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My husband and I had an incredible time doing the Annapurna Base Camp trek last April. We decided to use Devi’s company based on trip advisor reviews and were so glad we did. The organization was brilliant and, in comparison to other companies we researched, they seem to be slightly more competitively priced. We were a bit undecided about which trek to do, but settled on the Annapurna Base Camp trek as it takes you through wonderfully diverse landscape in a relatively short space of time. We put in quite long days in the first part of the trek whilst still at lower altitudes and warmer temps. As we got higher it got significantly colder. Make sure you have enough layers – especially synthetic base layers that will help wick away sweat whilst you are walking, but dry fast electricity joules. As we got higher the amount of hours we were waking each day reduced and there was quite a bit of time spent hanging out in the mountain cabins snuggled in piles of duvets trying to stay warm. All in the trek was amazing. Awesome scenery and breathtaking views the whole way. Hard work, but we had the help of our brilliant guide Ramesh and porter Ram. They were both great company, provided a lot of insight into the local culture, and looked after us really well. One warning is the trip to Pokara by bus takes about 7 hours and is a bit hair- raising. Just be aware of this as we didn’t realize quite how long the journey was. If budget is not issue flying might be a better option., esp. if you are tight on time us electricity supply voltage.

My friend and I came to Kathmandu without contacting any tour guide/operator before hand. Our trip started with getting bumped off our flight to Kathmandu because of the fuel situation at KTM. We showed up at the hotel around 1am without our trekking luggage (shoes, sleeping bag, water bottles, etc.). On top of that, I lost my wallet at the cab while looking for the hotel in Thamel. we had planned 12 days for Khumbu region, but due to the delay of arrival, we had only 11 days and we didn’t even have a tour guide. The front desk suggested me to talk with the owner of the hotel about my lost wallet in the morning. In the morning, I woke up early and worried about the whole situation. I went downstairs and saw a gentleman in suit. I figured he must be the owner. He introduced himself as Devi. I spoke to him about my situation. He made some suggestion about filing a report grade 9 electricity test questions with the police. Then I asked: Do you know any trekking company that you would recommend? He said with a smile: I do. I own a trekking company. We have good reviews on tripadvisor. We have done many tours. I was skeptical but asked a few questions about cost of guide, porter etc. It sounded like what we had researched. So I spoke with my friend and went to Devi’s office together. Due to the reason mentioned above, we could not do a full guided tour. So Devi worked with our budget and time, helped us to work out an itinerary. The whole process took less than half an hour. Devi k electric company duplicate bill was a smart business man, but also a fair one. By 10:30, We came to terms and decided to fly up to Lukla the next day despite the fact that we didn’t even have our trekking gear. After our friend put down a small deposit, we decided to walk around Kathmandu a bit. Devi told us that we would meet our guide in a few hours. We talked about backup plan such as renting gears (shoes, sleeping bags, down jackets etc). Devi took us to the gas vs electric oven cost store. We tried out a few things then left to walk around. Later we decided to try our luck and went to the airport to look for our luggage. Fortunately, our duffle bag showed up at the conveyor belt shortly after we got to the baggage claim area. We were in business. We took the cab back to the hotel with lighter mood. Finally things started to work in our favor. Back to the hotel, we met our guide Arjun then we all went to Devi’s office to finalize the trip arrangement, flight to Lukla, payment and discussion of itinerary. Then I mentioned about my lost wallet and my attempt to find the tourist police office in Thamel/Kathmandu. Arjun decided to take me to the tourist police himself. It was the beginning of an important holiday in Nepal. So we went to two local tourist police offices, both were closed. Arjun took me to the headquarter by foot. We walked about half an hour and got to the tourist police headquarter. (I could have never found it by myself) He helped me to explain my situation to the police on duty who did out speak much English, went out to make copy of my passport, which I would not have known where and how and gas number density got a receipt for my report and explained to me about the process at the mean time. We returned to the hotel an hour later. (He even paid for my bus fare on our way back). The next day, we woke up at 5am and got to the airport. Arjun arranged everything and we arrived at Lukla without much events. The trek started fine and went well till the sixth day, at Dingboche. My friend got ill and could not go further. We decided that he walked down with the porter, and I went on with our guide Arjun. We packed both of our stuffs into one backpack and Arjun said to me: You don’t have to carry anything. Give me your camera bag too. I felt bad that he carried electricity 220v everything and tried to take some share. He was determined to carry the load all by himself so I could walk better. We went on to Lobuche on the sixth day, and went to Gorkasep and went up to Kala Patther to have a view at Mt. , fulfilled the dream that I had 15 years ago (checked that off the top of my bucket list) and returned to Lobuche. The eighth day was my friend’s birthday. He was back at Namche. I wanted to celebrate his birthday with him. So we started early from Lobuche. I was tired and walked slower. At Periche, Arjun got me a trekking pole to help me walking. After Tengboche, I was out of gas and walked very slow. I had a bad left ankle and not surprisingly it swelled up. Every step down the rocky stony steps was a challenge. On top of that, I have acrophobia, since I was a little kid. So walking next to the edge of the mountain 3800m high was not the more pleasant experience. Somehow, we made it back to Namche around 7pm at night., while Arjun carried all the load the whole trip. I was just walking with trekking pole, carrying nothing Arjun had to hold my hand while walking down the steep Namche steps. We celebrated my friend electricity laws in pakistan’s birthday with a chocolate cake and Arjun and the hotel owner gave him birthday gifts. I wouldn’t have made it without the encouragement and assistance of Arjun. I could barely move by the time I reached the hotel. My friend wanted to go for Lukla the next day and left one day ahead of our schedule. I could understand his situation (being trapped at Namche for three days). So I didn’t debate and agreed to leave the next morning, hoping that my legs would recover with one night rest and some ointment applied on my ankle. And I also had a small blister on my right toe. On the ninth day, we trekked down from Namche to Lukla. It was supposed to be a short trip, 6 hours tops…. but it took us almost 10 hours, because me. I could barely move. Despite the fact that Arjun carried my backpack, my water gas unlimited sugar land tx bottles, my camera and camera bag with two additional lenses, I was dragging my feet. My friend took off shortly after we left Namche. I was using two trekking pole to support and help to walk. Most of the time, while walking down on stone steps, Arjun had to hold my left hand while holding one of my trekking pole, we talked together one step down at a time. At many points on the way, I said to myself: f%^k it, I am not going to walk any more. I am going to stay here. About an hour out of Lukla, it started drizzling, and got dark. Arjun lent me his knockoff head lamp which only illuminated about three feet ahead. The road got slippery and was harder for me because now it was uphill climb. I slipped and fell on my butt a few times. Arjun was there, helped me up, led me on. And I had made it back to Lukla after 10 to 11 hour walking… I had never expected so much hurdles and difficulties. Somehow, I had done it, a trek that normally takes 12 days, in 9 days. I don’t think I could have done it without my guide Arjun. I am glad that I had stayed at Hotel Holiday House, where I had met Devi, who had hired Arjun who had helped h gas l gas brennwert me tremendously in realizing my dream of seeing Mt. Everest. If you are reading this while looking for tour operator in Kathmandu, get Devi. You will be in good hands. Namaste.