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Wow, if I had read the Tripadvisor reviews before travelling, I doubt we would have taken The Canadian from Toronto to Montreal. Fortunately we didn’t but did do our homework otherwise. That’s why we shopped the Via site Express Deals and with my 25% retired military discount, we paid less than $1200 all in for our cabin for two, all meals included. Since Toronto Union Station is awkward at the best of times, we checked our bags 8 hours early. When we returned 5 hours later, we checked in at the first class lounge, and identified ourselves electricity in costa rica current as having disability issues. Although the lounge became crowded, we were well-taken care of. A porter came to take our carry-ons to our cabin (free of charge). Then we several others with disabilities were pre-boarded, with wheel-chairs pushed by porters available if desired. Each cabin has a toilet and basin (with a cover so it serves has a desk) wide bunks with ironed sheets, two pillows and a duvet. I’m 6’6” and was comfortable in the bunk, tho the cabin is a little cramped with the bunks down. In the day time configuration, with bunks up, and two chairs available, the cabin was fine. The shower (1 per car) was always sparkingly clean v lab electricity and generously sized. The domed observation cars (several per train) provided awesome vistas of the prairies and Rockies. The entertainment (musicians) put on several shows a day in lounges and bars throughout the train.There were three seatings for lunch dinner and the food, wine, and service were excellent. We always had enjoyable table companions.Walking through the cars can be awkward with the motion, but after a day, you get your “sea legs”. There are stairs to climb if you want to sit in the wikipedia electricity generation observation car. But the vistas are beautiful, and easily viewed from the windows in the main level lounges. Since the train encountered no problems. I have no idea how Via or the staff would gas in oil pan have acted. There is the awesome ability to have a break in any of the cities the train stops, and resume your journey days later. Bottom line? Great price for a 4 night, 10 meal, private cabin “land cruise” through the prettiest country in the world. By communicating our needs to Via staff, we had every assistance we required.

The Good: the staff The Bad: Everything else. VIA is never on time so they should add an hour to all of the online schedules. An hour late to Halifax gaston yla agrupacion santa fe because we ran over a 4-wheeler riding on the tracks in Nova Scotia. Our throats were burning from the smell of gas in our car…not even a free anything to compensate…sad. An hour late to Montreal so stuck at the station for an extra 2 hours…no compensation…no offer of an upgrade to business class…nothing except that they are always apologizing. And best of all…another 45 minutes late to Toronto because two drunks get into a fight on the train. VIA is carrying hundreds of passengers, no security on board, they don’t check luggage, no metal detectors, passengers had to run through the cars to find at least one employee. They don’t limit alcohol consumption on board. We had to stop in Oshawa to wait for the Police. They only took one of the idiots gas hydrates india and left the other on the train….AMTRAK is safer and more reliable…who would have thought. Never again not even for free…VIA was fun years ago when you could go anywhere, they had good food, the awesome skydeck car for everyone. Maybe when something really bad happens they will wake up.

As part of our recent trip to Quebec to explore my ancestral roots, we decided to go for broke and return home to Vancouver by train. We traveled by train from Quebec City to Montreal, a short day trip. Then from Montreal to Toronto again by train – a slightly longer day trip. Both were most pleasant and much nicer than flying or driving.We had some time to kill in Toronto before boarding VIA Canadian but managed nicely by meeting some old friends for dinner at Kit Kat – try it! The train trip was a delight. I’d traveled many times by train in my younger years and hoped to renew the experience. As with all things and the pasage youtube gas station karaoke of time, some things change and some remain the same. The staff is much more engaged with the passengers that they used to be and added to our enjoyment. Thanks Meghan! I noted that the bedroom for 2 was much more cramped that power energy definition I remember. When the bunks were down it was a squeeze for two adults. The bunks were VERY comfortable with lovely, ironed sheets, two pillows per bed and a fluffy duvet. I did not seem, however, that the room had been thoroughly vacuumed in a long time. We’ve also traveled on Amtrak to San Francisco and we felt VIA has superior accommodation, better and wider bunks and MUCH better linens. I also like electricity jokes riddles the toilet and basin in each bedroom plus shower facilities in each car. On Amtrak you must pay for the most expensive room to get a toilet. The food was excellent for all meals with several choices. How they turn out those meals in their tiny kitchen is beyond me. We were near the back of the train and spent a lot of time in the rear observation car. We met many delightful and interesting people as a result. Ditto at meal time. One contributor mentioned the long walk to the rear cars in Toronto. It’s all true. However, in Winnipeg, where there’s a 4-hour layover, they offered a golf cart-type conveyance to the station door. Train travel, in our opinion, is a wonderful way to travel without the stresses of air travel and security issues. We loved it. I would add, however, that it’s not without it’s challenges. The constant movement can make walking between cars difficult and there are stairs to climb if you want to sit in the observation car. Canada is a great, wide world j gastrointest surg impact factor, fascinating country. You really get a feeling for our wonderful country by seeing it from the train. Would I recommed it? You bet but do it now while you have good mobility. We noted a number of people with mobility issues that might have been better on an airplane.

I’m on the train now, reading up on more trips to take (retirement looms this year) and I’ve always wanted to take the Toronto-Vancouver trip in style one day, so I was researching it. I love traveling on Via so much more than Amtrak and am strongly opposed to cutting back on north american rail. But I have to say I was appalled when I happened upon a tripadvisor gas after eating meat review, “Via Rail abandons passengers!” (Reviewed October 7, 2012) from a 70 year old man who took that trip, while still recovering from hip surgery. The treatment he described receiving was terrible. I’ve changed my mind–for the money he spent I can fly somewhere warm in the winter instead. As a Canadian, I’m also embarrassed for Via Rail. I know there have been bp gas station serious setbacks in all areas of the travel industry, recession so forth taking a toll–but one would think just basic human compassion and pride in one’s job would have made somebody step up and do right by this man and his disabled companion. I travel the Corridor only, and it is excellent; I’ve yet to try west of Toronto and now I doubt I ever will.