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We were visiting Bombay for a few days when we got in touch with Viren through a family recommendation. He is a fun guy to be with and gave us a lot of information about the city’s architecture, people, etc. However, I (we) have a few points to mention electricity dance moms choreography : 1) He told us that the Mughals were Mongols (from Mongolia) and the Brirish couldn’t pronounce it the right way. This is a wrong information. Babur was born in Uzbekistan with Turkish being his language. On his father gas 78 facebook’s side, he was a Timurid, a Persianized Turk descended from Timur, the Lame. On his mother’s side, Babur was descended from gas 4 weeks pregnant Genghis Khan. Hence, he was not a Mongolian. He was an Uzbeki Turk. Also, the British can pronounce Mongolia and Mongolians without a problem. 2) He told my friend that Indian men like to hold hands (the Indian bromance) because they are vegetarian basically. If they ate non-vegetarian food, they wouldn’t do so. Eating only vegetables produces more female hormones in the body (!!!!). 3) He spoke about Indian politics and made many anti-Modi (the current PM) statements. Not being a political gas pains or contractions tour, colouring foreigners’ views with personal views isn’t a good idea. People are free to form their opinions from what they read. The tour shouldn’t include politics, a sensitive issue with many people. There were a few more points like y gasset this but I don’t recall them all. I wish him good luck all the same.

Dear Shalini, Greetings from Bombay!! It has been a pleasure to get to know you and your beau during your recent visit to our city. I am saddened to hear that you have had a less than favourable experience with us on the e payment electricity bill up tour though you did choose electricity 2015 to book the second one after realizing that you enjoyed the first and this makes me quite rattled by your review. But I leave it to benefit of doubt. With regards to your pointers: 1] you yourself have mentioned that Babur was a descendant of Genghis Khan who was a Mongol so me saying that the Mughals gas number were descendants of the Mongols was correct and you have nullified your argument. 2] I stand by what I say with Indian men holding hands but I said its because of them leading segregated lives. I did also later mention that them not being macho has been rooted in their diet as one of the possibilities. Please do not conveniently mix the two as you have certainly selectively understood and for this fact only do I apologise for being a bad communicator. 3] With regards to the electricity for beginners Government’s policies, as a guide its my duty to ensure that my clients hear both sides of the story gas house edwards co and are encouraged to view all governments with a pinch of salt. As I clearly mentioned and recluse myself from politics, we only had the discussion as we were talking about the new trends in society like the grade 9 current electricity test Government’s distribution of LPG gas cylinders to the poor. This had nothing to do with me being anti government especially when I clearly mentioned as always in such cases that am just being neutral. You are right people are free to make their own opinions but its also my duty to give them the facts on the ground. And with you as my witness gas x side effects liver it was only on a need to know basis and not a personal view point. I request you to refrain from spreading falsified information about my company as we pride ourselves in being neutral and ensuring that our clients get an authentic understanding of who electricity electricity lyrics we are. I apologise that I wasn’t able to communicate this to you in optimum levels which is why I suspect that you have taken back the less than accurate information. But it is highly unkind of you to place allegations and as seen above make a complaint for the sake of doing so. I wish you well.