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I’m Brazilian, and having a New Yorker friend visiting static electricity definition science Rio, for sure I wanted to take him to a favela. We chose Santa Marta for a few reasons: 1 – ABUSADO, it’s an awesome biography of one of the most remarkable gang leaders in Rio (Marcinho VP), who owned Morro Dona Marta written by Caco Barcellos. I love the book, the character and I surely wanted to take a good look on the favela which was the stage of this awesome life story. 2 – My gringo friend is a big fan of Michael Jackson. And as we know, Santa Marta was one of the locations of They Dont Really Care About Us music video. (The MJ statue is a plus) 3 – It is a pacified community. UPP was all over, and we didnt feel under any sort of risk in any given moment. 4 – It is a small, cozy community. The neighbors were super welcoming and we happened to see the gas monkey monster truck hellcat same faces more than once, smiles were all over, even from the cops – who also took pictures with us =] 5 – amazing views of Botafogo beach, Corcovado and Sugar Loaf. We called up Thiago in a same day notice. He was super nice on the phone and picked us up by car at Botafogo Praia Shopping. He drove us all the way to the top of the favela, and then we went down by foot. Very patient, he told us the whole history of the favela, showed us hot spots, let us stay as long as we wanted wherever we wanted to. (he is also an amazing photographer) We had beers and food on our way down, we got inside of a few locals’ homes. He took us to his house and made us fresh caipirinhas and introduced us to his family (that was a real warm plus!). He was greeted by every person we passed by, seemed like a very respected guy in the community. Surely my friend and I could have done the tour on our own. But the perspective and experience Thiago provided us was certainly priceless. By the end of the tour (2 or 3 hours later) my friend and I were in love with Santa Marta, and as Thiago invited us, we are coming back tonight with a bunch of friends to BAILE, the local funk party they host year 6 electricity worksheets at night. And next week I’m bringing my mom over to have lunch at the tiny and super charming local restaurants he took us to! I definitely recommend the tour with Thiago. Not only for supporting a positive and healthy income for the community, but also for the real grasp from an insider.

Rio de Janeiro is not only the Sugar Loaf, the Corcovado, samba and stunning beaches. The two hour long tour with Thiago (?) and Joao has showed me another very interesting side of the real life gas under a dollar in Rio. Thiago was born and raised in the Favela Santa Marta and he is a fountain of first hand information about the life and the history of this Favela. With four cable-cars we reached the top of the Favela with stunning views over Rio de Janeiro and then we walked down, about 700 stairs. At every corner you see smiling people, playing children, sleeping dogs. After the pacification through the police six years ago the Favela Santa Marta is no longer a place of crime but much more a great example of community living. In this tour you do not stare at poverty, no, you get really impressed by the creativity these people handle life with very little money. Thanks to the very good translation by Joao! No question remained unanswered. I especially appreciated the stopover in the home of Thiago´s mother. These houses are so cozy, colourful and – yes – comfortable inside. This two hour electricity videos for 4th grade long view behind the curtain I will never forget and I strongly recommend it to every traveler in Rio who wants to see this beautiful city from a different angle.

The Favela Tour with Thiago and Pedro is a ‘must see’ during a trip to Rio.Thiago (with Pedro translating in EXCELLENT ENGLISH and adding insight from his more privileged background ) was intimately familiar with Santa Marta and was quick to point out both the positive and negative My impression of Favela’s prior to the tour was that they were a depressing place with unhappy, unkempt electricity facts label people and little infrastructure. I could not have been more wrong. While it is not Leblon or Beverly Hills, there is a great sense of community and it is certainly not destitute. In fact, some of the residents choose to live there even though they could afford to move from there. Thiego actually takes you to his house and it is quite nice inside (not outside). He is obviously a successful entrepreneur and I think his family is quite proud of him One thing we learned, like in many places, is there is a range of conditions within the community (This is the new Politically correct term for a Favala).Thiago was the 3rd generation of his family to live there and aside from doing these tours is one of the hp gas online booking no Community leaders. Just about everyone knew him. The people who live there did not look unhappy and there was color in many buildings. There is infrastructure in the form of banks, schools and stores for the Favela Citizens. There are also some souvenir stores and by shopping there you support the community. If you are worried about safety, DONT. It is completely safe. The only danger is possibly stepping in dog poop, so do wear closed toe shoes. A portion of the proceeds from the tour goes to support some of the projects in Santa Marta..You will see the Glitzy Rio, but enlighten yourself by seeing the other side and people who are striving to do better for themselves and their families. I will tell all my World Cup clients to take this tour with Thiego and Pedro. One of the best things, if not the best thing we did in Rio.

This tour was a great experience and I highly recommend it to anyone visiting Rio. My friends and I do not speak Portuguese, so we took the tour with Thiago and Pedro who translates for him. Together they answered all of our questions and gave us great insight on what 3 gases in the atmosphere favela life is like and the changes that Santa Marta has gone through in recent years. Thiago and Pedro are great and it didn’t take long for us to feel like we were just hanging out with friends. I hope to stay in contact with them. Thiago is also a photographer and he directed us to areas that had some amazing views for photos. The only issue we had was a group of tourists that tried to follow our tour from a distance to basically get the tour for free. We did some electricity bill payment hyderabad walking around to lose them. Thiago said this happens a lot. I find it horrible that people would actually try to get around paying a local guide to tour the favela. Please do not be this tourist. The tour is well worth the money and you are contributing to a community that really needs it.