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Went to Manchester Paintball as part of a work event. Everyone seemed gas monkey monster truck driver to have a great time. It was very well organised, with very clear safety instructions by Sid, Wayne and the rest of the team. All the necessary clothing/equipment was provided (including gloves), and there were lockers for storing wallets/phones etc. The arena itself is a good size, although the size of our party meant you couldn’t move far without being on top of someone static electricity sound effect else. I think the ideal team size would be 7 – 12, whereas we had around 20 people on each team. We still have a great time, but it did make extra difficult to move forward without being shot! Our session was particularly long, with 7 different games. I personally thought this was too much, and about 4 games would electricity facts ks2 have been sufficient. I suspect most people would have fewer games, but our company had booked a longer time slot. The variety of the games was good, although I’d encourage the organisers to continue coming up with new ideas, allowing for more variety in longer sessions like ours. Overall, a great experience and would definitely recommend it if you like this gas stoichiometry practice sheet sort of thing. More Show less

Thanks for you feedback. You are correct it was booked for longer than we recommended, but the group organiser for your group was quite confident in what they wanted from the event, and we always aim electricity experiments for preschoolers to please, The customer is always right and all that! I will have a discussion with the other staff about your event and we will improve the variety of our games for longer sessions. I appreciate your personal views regarding the group size and difficulty in moving without being shot. It was not due to the size of the arena, we have the largest indoor game zone in the UK and regularly get great feedback from group even larger than your group of 39 players. The amount of paintballs fired from each player was unprecedented. This is why you couldn’t move! We have never seen gas company 39 players ALL shoot that much paint. Every single player shot more than twice the average! Intense grade 9 electricity formulas, great fun, an awesome evening, but yes I agree, not very tactical 🙂 We will remember your booking, next time we will put things in place to give the evening a more tactical feel, maybe limit the amount of paint per team, so some players offer cover fire while others attempt tactical maneuvers?

Hi Dave thanks for the 5 star review electricity allergy and sharing your thoughts regarding the price of the paintballs. Our paintballs packages are the best value in the North West and included ALL equipment hire (some items are optional, but provided): Paintball Gun Overalls Body Amour Amoured gloves Groin Guard Hood Delta Force make you buy a pair of gloves for £6.99 if you don’t fancy the kids getting a painful hand shot! Our packages go up £5 every 100 paintballs, everybody doesn’t start with 200 paintballs as you suggested, this was just your chosen package. We advise every customer that the average electricity tower vector paintball use 500 per player on a full session. If you make a return visit please consider choosing a more inclusive package than the basic 200 paintball package. We do not advise any customer to choose a bottom end package and then purchase an extra 100 balls one tube at a time, this is the most expensive way gas variables pogil worksheet answers to play. Extra paintballs are also available at £20 per 300 paintballs during the games, I don’t know why you missed this! (The cheapest in the northwest) We do not purchase cheap paintballs. We use the most fragile paintballs in the Greater Manchester. We have the best indoor playing surface in the UK, because the paintball fill is not slippy, however the price kansas gas service bill pay at which we buy our paintballs is not related to the price in which we need to sell them at. The rent, business rates, staff wages, telephone bills, paintball equipment purchases, electricity, first-aid training etc etc, is all paid for through the v gashi halil bytyqi price of the paintballs. Indoor paintball also has an associated clean up cost per paintball so it is not as simple as lowering the price and increasing turnover to bring in more revenue.