Great location on the gulf! 6th floor unit, next to elevators. resort rentals – gulf shores hp electricity bill payment online


We have been to Gulf Shores 7 or so times and we have NEVER had a horrible experience with condos or management companies until now gas refrigerator not cooling!!!! The pictures do NOT show the filth, outdated items, unusable appliances. Yes it is an AWESOME location, but that is all that was awesome about it. First off walls are chipped and kicked up, the dressers in bedrooms are not useable, the bathroom fan in the front bathroom works only electricity balloon experiment when it wants to, the oven burns things, but not all the time, the refrigerator smelled like raw seafood, the jacuzzi tub in the master bath does not work, the shower enclosure was filthy dirty around the bottom, the toliet seat is to small for the toliet, all electric sockets were loose, the walls in the kitchen and all bedrooms had dust all over them, the sprinklers were caked with dust along with gas definition state of matter the smoke detectors. Looked like the rental had not been cleaned in months and as a renter the cleaning fee is included in the rental, but they don’t clean like they should, so someone is pocketing money electricity of the heart. The management company Resort Rentals was a joke. My husband reached out to them regarding all these issues and he was willing to get someone in to fix the jacuzzi tub and the oven but we shouldn’t have to worry about when a repair guy is going to be there to fix things. We were on vacation and rented a place that had the things we wanted, but e85 gas stations in ohio couldn’t even use them. The management company seemed to put it back on us since we didnt want a repair man out. LIGHTHOUSE 608 and the management company is a joke. DO NOT RENT! And rest assured we will make sure all appropriate people are told about this!

At Resort Rentals, we strive to make each renter’s experience the very best. From the minute this guest arrived, they started picking the unit apart. We had our maintenance guy to the unit within an hour of them checking in to address any issue that they had. This was not enough for them, we then received an email stating that they wanted money or else they would wd gaster website leave a bad review. We offered to have our maintenance and cleaning crew gas 76 station to come out again for any issues they still felt were unacceptable and they refused. We entered the unit after the guest checked out and found that the majority of their complaints were simply untrue. The jacuzzi tub was repaired within 10 minutes by replacing a breaker that could’ve easily been repaired during their stay. We even baked cookies twice and had no issues with burning them. We received two more emails after they checked out grade 9 electricity review stating that if we didn’t give them money that they would leave a bad review. This seems to be a pattern for these guests, threaten to leave a bad review and hope to get paid by the Management company to keep the bad review off of their property. I am so sorry that this guest felt so inclined to leave an inaccurate review of this property and I am saddened that there are people out there that will stoop to this level. We have guests that come back year after year to this very unit because it is simply their favorite! We look forward to hosting more guests and providing the great service that electricity in the body symptoms we are known for!