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The wife and I came to Florida for our honeymoon and after spending a few days in Orlando we made our way out to St. Augustine. We originally were going to sign up for the downtown history kayaking tour but after reading gas up the jet that beginners shouldn’t go to this one we opted for the easier tour, since combined we had exactly 0 hours of kayaking between us. B set up the date for Friday, our final day here, and everything was seamless. Meet by the dock by the lighthouse at 0900 and the guide will take care of the rest. We get there and Lynn greets us with a friendly electricity questions and answers physics smile and handshake as if we’d been life long friends. Turns out that we were the only 2 people there for the tour so it was even more of a treat. We get to paddling after the safety brief and quick demonstration, and instantly we fall in love with kayaking. Lynn guided us out of the area and gave us a choice, head left with the current to possibly see dolphins but have a harder time coming back, or head right against the current at first, full of energy, and ride electricity calculator the current back. We chose the left route because who wouldn’t want to see dolphins? Off we go and Lynn is impressed with our teamwork on the tandem kayak. She tells us all about how she got into this job, from her time as a teacher and then as a dolphin trainer etc. We told her about us wanting to do the history tour and she perked up and said she could still give us the history, which was very exciting. She is a wealth of knowledge. We paddled down a couple of miles, and once the breeze picked up the water became fairly choppy so we turned back without seeing a dolphin unfortunately b games 2, but that did not distract from the overall experience. We actually got to see a sea turtle hanging out by one of the docking buoys on our way in, which was a great surprise. We cannot recommend this company enough for your kayaking needs. When you do set a date, ask for Lynn. She is one of the sweetest, most genuine people you will meet. Thank you for the wonderful 76 gas station jobs memories! Bonnie and Steve

Our experience started off rocky as there were multiple miscommunications as to where to meet and then once we arrived we saw they brought double kayaks instead of the singles we had requested. Greg was not helpful at all and when we told him we wanted singles he was just like well you can go [with the doubles] or not go. He had said he remember us telling him we wanting singles but just didn’t write it down. Unprofessional. Regardless we had a good time and bless electricity worksheets ks1 Lynn, our tour guide. She was sweet and knowledgable and the poor thing got us right after being very irritated by Greg. We took the Downtown St Augustine Bayfront History/Eco tour and I was surprised that we went right by The Great Cross, Castillo de San Marcos, and downtown. We could have gone farther under the bridge to the marina but chose to head back so we could spend extra time looking for manatee. Lynn took us to their 1 electricity unit in kwh favorite spot and even showed us a safe spot to beach our kayaks so we could walk across to the other side of the inlet to see if they were on the other side which is where they had been recently. Unfortunately we did not get to see frictional electricity examples any dolphins or manatee but we still had an awesome time and even got to see the cannon fired from the Castillo. We still got to see lots of avian wildlife and there were lots of fish jumping out of the water. Lynn was just wonderful and we will definitely be returning upon our next visit to St Augustine either to do a different tour or rent kayaks to go out on our own.