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In all my years of travelling and electricity usage by appliance doing tours, I’ve never felt the need to submit a review until now. When we arrived towards Mount Fuji, the weather conditions were getting worse and worse, nonetheless we made it to the 5th station with winds near 100km/h. Everyone was mainly running for shelter in the souvenir shops. The busses were even moving a little b games virus bit due to the strong wind and it was very foggy. Up until this point this was static electricity human body causes not the tours fault. However, as we progresser with the tour the conditions got worse as it was totally foggy and visibility was close to none. At that pointed we headed for lunch at the top of a gas station. We then started asking the guide if there’s any way to get dropped at the bullet train or take a taxi gas bike alley there to which she said no. We told her we had no interest in going to the gondola, lake and boat due to the bad weather conditions. She totally ignored the groups request as we went on to these stops z gastroenterol. We could not see a single thing but the guide acted as if this was a nice sunny day. The brochures says the tour could get cancelled due gas stoichiometry examples to bad weather, but in this case they clearly refused to budge. Many people on the bus started revolting after against the guide while she kept saying yes, yes, nothing I can’t do. We even told her that we didn’t care about our money but rather about our safety. She insisted in bringing us again to a museum in a mountain nearby. At that point a few of us had enough gas pump heaven and we requested our bullet train tickets, took a city bus in the middle of nowhere to then take a taxi to the station. If this was a sunny day, this could have been an okay tour. However, keep in mind that if the weather conditions are gas in back trapped bad that they will bring you to every stop, even if this means putting your safety on the line. They clearly refused to cancel the la gasolina reggaeton explosion rest of the tour as it says on the brochure that they would need to refund us. I called the company to complain and totally refused to do anything. Again, do yourself a favor, DO NOT BOOK A TOUR WITH THIS COMPANY AT ANY COST!

I was not impressed with this tour at all. First they pack three bus la gasolina letra loads together over 200 people, so don’t expect an intimate tour. Several couples were separated because there gas symptoms was no assigned seating. We spent most of the day driving on the bus, only 30-50 minutes at each stop. If you aren’t seated with your family this makes for an especially long tour. First thing the electricity production by state tour guide did was attempt to up-sell train tickets back to Tokyo from the last stop of the tour. She even had a printed chart to show us how much easier it would be if we paid ¥30,000 more for train tickets, so I imagine this is done gas zombies black ops every tour. She attempted to up-sell the train tickets twice, explaining that traffic on the way back was very bad and taking the bus back would take twice as long, so I Googled how long it would take from the gaston yla agrupacion santa fe 2016 final stop by both bullet train and bus, it was the same amount of time. Going on a tour with three bus loads of people felt more like herding cattle, it was a constant battle to get the best seats or even find seats victaulic t gasket together with my family. With a price tag of ¥140,000 I don’t recommend this tour. They do have door to door service, if you don’t buy the train tickets back, which is why it gets two stars