager that I had taken then Lion Fish class a few years ago while at Buddy and was interested in doing some more while diving with them. He informed me that they could look up my certification through PADI and it wouldn’t be a problem if I wanted to join the DM while hunting. When I saw the equipment, I asked the captain if he, referring to the Manager had given her my certification information. She looked at me and said, “Who’s he, God?” I looked at her gasco abu dhabi salary and turned around and walked off the boat to regroup before I lost my cool in front of 10 other divers. She never offered an apology, and it was evident I was not happy with her attitude or response. Another safety concern I had while diving with them on Saturday was their attempts to bate eels while hunting lionfish. If the lionfish killed was small instead of putting in the zookeeper, or leaving it on the reef they would swim around with on the spear in hopes of an eel coming out to eat it. This is a dangerous practice that has gotten divers hurt as it makes eels associate divers with food. They started doing this in Roatan, and there were documented cases of divers being attacked by green morays while diving. We also had mp electricity bill payment jabalpur issues with three tanks while shore diving. In one case we were on the far north side and had to return to the shop because the valve handle was stripped, and I was unable to turn the air off to swap tanks. The day before I brought two tanks in that had a leaking valve gasket that caused it to have a steady leak under water and another that the DIN port was stripped out and was unable to hook up a reg. So, two days in a row we lost time shore diving dealing with tanks that were need of valve overhauls or replacement. I was able to speak to one of the managers when I checked out with my concerns, he genuinely seemed shocked and was apologetic for the lack of service by the staff. I lead group trips and had visited Toucan and Plaza with the hopes of bringing a large group back there in 2019, but that will not happen. Bonaire has many great resorts, but this just isn’t one of them anymore. We spoke to another couple we were diving with at the airport who also vented their frustrations with the resort electricity experiments and how things had gown downhill over the last few years. It said because it could be something spectacular if they would do some upkeep and hire some staff that aimed to provide the best in customer service.